2013-2014 Tuition Rates - University of Louisville

2013-2014 Tuition Rates - University of Louisville

August Meetings of the Faculty New Faces and Changing Roles New Faces: Caroline Ehman, Music History Mark Yeary, Music Theory Rebecca Jemian, Music Theory

Pam Fleitz, Music Education Mike Hyman, Jazz Drumset New Faces and Changing Roles Changing Roles Naomi Oliphant, sabbatical leave for Fall Kimcherie Lloyd, Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies Krista Wallace-Boaz, Coordinator of Student Life Programs and Coordinator of Graduate Studies Jerry Tolson, Music Education Division Head Rob Amchin, CEHD Coordinator of Music Education programs. Darcy Walworth, Rebecca Jemian, division heads

Admissions position reclassified with new search underway. VSIP School of Music participants / retirees by the end of the academic year or earlier. Judy Hake, Dance Academy and Community Music Program staff support Debbie Hawley, Assistant to the Dean Jack Ashworth, Professor Music History Herb Koerselman, Professor of Trumpet and Dean Emeritus Dallas Tidwell, Professor of Clarinet Edie Tidwell, Professor of Voice John La Barbera, Professor of Jazz Studies Karen Little, Professor and Director of Anderson Library

Anne Marie DeZeeuw, Professor of Music Theory Schedule of other meetings this week 1:00-2:00 Session with Delphi Center Survivors Guide alumni (for those who attended in May) 135 2:00-3:30 Creating Web-based Instruction - presented by Delphi Center staff (optional) 135 Wednesday, August 21 -- optional meetings 9:00-10:00 Update from May meetings and changes in the undergraduate degree curriculum in Music Education to be considered by our faculty for the 2014 academic year 135 10:00-11:00 Photo Shoot with Matt Crum New head shots of everyone needed for website LL30 11:00-12:00 Voluntary Separation Program and its Impact on the School of Music: Planning for Our Future 135 2:00-3:00 Navigating the New School of Music Website and Technology in the Classroom 135

Thursday, August 22 -- optional meetings 11:00-12:00 UofL 21st Century Initiative and reports from the summer subcommittees 135 1:00-2:00 Photo Shoot with Matt Crum New head shots of everyone needed for website LL30 2:00-3:00 School of Music Re-organization 135 Friday, August 23 10:00-11:30 DIVISION MEETINGS - attendance mandatory for all full-time and part-time faculty Applied Studies Room 263 Composition Room 142 Ensembles & Conducting Room 262

Jazz Studies Room 145 Music History Room 248 NOTE: Music Ed/Music Therapy faculty are NOT meeting at this time. 1:00-2:00 Photo Shoot with Matt Crum New head shots of everyone needed for website Faculty and Music Honors Michael Tunnell reappointed as University Scholar Krista Wallace-Boaz chosen for Presidents Distinguished Faculty Award in Service to the Profession. Terry Durbin named American Suzuki Institute

Suzuki Chair for 2013. Jennifer Potochnic won audition for the principal oboe position with the Louisville Orchestra. Faculty and Music Honors, p. 2 The Cardinal Singers were named best choir and Kent Hatteberg the best conductor award at the Yeosu International Choir Competition, South Korea. The Cardinal Singers were named best choir and went on to earn four gold awards, plus the top prize overall at the Hoi An Choir Competition in Vietnam. Frederick Speck, Amy Acklin, and Mark Lynn, conductors, as

well as Pat Rafferty were featured in the UofL Wind Ensemble performances at Jungfrau Music Festival in Interlaken, Switzerland. John Rommel named 2013 Alumni Fellow Jamey Aebersold honored with NEA Jazz Master designation to be presented January, 2014 at Lincoln Center. Summer events completed /nearing completion Guitar Foundation of America national meeting held at School of Music with approx. 700 delegates. International Horn Competition to be held over Labor Day weekend with approx. 77 competitors

participating. Six other weeks of music camps / events throughout the summer. Delphi Center workshop on preparing web-based instruction for music classes. Special events for the SoM Opera theatre collaborates with Ky Opera to present their Contemporary Opera Series that will feature two one-act operas from Paul Moravec and Terry Teachout on October 11&12. Additionally, students will collaborate to present Don Giovanni in PL and Czech

Republic in performances November 28-Dec 1. The cast will present in Louisville on January 24 and 26, 2014. Special events for the SoM, p.2 New Music Festival dates are November 11-17 featuring music of Grawemeyer winner Brett Dean and a world premiere of work for wind band. Louisville will host Sing and Joy Interkultur event downtown featuring international group of choirs in an event Nov.28 Dec.1. Chamber Orchestra selected from Symphony Orchestra membership will tour in Costa Rica in

mid-May, 2014. Music Building Improvements: Past, Present and Future Improvements completed: Cardinal Card access to digital composition lab in LL. Upgrade to sound / video playback equipment in Bird Hall. Tile for carpet replacement in south building, 2nd floor hall. Carpets cleaned on all floors but LL. New building roof and skylights. Anderson Library 3rd floor improvements.

Music Building Improvements: Past, Present and Future Improvements / repairs underway: New copiers installations pending, network printer set for installation in music history / ed / therapy wing. Office carpeting projects begin. Office and classroom window weatherproofing. Faculty and staff should not place items that may be waterdamaged on windowsills in offices until repairs are completed. Mold abatement projects underway on west side windowsills on second floor.

Music Building Improvements: Past, Present and Future, p.3 Facilities improvements planned for completion by beginning of Spring term. Renew surface on Comstock stage. Replace lighting system in Bird Hall. Begin replacement of acoustical curtains in Comstock, Bird, and 267. Upgrade of sound and video recording systems in Comstock and Bird Halls. Continuing office carpeting / tiling projects. Video screen installation in 3rd floor student lounge.

Information on new and continuing initiatives for faculty and students Department of Audiology clinical site. Hearing screenings available for all freshmen, other music students, staff, and faculty in mid-September. Expansion to vocal health and musculoskeletal health initiatives per recent NASM stds. Beginning this Fall, restoration of Dance Performance and Dance Fundamentals classes for academic credit. Initiation of Suzuki teacher training classes through CMP and academic credit. Reorganization of SoM instrument inventory, staff contacts, and distribution - a major initiative over the summer. Baely Slaton for wind class methods instruments. Kaelah McMonigle for instrumental ensembles.

Debby Kalbfleisch for instruments held by faculty members. Music Therapy Clinic to open for onsite appointments in October. New and continuing initiatives for faculty and students, p.2 Redesigned music website launched in mid-July. Updates to faculty photos, bios, program information is welcome. (Matt has scheduled 3 photo sessions this week, bio materials to Debbie Hawley, updates to program pages to Matt) UofL participation in national survey of alumni and careers /career satisfaction in the arts by the Strategic

National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) for 2013-14. Music student life survey returns in 2014. Reorganization of previous and new music student initiatives underway. (see supporting slide following) Student initiatives in development Coordination through Krista Wallace-Boaz, Reclassification of Admissions position to include admissions, advising, retention initiatives, liaison with career development center. Development of student peer mentors to be prepared by Harry Pickens for work with

entering freshmen, conditional admit students, and academic probation students. Committee Membership Recommendations from the Faculty Committee Fall 2013 Admissions Update Faculty Meeting 2013-2014 Tuition Rates Undergraduate $9,750 per year for Residents ($9,466 in 2012) $23,638 per year for Non-Residents ($22,950 in 2012)

Graduate $10,788 per year for Residents ($10,274 in 2012) $22,446 per year for Non-Residents ($22,950) Online $460.00 per credit Undergraduate (same in 2012) $660.00 per credit Graduate (same) Fall 2013 New Music Students Total 112 (128 in 2012) 74 New Freshman (vs. 67) 8 Transfer (vs. 9)

1 Post-Baccalaureate (vs.3) 28 Graduate (vs.33) 1 As of 08/14/2013 1 Fall 2013 Music Admissions Data # of Applications = 364 (404 10% redux) 75 Graduate (72) 289 Undergraduate (332)

# of Auditions = 218 (268 19% redux) (including auditions, waived auditions, and portfolios) 50 Graduate (62) 16 Resident/Resident-Indiana 34 Non-Resident 170 Undergraduate (206) 136 Resident/Resident-Indiana (157) 34 Non-Resident (49) 1 As of 08/14/2012

1 Fall 2013 Admissions Data # of Students Admitted = 196 (213 in 2012) 51 Graduate 145 Undergraduate # of Students Attending = 112 (128) 28 Graduate 12 Resident/Resident-Indiana 14 Non-Resident

84 Undergraduate 68 Resident/Resident-Indiana 12 Non-Resident 1 As of 08/14/2013 1 Fall 2013 Admissions Data 1

# of Students Not Admitted = 45 11 Graduate 34 Undergraduate # of Students Admitted but not Attending = 82 24 Graduate 58 Undergraduate 1 As of 08/14/2013 Fall 2013 Music Awards New Freshman Awards

Total awarded: $327,200.00 New Graduate Awards Total awarded: $354,519.00 1 As of 08/06/2013 1 Report from the Freshmen Survey Report (CIRP) for 2013

Data is self-reported during summer orientation. 72 freshmen music students participated, 2787 UofL students in all contributed to the data. Questions concerning: traits related to academic success and failure, living in a diverse society, social orientation, academic and social self concept, reputation of institution. Full survey report is available on the school website for faculty resources. Materials for faculty on resources webpage

Diversity Plan and Report 2013 Annual Report on the School of Music 2013 SWOT for Music School 2012-2013 5 Year Academic Program Review 2012 Decanal review summary report from the Provost Draft policy guidelines for hosting university events involving Minors on Campus. National Survey of Student Engagement, responses from

students and faculty at UofL. Description of elements of the school reorganization. Faculty projects and initiatives for 2013-2014 Ideas to Action (i2a) Formation of unit based steering committees Identification of Culminating Undergraduate Experience for each undergraduate music program. NASM standards to be addressed in (1)Health and Safety (hearing, vocal health, musculoskeletal, environmental safety for all students) and (2) levels to graduate in core

areas of undergraduate study. Faculty projects and initiatives for 20132014, p.2 Complete reorganization of school and adjustments to policy documents. Divisions to be retained for Fall semester. Money to be reversed back to Divisions where possible. Meeting on Thursday to develop ideas under discussion by division heads and Faculty Committee membership. Anticipation that a straw poll / survey to faculty will go out after the meeting on Thursday.

Faculty projects and initiatives for 20132014, p.3 Changes to Convocation policies under review based on report of the ad hoc committee in Spring, 2013. And, finally A reminder to turn in textbook requests Syllabi in hard copy and in Blackboard Applied music studio loads.

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