2017 All Personnel MeetingAugust 15, 2017 - My Jessup

2017 All Personnel MeetingAugust 15, 2017 - My Jessup


EXECUTIVE TEAM Executive Team Guy Adams Chief Enrollment Management Officer ACADEMICS

PROVOSTS OFFICE Eva Hall Director of Academic and Faculty Support Patience Nason

Faculty Support Specialist Amber Ferry Faculty Support Specialist FACULTY

John Richert Biology Andrew Carico Criminal Justice Marc Robertson Creative Arts

Linda Sommerville Director of Academic Operations Libby Backfish Faculty of Theology Richard Yang Associate Professor

of School of Business FACULTY Jim Donohue Computer Science Mike Obermire Academic Business

Manager Matt Klauer Biology Lab Technician Katherine Moga Online Instructional Design Assistant

Parker Daniells Kinesiology School of Education Mark Blackwood Data & Administrative Coordinator

Newest Tenured Faculty February 17, 2017 David Timms, Ph.D. Julius (Rex) Gurney III, Ph.D. Nathan Herzog, Ph.D. Dennis Nichols, Ed.D. Phillip Escamilla, J.D. Jeffrey Stone, Ph.D.

ROCKLIN ACADEMIC OPERATIONS SPS/GRAD Janel Thomas Jennifer Linda Sommerville Administrative Palmer

Director Assistant Academic Kyrie Newman Abi Jenna Green Advisor Academic Support

Battenfield Academic Advisor Coordinator Student Worker BAY AREA CAMPUS Carrie Priest Director of Academic & Student Development

Anna Livermore Academic Associate REGISTRAR Kristin Jensen Academic Coordinator

Michaela Dragos Assistant Registrar Tanya Andreas Academic Advisor LIBRARY Rose Kania

Library & Academic Technology Assistant Michael Kares Library Access Services Coordinator Ayla Elkins Library Outreach

Coordinator LEARNING COMMONS Jessica Stiles Academic Support Specialist Bailey Gillespie

Vicki Quirarte Mary Konow Career Counselor Kayla Biegacki

CAMPUS LIFE Student Life Residence Life Spencer Slater Farmer

Becky Yaholkovsky Brandon Brandon Farmer aka Farmer Director of Residence Life

Stephanie Maus Director of Orientation & Transitions Kelly Powers Director of Student Care

Campus Ministries Team Ryan Haynes Schmidt Courtney Watson Campus Pastor


Amanda Allison Herman Johnson Taylor Hudson Admissions Counselor

Admissions Counselor Admissions Counselor Kayla Rabbich Ryan DesJardin Church Relations & Outreach Representative

FINANCIAL AID Kathy Fay Financial Aid Counselor SPS ROCKLIN Taryn Slater

Grad Recruiter Cameron Thorn Admissions Counselor ATHLETICS Veronica Graves Head Coach Track & Field

Jake McKinley Head Coach Baseball BUSINESS OFFICE Julie Archuleta Sr. Budget Analyst

Veronica Schmidt Accounts Payable CAMPUS SERVICES Human Resources Linda Giusti HR Manager

Elodia Gary HR Coordinator Whitney Salanoa HR Assistant Campus Safety Paul Ybarra

Director Connor Palacial Campus Safety Officer Events Jenice Sabra Director

Facilities Schyler Bryan Technician Justin Shumaker Technician Jacob Foster Technician

LONGEVITY AWARDS Longevity Awards 5 Years Business Card Holders Jenna Green Mike Snook Ayla Elkins Cameron Wilson

Flavia Mich Cynthia Shafer-Elliott Manuel Salazar Eva Hall Monica Zimmer-Vargas Longevity Awards 10 Years WJU Blanket Kevin Pischke

15 Years Pen & Pencil Set Julius (Rex) Gurney III THE STATE OF THE UNIVERSITY JESSUP 4.0 The realities in which we live Turbulencenew information and fear?

DissonanceThe future is hereit is not equally distributed, industry disruptions(steel, coal, auto, newspapers, television programming, medical, higher ed?). Think how has Amazon changed retail. The present and the future are not zero sum gamesthere are winners and losers.. Religious Liberty: National & State Fairness for All Legislation Framework: NAE & CCCU appear to be pushing. I am opposed and on the record against. CCCU likely split 2/3 to 1/3. ABHE likely 80% opposed. This

summer, I spoke at BYU (!), and ADF. Jessup is known and appreciated. SB1146: No known follow-up. However, lots of noise in capitol re CA opposition to DC. Also AB569 (employment and reproduction with no religious exemption), SB169 re drivers license, and SB219 re long term care are potential social structure policy changes. I am actively involved with reaching out across CCCU, ABHE, national groups, regional groups, and Eric and I working communications networks. Dennis Canadian experience is very helpful for us here in CA. SoWelcome to Jessup!

1939-1989: Birthed as San Jose Bible College (1.0) -Legacy of Pastors and Missionaries 1989-2004: Changed name in 1989 to San Jose Christian College (2.0) -Legacy of Intent and Relocation 2004-2015: Moved to Rocklin in 2004 to become William Jessup University (3.0) -Legacy of Program Development and Platforms 2016- ? Becoming a Highly Ranked, Broadly Accessible, Financially Sustainable University (4.0) -Legacy of Personal and Corporate Transformation

Comprehensive Christ-Centered University (Jessup 4.0) Product: Christ Centered Transformative University Education. This is what we do. Programs: Math, Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Bible/Theology/Leadership, Professions (Business & Education & ?). Programs are educationally sound and connected to the communities we serve. Pathway: Certificates, Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral (?). Pathway helps us serve students over the long course of their lives. Platforms: Face to Face Day, Face to Face Evening, Online, Hybrid. Platforms increase our flexibility to serve students.

Places: Rocklin, San Jose, Oakland-?, 2 Bay Area CCs, Yuba City, ??. Places build our brand and extend our profitable non traditional lines What does 4.0 Look like? FDA: Flexible, Distributed, Affordable: Programs, Platforms, Populations, Places Christ Centered, Liberal Arts, Voc-Tech Pathways Adaptive Leadership for the Future

Adaptive Leadership Technical Challenges (fixing known problems with known skills) Adaptive Challenges (vexing problems with no clear answers solved by creative and innovative choices) Which type of problem are we solving? 5 skills required (article by Academic Impressions)

Anticipatory Thinkers Risk Tolerant and Supportive of Creativity and Innovation Effective conveners/brokers/facilitators Courageous decision makers

Resilient and able to bounce forward after a crisis or setback Transformational Ecosystem Health Business Education

Arts, Media & Entertainment Church Government Family

2011-2016 Strategic Plan 2011-2016: 4 Primary Areas of Focus... 1) 2) 3) 4) Raise our Profile

Expand our Programs with Quality Secure our Financial Future Grow our People 2017-2021 Strategic Plan(see handout) 1) Equip Transformative Leaders for Kingdom Impact 2) Encourage Innovative Scholarship 3) Diverse Christian Community Honoring Christian Principles 4) Secure a Financially Sustainable Future

QUESTIONS? Text them to [email protected] PRAYER Special Thanks To Our HR Team! Linda Giusti, Elodia Gary, Whitney Salanoa and Meagan Morrow

Complimentary lunch in the caf Health & Wellness Fair YOU 4.0

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