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  • Teacher discussion of crucial aspects, cardinal concepts and ...

    Teacher discussion of crucial aspects, cardinal concepts and ...

    Reflection on cardinal concepts of the theories. reconstruction of the interpretation of the phenomenology. comparison of differntproposalsaboutteaching/learning MQ. Michelini, Stefanel etl al URDF-UNIUD. A research based E-learning for QM
  • The Case for Competition - World Bank

    The Case for Competition - World Bank

    Anti-Competition Regulations. Example: Optometrists. US: Prices are higher in states in which optometrists cannot include prices in their advertising. Quality was the same. Promotion of competition: US, Ireland, Canada . Series 1 Competition Advertising Competition Restricted 100 Series 2 Competition...
  • Circulation


    Types of circulatory systems. Diffusion - oxygen and carbon dioxide, based on body shape and size. Gastrovascular cavities - distribution of substances throughout the body and in digestion.. Open circulatory system - arthropods, some molluscs
  • Japan - Mr Dean's History Site

    Japan - Mr Dean's History Site

    Japan Returns to Isolation. Japan enjoyed over 250 years of stability under Tokugawa shoguns. Farmers produced more food and population rose, even though they lived lives of misery. Society was very structured. Ruler was shogun and supreme military commander. Below...
  • Your Title Here

    Your Title Here

    Garment district: The area in a fashion center where most of the apparel companies are located. Haute couture (hoat koo-tour'): The name for the high fashion designer industry of France; high-fashion, individually designed, original garments. ... One-of-a-kind extreme styles, avante-garde...

    Hebbian Coincidence Learning When one neuron contributes to the firing of another neuron the pathway between them is strengthened. That is, if the output of i is the input to j, then the weight is adjusted by a quantity proportional...
  • Neo-classical music

    Neo-classical music

    After the Romantic ballet era, the next major development in ballet occurred in Russia. -Marius Petipa, Frenchman, arrived in St. Petersburg in 1847 as a dancer, and eventually headed the Imperial Russian Ballet-Choreographed many ballets with fairy-tale plots using panto-...
  • Phylum Cnidaria - Mrs. Smith's World of Science

    Phylum Cnidaria - Mrs. Smith's World of Science

    Questions. What domain are we focusing on in this class? What kingdom are we focusing on? What is the phylum for jellies, coral, hydras, sea anemones?