1960s Counterculture

1960s Counterculture

Political & Cultural Turmoil of the Late 60s & Early 70s New Left Movement: Student political activism inspired in part by the black civil rights movement

Students for a Democratic Society "We would replace power rooted in possession, privilege, or circumstance, with power rooted in love, reflectiveness, reason, and creativity." -SDS, "Port Huron Statement

UC Berkeley Free Speech Movement (1964) Mario Savio Ordinary Americans pp.247-249

Stopping the draft & Vietnam War become the focus of student activism THE COUNTERCULTURE APPEARS The Hippy Movement

The term hippy comes from being hip. You were either hip or you were a square or a pig. Way of Life

Hippies looked for an alternative way to live life. They discarded possessions, often lived in parks or campsites in the woods to feel free Some joined communes or tribes Nudity was another form of freedom

Way of Life Most hippies valued nature, intimacy, peace, sharing & spirituality. Many rejected order, monogamy, social responsibility Counterculture Fashion Distanced themselves from

mainstream culture by their dress. Colorful, flowing clothing, beads, headbands, bellbottoms & tie-dye were popular. Men grew hair and beards long Haight Ashbury

By 1965 hippies had taken over the Haight Ashbury district.

San Francisco = birthplace of the counterculture movement. Hippy Music Most popular music was psychedelic rock Bands like Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger

Service, the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Grateful Dead played free concerts at Golden Gate Park. Concerts and be-ins were places for hippies to protest, socialize, dance, or take drugs. Human Be-Ins Golden Gate Park 1967

Poet Allen Ginsburg 3 min. 3 min. 6 min.

Woodstock Festival In April 1969 at Woodstock over 250,000 hippies showed up to hear artists like Janis Joplin, The Who, Canned Heat, The Allman Brothers, and Country Joe and the Fish. Drug Culture Drugs like marijuana and LSD were a big part of the

hippy/counterculture movement. They were in pursuit of altered states of consciousness Using drugs made hippies feel like the were rebelling from mainstream society. Timothy Leary (a Harvard professor) was an advocate of LSD.

Before we romanticize the hippies too much.. Drug addiction out of proportion with the population Out of wedlock pregnancy rate very high Sexually transmitted diseases all over the

place 1968 A tumultuous year

Tet Offensive MLK Assassination Racial tensions explode in dozens of cities 1968 Election

Eugene McCarthy, Robert Kennedy & Hubert Humphrey all vie for Democratic Nomination after LBJ pulls out unexpectedly RFK Assassination

68 Chicago Democratic Convention Republican Nixon triumphs by taking advantage of public Backlash against turmoil in 1968 election.

Nixons Slogans: Peace With Honor & Ill listen to the Silent Majority http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= eM-764N2QM8&feature=related

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