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Jesus gave us the key to happiness and harmony when He said, Love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39). What exactly does that mean, in practical, everyday terms? One of the best explanations ever given is found in the Bibles love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13. Times and terms have changed, but the underlying principles are as true as ever. Heres how the apostle Paul might h

put it if he were writing to us toda 1.Though I can speak five languages and talk intelligently on dozens of subjects, if I dont have enough love to keep from gossiping or putting down others, Im not just making so much useless noise, Im being downright

destructive. 2. And though I read the Bible regularly and even know parts of it by heart, and though I pray daily and have a lot of faith and other spiritual gifts, if I dont have enough love to sometimes sacrifice some of my personal desires for others sakes, then all

of my spirituality amounts to nothing. ZERO 3. And though I work two jobs to provide for my family, and though I give to charity and volunteer for every community project that comes up, if I dont show love

and kindness to those I live and work with, all my hard work and selfsacrifice are worthless. PROFIT 4. Love has a long, hard, frustrating day at the office, yet doesnt get snappy and shorttempered. Love is happy for the other guy when he gets all the breaks. Love doesnt have to drive the

flashiest car, live in the biggest house, or have all the latest gadgets. Love doesnt always have to be the boss or have the last word. 5. Love isnt rude or crude, isnt selfish, and doesnt gripe, guilt-trip, or pressure others to get what it wants. Love is too busy being concerned about the needs of others to spend

much time worrying about its own. Love doesnt freak out when things dont go its way. Love is quick to believe the best about people and slow to believe the rest. 6. Love hates to hear gossip and instead wants only to talk about others good qualities and the good that theyve done.

Love knows that what it listens to, watches, or reads will affect its attitudes and actions and thereby have an effect on others, so its careful about how it spends its time. 7. Love is flexible, takes everything in stride, and can handle whatever comes its way. Love is always ready to give others the

benefit of the doubt and looks for the best in them. Love wants to see others reach their full potential and does all it can to make that happen. Love never runs out of patience, even with those who are slow to get with the program or do their share. Love doesnt keep looking at its watch when others are talking. 8. Love never fails.

I fail others, and others can fail me. We all can be mistaken, misguided, or confused at times. Our words and deeds often fall short, and our bright ideas dont always play out the way we want or expect them to. 9. Were frail, fallible,

and often foolish, and our understanding of the world we live in, not to mention the world to come, is only partial at best. 10. But when Gods Spirit of love lives in us, that changes everything.

11. Were really just children when it comes to practicing real love, but God can help us outgrow our childish ways. 12. Without Him were clueless when it comes 12. Without Him were

to love and the other clueless when it comes to things that matter most love and the other things that in life, but when we live matter most in life, but when in His kingdomthe we live in His kingdomthe kingdom of Heaven that kingdom of Heaven that Jesus said is even now Jesus said is even now within

within uswe can see uswe can see things as He things as He does, get does, get our priorities our priorities straight, straight, pull out the stops, pull out the stops, and and live and love to the full. live and love to the full. 13. There are lots of nice things in life

and lots of good things, but none are as good or as important as love! For more PowerPoint shows visit: www.tommyswindow.com

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