1.1 Safety in the Science Classroom

1.1 Safety in the Science Classroom

9.2 The Power of Electricity (c) McGraw Hill Ryerson 2007 Power = the rate of change in energy measured as energy (joules) per second (J/s) 1 J/s = 1 watt (W)

For example: a 25 W fluorescent bulb converts 25 joules of electrical energy every second into other forms (c) McGraw Hill Ryerson 2007

See pages 320 - 324 Calculating Power & Energy Consumption Power = Voltage x Current Energy = Power x Time Paying for Electricity

A Larger Unit for Energy Homes use LOTS of energy so bigger units are used. Instead of using watts, use kilowatts Instead of using seconds, use hours So, the power company keeps

track of kilowatthours used. See page 325 (c) McGraw Hill Ryerson 2007 Converting Units Try: 1)525 W = ______________ kW

2)0.02 kW = _____________ W (c) McGraw Hill Ryerson 2007 Paying Your Power Bill The power company keeps track of your energy usage by reading your electric meter To bill you, the power company multiplies

how much energy you have used by the cost per kWh What is a kilowatt hour? (c) McGraw Hill Ryerson 2007 For example:

A 3 kW boiler runs for 30 minutes. How much does this cost if the utility company charges you$0.15/kWh? (c) McGraw Hill Ryerson 2007 Understanding Energy Use In most homes, electrical energy is measured by

smart meters. Measures how electrical energy use changes in the home over the course of the day Information gathered is wireless sent Can track how and when electrical energy is used each

day Energuide Labels Government of Canada requires all new electrical appliances be labeled Gives details about the

amount of energy that an appliance uses in one year of normal use (c) McGraw Hill Ryerson 2007 ENERGY STAR Labels Identifies a product as meeting or exceeding

certain standards for energy efficiency Phantom Loads Any device that consumes electricity when turned off but still plugged into an outlet. This wastes energy and cost money. Can account for approx. 900 kWh of electrical energy use per year

Examples: remote controlled devices computers washing machines microwave ovens (c) McGraw Hill Ryerson 2007

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