10 Things Adult High School Principals Need to Know

10 Things Adult High School Principals Need to Know

10 Things Adult High School Principals Need to Know or Things I can finally say because I am retiring! John Karam Principal St. Nicholas Adult High School 1. The Bottom Line is The Bottom Line A program lives or dies on whether it can pay for itself You must: o Know how programs are financed

o Your finance people and Rene Bourget should be your best friends o Know your break even points ie how many students in class to break even - Include: fixed costs below o Facility Costs Building Custodial o Central Administrative Costs Superintendent, Principal, Support Staff costs Consumable and F&E Costs Proportion these costs as a % to each program 1. The Bottom Line is The Bottom Line

Variable Costs o Teacher/Instructor Salaries o Benefits o Consumables Revenues o Grants Cont. Ed. Pupil hours, not pupils, are your revenue generators - Day & Night Credit, ESL, SS Regular Day Program, count dates Oct 31, Mar 31 Include accommodation and school renewal grants Summer School, Credit programs run in the day o Fees o Envelope Funded Programs - LINC, LES

o I L - independent formula, compulsory program 2. Don't Give up Control of your Budget Easy to do let fiance control your budget Don't let Board control expenditures Once you lose control you are limited Our Story When you control budget you control staffing levels and expenditures If you need more money you add it into your expenditures The Board is only interested in you meeting your contribution levels.

Examples Summary Sheet Program Detail Sheets 3. Marketing We are educators not marketers Get professional help in Marketing your program Brosun Communications o Province wide o David McLelland, 613 723-8930 o [email protected] o Does not charge for his services which include a

marketing strategy o He makes money by you buying advertising from him at reduced rates o Advises which radio Stations, frequency, strategy for other advertising. o Powerful tool to expand your schools. 3. Marketing Type of marketing we use that have been effective Radio Bus Ads Within your Board at PD events o You Have a Friend cards

Cont. Ed. Brochure Posters (with QR Codes) Brochure for your schools o Mail to Doctors o Real estate agents o Churches o Other Professionals o Website o Promotional Video 3. Marketing Marketing is not a 'one shot' deal o May take one or two years to build your brand

o May take one or two years for someone to make a decision to return to school Budget for this 4. Trends Online Online Online Online Online ....... Single most successful initiative we have run in 20 years Removes a major barrier for students who can't attend school Must provide community support o Meet students in their communities o Coffee shops, Libraries, Malls o Any public place that is safe for our teachers

o Use the SB 8 memo to fund o We use Grid teachers - get day school funding o Other advantages No classroom space required (still get accommodation grant) Courses are all laid out for you on the D2L platform 4. Trends Online, Online, Online, Online ....... Can run on Independent Study registers o Day School register must use grid teachers (not feasible) o Continuing Education Independent Registers Night program

Students can't be registered in any day school program as a full time student Can use contract teachers Effective as a continuous intake tool o Allows students to enter at any time Great for semestered and continuous intake Adult HS I would be glad to share with you how we set this up We have 6 full time teachers, could easily employ 10 4. Trends Specialized Co-op programs Paid Co-op Student gets their own job, teachers work with employers

Work plan developed, credits granted for every 110 hours worked Works well with online Training Programs Home renovation Portable into a cottage Hair Dressing / Aesthetics Cooking Small Engines others 5. Partnerships City of Ottawa

Training Programs o Renovation o Masonry Local Businesses o Use online and credits at work to enhance employee education programs Ontario Works o Grants avaialble through them o Custodial Program under Literacy 6. Adult Day School - Convert to Grid The case for converting to grid teachers Higher revenues good contribution at 35 per class

Two count dates Collegiality with teacher in knowing that you are permanent Great time to do this when Boards are dealing with surplus teachers System is not attendance based, works on snapshots. Experienced both, grid teachers are a much better option for the long term viability of the school and for the students Comparative Analysis 1998 - 150% to 200% more funding 7. Choose the Model that Works Best for You Full Day Grid Teacher Models Continuous intake Model

o Teacher as facilitator o Curriculum delivered by ILC's or Blended Learning D2L o Students work at their own pace, flexible o Production contracts Each student has a production goal for the week (Download Google Docs) Goals based on their ability to complete the work Semestered Model o Teacher directed classes o Student works on set timelines o Great for students who need oral communication skills o Great for students who require a lot of discipline

7. Adult High School Models Continuing Education Day School Model Students put on daily attendance registers. Taught by contract teachers Funding much less start and end dates to courses Boards like the low risk factor Funding Dependent on Daily Attendance My Recommendation Convert to grid teachers Not as much risk as you think Better for students and Board in long run I would be glad to help you with your decision makers

8. Know Your Community What are the training needs What are the barriers to people getting their diploma Provide the vehicle for your community to get what it needs Make it easy - One call and your in No Answering machines please Your big advantage- It's Free and you have access to Professional Teachers 9. Build a Network Adult Educators isolated in their own Boards No understands (or cares) about our issues except your

counterparts in other Boards Pick up the phone Visit other sites Learn from others and apply what will work in your Board CESBA is a very important vehicle for you get involved. 10. Succession Planning Just about the time you have things figured out you get moved Another administrator who knows little or nothing about Adult Education gets moved in Board starts over Work with Superintendent to have a succession plan for your

position Key position within the Board Choose your successors wisely, you need someone who is eager to learn and do the job and make a commitment Links Slide Deck Presentation Notes Production Contract

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