2010 CY Planning Calendar - University of Michigan

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Consumer Framework Traditional Media Traditional Digital Marketing Social Media Mobile Media Banner/Display Ads

Blogs Aps Podcast Advertising

EndemicEdmunds/KBB Facebook, My Space Activation SearchGoogle/Bing

Gaming Flickr, You Tube Dealer locate Lifestyle- Golf, ESPN

Wikipedia, Twitter Click-to-connect RSS Contests

Brand / Dealer / owner websites Video Service reminders Gaming

Text/SMS 2 Life UGC Local event notifications

Rich media downloads SEO Google / Yahoo / MSN

Email nd Analytics: Leveraging insights to drive relevant messages to consumers at the right time across all platforms Results + +

Brand Awareness Purchase Intent Digital driving consumption change In 2010, 221 million people in the US will be online, about 71% of the total population Internet: Influencing Auto Decisions Social media is fast becoming the key word of mouth driver and key conversation enabler between Friend/Relatives and buyers Source: JD Power 2009 Source: CNW Marketing/Research

Online Video is growing Online Video: Scaling and Influencing 68% of Americans online watched a video last month YouTube Dominates Impacting the shopping process 20+ hours of video are uploaded every minute 8

Consumers are moving to Mobile 9 Mobile- Flexibility & Portability Mobile = Indispensible Access 1 of every 7 minutes of media consumption today is through a mobile device Half of all new internet connections come from mobile devices - #1 Feature on all smart phones

Mobile phones will surpass PCs as the most common Web access device in 2013 Source: IDG 2009 Source Gartner 1/10 Source: Millenial Media- SMART- November-2009 Source eMarketer 2009 Source: August, Smartphone Leave Behind; UM, AOL and Questus study 11 Mobile-Summary Gaming: Ready for Primetime Gaming Households

Number of Online Gamers North America North America, Console & PC (in MM) 175 65% 2008 130 68% 2009

70 2003 68% of American households play computer or video games - and climbing* *Entertainment and Software Association, 2008 & 2009 **DFC Intelligence. Online Game Market Forecasts, 2009 2010 NA online gaming will grow significantly in the next 5

years to over 175 million gamers** 2014 Online Auto Research Evolution Shoppers want video Video Reviews add site, sound, and motion to the research process 400,000+ video views on New Grand Cherokee on YouTube now Source: eMarketer

Shoppers use mobile Mobile is heavily used while shopping and on dealer lots (40% of all use of Cars.com App) JD Power Traditional Digital Marketing Fast Facts Online Auto Shopping Ecosystem Search Engines

3rd Party Sites The Front Door to the Internet Trusted Advisor Yahoo, Google, MSN 11 Billion US Searches a Month Google Dominates: 71% 84% of Auto Shoppers start with search Source: comScore Media Metrix April 2010/JD Power 2009

Edmunds, KBB, Yahoo Autos 71% New Car Shoppers use a 3 Party site to research rd 61% Never go to an OEM site 55% Change their mind after research

Targeting Right Audience, Right Time, Right Price Cadreon, Specific Media, Collective Target Intenders Gain effective reach Behavioral, Retargeting, Contextual, Database, etc. Building Awareness Building Awareness

Women Fitness Yahoo! Health Childrens Health 18 Building Awareness Cont 19 Building consideration within the Funnel..Top Bottom Upper Funnel Mid- Funnel

Lower Funnel Paid Search Own The Page Extending rich media messaging delivery within search environment PAID Sites: Google, Yahoo, MSN Messaging to drive lower funnel activities Key Message Delivery Deliver messaging to drive site

side conversion Prevents competitors from messaging your audience Last chance to deliver why buys Emerging Trends & Challenges Today 24 Evolution of Display media buying Display 1.0 Display 2.0

Inventory as proxy for audience Individual web sites Aggregation (proliferation of networks) SILO APPROACH Display 3.0 Buying audiences instead of inventory at scale Data drive audience targeting

ACCESS TO ONLINE UNIVERSE Publishers Display 2.0: Massive Inventory Fragmentation Financial News Auto Research Social Network Networks Advertiser Vertical

Performance Long tail More publishers and networks to buy from Still buying content; or behaviors with limited scale Display 3.0: ~ 1 to 1 Advertiser Custom Custom audiences audiences Predictive

Predictive bid bid optimization optimization Universal Universal frequency frequency cap cap Audience Audience analytics analytics

Search Retargeting Third-Party Predictive Segments Owner Info Database Proprietary Leverage proprietary, third-party and advertiser data Target custom audiences, not pre-packaged audiences Purchase individual impressions, at the right price

Email Sub Database Advertiser Grand Cherokee Digital Archetype Male skew , Age 45 66 , Affluent Baby Boomers

Business Travelers Sports Fans Outdoor Enthusiasts Golf & Tennis Health and Wellness / Trendy homemakers/ Home & Gardens / Pet Owners Mass Affluent ($95K-$143K)/Big Spender ($111K) Back Up Emerging Trends Social Media Landscape

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