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1. dia - sms-integration.com

OZEKI NG SMS Gateway Adding SMS functionality to Sharepoint Document version: v.1.0.0. http://www.ozekisms.com Overview This presentation gives you all the important answers about the benefits of adding SMS functionality to your Sharepoint We introduce the solution you need software: You can read about all the great benefits and opportunities this solution is able to provide

We show you how to send SMS alerts from your PC You can read about Sharepoint And you can learn what is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway for You will see how it works together Sharepoint with Ozeki NG And you will see the system requirements of this solution Finally you can see a few references from all around the globe. http://www.ozekisms.com 2 When would You send SMS? SMS, MMS Common requirements:

Improve your communication technology! Keep in touch with the competent people! Be always up to date! Make your IT environment safe and secure! Choose a tool that can professionally manage and monitor the whole system instead of You! http://www.ozekisms.com 3 You are looking for this: Sharepoint with OZEKI NG SMS Gateway

Report http://www.ozekisms.com SMS, MMS 4 No more delays! Using Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to add SMS functionality to Sharepoint is your best option: Provides faster and more efficient communication with the competent people and your customers, employees or business partners. You can improve the qualitiy of your IT service by using this

software. As it is quick, reliable and easy to customize, it makes IT and business processes easier. You can monitor and control your IT environment. Easy to work with. You can save time and money by sending several messages at the same time. http://www.ozekisms.com 5 Send SMS to mobile phones from your system! WHY? To prevent disaster To minimize downtime To speed up operations To improve service quality To perfect workflow management

http://www.ozekisms.com 6 Prerequisites If you want to use OZEKI NG SMS Gateway, you will have to meet the following requirements: Your Checklist: SIM card you can purchase this from your mobile network operator GSM Modem or a mobile phone, that needs to be able to send and receive SMS messages Data cable to connect your modem or mobile phone to your computer PC + Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, or Vista or Windows 7 operating system Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (Download from http://www.ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=112) http://www.ozekisms.com

7 How does it work? Sharepoint A list of recipients are needed to be chosen from the addressbook Sharepoint calls a HTTP request The HTTP request passes the SMS message to Ozeki NG over LAN Ozeki NG SMS Gateway Operates the GSM modem Accepts SMS notifications from Sharepoint Forwards the SMS message to the mobile phone http://www.ozekisms.com 8 About

OZEKI NG SMS Gateway software The OZEKI NG SMS Gateway is a general purpose SMS gateway. Mobile network connectivity Can use a wireless link (GSM modem + SIM card) Can connect to an SMS service provider over the Internet Multiple mobile network connections are supported Backup connection can be configured Application connectivity

Multiple instances of Sharepoint, WhatsUp Gold or any other software can connect to it at the same time Provides many interfaces for connection: HTTP, E-mail, SNMP, SQL http://www.ozekisms.com 9 About OZEKI NG SMS Gateway software The OZEKI NG SMS Gateway is a general purpose SMS gateway. Messaging

All international and special characters are supported (Unicode messaging) Long SMS messages are supported (both sending and receiving, segmentation and reassembly is handled automatically) Compatible with all SMS enabled mobile phones Transparency Fully transparent architecture Message tracking supported: delivered to network, delivered to handset and delivery error reports are handled Logs all activities into log files or a database Maintenance Easy to install, configure, backup/restore Can be operated in Virtualized environments (VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC, ) Provides SNMP support for management

http://www.ozekisms.com 10 References from all around the world http://www.ozekisms.com 11 Thank You for your attention! For more infromation, please visit: http://www.ozekisms.com

Or send us an e-mail: [email protected] http://www.ozekisms.com 12

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