2020 Census - Northampton County, Pennsylvania

2020 Census - Northampton County, Pennsylvania

2020 Census Overview Northampton County Council of Governments 2020CENSUS.GOV Lynne V. Newman Partnership Coordinator Erin Yasenchak Partnership Specialist Victoria L. Johnson, Ph.D Partnership Specialist 1 2020 Census U.S. Constitutional Mandate, Article 1, Section 2 Apportion seats in the U.S. House of Representatives

Conduct redistricting at the federal, state, and local levels Distribute over $675 billion federal dollars to state and local governments Provide statistical support for grant applications Help community plan for future needs 2020CENSUS.GOV 2 2020 Census Goals Goals To count everyone once, only once, and in the right place Whats New

Were maximizing outreach by using both traditional and new media Were offering and encouraging people to use the secure online response option Were providing our fieldworkers with handheld devices for collecting Census data. Were utilizing automated systems for recruiting, training, and payroll. 2020CENSUS.GOV 3 Our Timeline In-Field Address Canvassing August 2019 October 2019

Group Quarters February 2020 July 2020 Census Day April 1, 2020 Internet Self Response March 2020 July 2020 Update Leave March 2020 April 2020 Nonresponse Follow-up April 2020 July 2020 2020CENSUS.GOV 4 Area Census Offices

Wave 1: February 2019 Harrisburg Cranberry Township Wave 2: Summer of 2019 Allentown Norristown Philadelphia - Franklin Philadelphia - Penn Pittsburgh Reading State College 2020CENSUS.GOV 5 Pennsylvania Area Census Offices

2020CENSUS.GOV 6 ACO Job Title & Descriptions USA JOBS Area Census Office Manager - Responsible for the general supervision and administration of the office. Census Field Manager / Lead CFM Responsible for accomplishing production and quality goals in field operations under their span of control. Conducts individual and group training sessions for their personnel as necessary. Administration Manager Responsible for administrative functions, such as personnel, payroll and supply. Manages and monitors all office requisitioning, equipment and shipping. IT Manager Leads all office computing environment, mobile computing environment, and automation support efforts. Recruiting Manager Oversees the recruiting and testing of job applicants for field position and clerks. DAPPS Recruiting Assistant Assists in recruiting and testing of job applicants. Census Field Supervisor Appoints, trains, and supervises enumerators that are engaged in data collection. Office Operations Supervisor Coordinates, supervises, and oversees the work of office clerks in specific functional areas.

Enumerator Locally hired workers who perform field enumeration activities in and around their respective neighborhoods. Clerk Office clerks perform a wide variety of clerical functions in support of field data collection, recruiting, payroll/personnel, automation technology, and quality assurance operations. 2020CENSUS.GOV 7 Area Census Office Pay Rates Allentown Position Pay Rate (subject to change) Staffing Timeline

(Peak Operations) Area Census Office Manager $30.50 June 2019 Lead Census Field Manager $26.00 June 2019 Census Field Manager $22.50

June 2019 $22.50 June 2019 IT Manager $22.50 June 2019 Recruiting Manager $22.50

June 2019 Recruiting Assistants $17.50 $20.00 August 2019 Census Field Supervisor $17.50 $20.00 February 2020 $18.50 July 2019

$16.00 - $18.00 March 2020 $14.50 September 2019 Administration Manager Office Operations Supervisor Enumerator Clerk 8

2020CENSUS.GOV { Confidentiality & Privacy It is important that individuals know their responses to the census have legal protections. The law requires the Census Bureau to keep private citizens information confidential and use their responses only to produce statistics. The Census Bureau cannot publicly release an individuals responses in any way that could identify them, their business, organization, or institution. 2020CENSUS.GOV All information collected by the Census Bureau under

the authority of Sec. 9, Title 13 of the U.S. Code (13 U.S.C. 9) is strictly confidential. The same law that requires individuals to respond to the census also guarantees the confidentiality of respondents. 9 Pennsylvania Low Response Map 2020CENSUS.GOV 10 Northampton County, PA Low Response Score Map 2020CENSUS.GOV

11 12 2020CENSUS.GOV Low Response Score Variables LRS Score: predicts mail return rate ACS Variables:

Total Pop Household Med Income % Pop under age 5 % Pop over age 65 % below Poverty Level Race Data Language Data 2020CENSUS.GOV 13 Complete Count Committees How Can Local Organizations and Governments Help A volunteer committee established by tribal, state, and local governments, and/or community leaders, to increase

awareness, about the census and motivate residents in the community to respond. 2020CENSUS.GOV 14 Why Form A Complete Count Committee? Increase the response rate for residents mailing back their questionnaire through a focused, neighbor-to neighbor program. Utilize the local knowledge, expertise, and influence of each Complete Count Committee member to design and implement a census awareness campaign targeted to the community. Bring together a cross section of community members whose focus is 2020 Census awareness.

2020CENSUS.GOV 15 When Should a Complete County Committee Organize? Get Organized RIGHT NOW! The immediate formulation of a Complete Count Committee will ensure that local residents are kept abreast of the various census operations. The more informed residents are about the 2020 Census operations, the better their understanding of the census process becomes, increasing their willingness to be a part of the successful enumeration in 2020. 2020CENSUS.GOV 16

Municipal Complete Committees 2020CENSUS.GOV 17 Additional Resources for Complete Count Committees Census can provide training to Complete Count Committees Census staff are available to be support and technical resources 2020 Census website provides Info Sheets, operational plans, and more

2020 Census promotional campaign provides marketing materials 18 2020CENSUS.GOV Prepare for the 2020 Census NOW! The 2020 Census has begun. Prepare to participate, put line-items in your budget, identify human and technical resources to successfully participate. Coordinate your participation with overlapping city/county governments. Identify a point of contact or liaison for your CCC. Schedule and invite the Partnership Specialist to your first planning meeting.

2020CENSUS.GOV 19 Statistics in Schools Program Erin Yasenchak Partnership Specialist Pennsylvania 2020CENSUS.GOV What is Statistics in Schools? Geography, History, Social Studies, Mathematics, Statistics and

Sociology It provides opportunities to teach statistics concepts and data analysis skills in various subjects. It is designed to support not replace teachers existing lesson plans. The program started in 2000 as Census in Schools, tied to the decennial census. It became Statistics in Schools in 2012. Its a free program that offers data, tools, and teacher-friendly activities for K-12 teachers The program was revised over the last few years through Census collaboration with teachers and education experts. 2020CENSUS.GOV Purpose of Statistics in Schools Encourage teachers of all subjects to incorporate

statistics in their lessons. Establish a connection now with the next generation of census respondents. 2020CENSUS.GOV Data Dissemination and Training: census.gov/academy Bring our data experts to you. Request a free data training for your organization. Subscribe to Census.gov/academy. Join our educational hub to receive our updates and training products Receive our Data Gems. These short how-to videos are an easy and quick way to increase your knowledge of Census data. Get them in

your inbox! Get access to our data courses. You will learn-at-your-own-pace with these videotutorials designed for different skill levels. Interact with our instructors via webinars. Learn about our data releases and tools while attending these live virtual classes. Contact us: [email protected] 1-844-ASK-DATA Connect with us on Social Media

2020CENSUS.GOV 2020 Census Contact Information Philadelphia Regional Census Center 1-844-507-2020 [email protected] ov Recruitment Hotline 1-855-562-2020 2020CENSUS.GOV 24 Connect with Us 2020CENSUS.GOV


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