11th Grade IBDP Meeting

11th Grade IBDP Meeting

11 Grade IBDP Meeting th 2018 AHS IB Website Internal Assessments Internal Assessment Calendar

Final Date listed on calendar Students who fail to submit initial draft will not receive feedback Check points along the way IB only allows teachers to give feedback one time Turn It In: Plagiarism online siteused as a tool to teach students to monitor for plagiarism

Students who fail to submit final draft will be exited from program Manage Bac Online tool used to communicate with students Will upload all Internal Assessments to Manage Bac Ask your student for pin & password Extended Essay supervision process recommended to be 35 hours, which includes three mandatory reflection sessions Initial submission due the 2 day of 12 grade

Students given feedback Resubmit final draft 2 week in November Learning skills through IBAIR (IB Research) [email protected] EE Supervisor Individual supervisors selected and emails will be provided by November nd nd th Key features of the Extended Essay

The extended essay is compulsory must achieve a D grade or higher externally assessed Can earn total of 3 bonus points (see matrix) Is an analytical piece of research in which a student makes a claim(s) and dismantles counter claims. 4,000 words accompanied by a reflection form of no more than 500 words. approximately 40 hours of work What the Extended Essay is NOT It is not a report It is not a narrative or descriptive essay

It is not solely a compilation of other peoples thoughts and findings It is not solely a compilation of facts It is not meant to be completed in one sitting or over a two week period of time Supervisors are required to: Complete 3 mandatory reflection sessions Provide students with advice and guidance Discuss the choice of topic with each student Help to formulate a focused research question Read and comment on one draft only of the extended essay

(but do not edit the draft) What supervisors cannot do Correct spelling and punctuation. Correct experimental work or mathematics. Re-write any of the essay.

Indicate where whole sections of the essay would be better placed. Proofread the essay for errors. Correct bibliographies or citations. Students are required to Use reflection space as a planning tool

Plan how, when and where they will find material and sources for their essay before deciding on the final topic and research question Prepare for reflection sessions Choose a subject, followed by a topic, and then think carefully about the research question for their essay Students Responsibilities Plan a schedule for the researching &writing of extended essay, including extra time for delays & unforeseen problems Make the most of their supervision and reflection sessions by arriving

prepared to discuss their work Check and proofread the final version of their extended essay Make sure that the version they submit for assessment is the final version with all sources correctly and consistently referenced Submit essay to Turn It In prior to uploading to Manage Bac CAS Creativity Activity Service 7 learning Outcomes By the end of the process all 7 learning outcomes must be addressed

Evidence uploaded to manage Bac along with reflections incorporating learning outcome [email protected] CAS Coordinator Roles of IB Coordinator Team Ms. Angie Speech: MYP / Personal Project Ms. Richburg: ACT / SAT / Naviance / Career Counseling / College Admissions Ms. Richburg & Ms. Newgent: 504 / IEP / Emotional or Physical conditions that will impact instruction or testing

Ms. Newgent: IB specific questions including testing, scheduling of IB classes, Internal Assessments, requirements of the program Mr. Kassel & Ms. Newgent: Concerns with instruction within a classroom Should first reach out to the teacher Academic Honesty Students should use Turn It In for all major assignments

Students who are guilty of plagiarism accidental or intentional could face removal from program Please do not give another student your Assessments to use as a model Exemplars are available Internal Assessments Make up 20%-30% of overall grade is internally assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by

the IB at the end of the course. English Example: 30% Formal oral commentary Individual oral presentation Written assignment

Failure to complete an internal assessment= NO DIPLOMA IB Exams Are called Papers Are taken over multiple days Are taken in the year the course is completed Are not optional of the cost traditionally covered by county Financial assistance available for families that exhibit need Earning the Diploma Must sit for exams in 6 subjects

English Lit & Lang IB Language B (Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French) IB History IB Science IB Math IB subject 6 (Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Psychology, Business Management,

World Religions, ITGS) Earning the Diploma Must take a minimum of 3 HL and no more than 4 3 highest grades count if taking 4 HL

Must take a minimum of 2 SL and no more than 3

Must earn a minimum of 12 points Must earn a minimum of 9 points (3 SL) or 5 pts (2SL) Must not earn a grade of 1 in any subject Cannot be awarded a 2 three or more times (HL or SL) Cannot be awarded a 3 four or more times (HL or SL). Must earn minimum of 24 points Cannot earn a grade of E on the TOK and EE Must complete CAS Must complete all Internal Assessments Bonus points

Can earn up to 3 bonus points for combined performance on EE and TOK May Exams Schedule is on AHS Website Juniors who are currently taking Chemistry or ESS will sit for exam ESS 2 papers (exams)

Chemistry 3 papers (exams) Scores reported 1 week in July Students use pin and password to access Receive these in May st

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