2020 Census: What's At Stake For Houston ??? CCC Presentation

2020 Census: What's At Stake For Houston ??? CCC Presentation

2020 Census: Introduction to Complete Count Committees CCC Formation Presented by: Mara I. Campos U.S. Census Bureau-Denver Region June 5th, 2019 1 Agenda Introduction to Complete Count Committees Census Timeline CCC Formation

Hard-to-Count Outreach Response Area Outreach Mapper Demonstration 2 Introduction Overview of CCCs CCCs are one of the core strategic elements of the Partnership program for the 2020 Census

3 Introduction Overview of CCCs Census Bureau works with tribal, state and local governments, and community organizations to form CCCs around the country 4

Introduction Overview of CCCs CCCs exist to plan and implement locallybased outreach campaigns that raise awareness of the census and ultimately drive participation 5 Introduction Background and Structure of CCCs

Local governments work together with partners in their communities to form CCCs to promote the 2020 Census to their constituents. Community-based organizations also establish CCCs that reach out to their constituents. 6 Introduction Committee members are experts in the following areas: Government

Media Workforce development Business Education Community Organizations Faith based communities 7 Decennial Census Overview More than $675 billion dollars of federal funds may be disbursed nationally based upon Decennial

Census data. 8 Decennial Census Overview The Census is Confidential and Required by Law 1. The Census Bureau is required to keep information confidential. All responses provided on the 2020 Census questionnaire or to a Census Bureau employee are confidential and protected under Title 13 of the U.S. Code 2. We will never share a respondents personal information with other government agencies 3. Results from the census are reported in statistical format only

4. Records are confidential for 72 years by law (Title 44, U.S. Code) 5. All Census Bureau employees swear a lifetime oath to protect respondent information. 6. Penalty for wrongful disclosure is up to 5 years imprisonment and/or a fine of $250,000 9 Timeline Key Communications Phases The 2020 Census Phases

Education Phase 2018-2019 Awareness Phase Jan 2020 Feb 2020 Motivation Phase March May 2020 Reminder Phase May July 2020 Thank You Phase Starts July 2020 Local governments and community leaders throughout

the nation participate in activities highlighting the message that the 2020 Census is imminent and that it is easy, important and safe to participate 10 Timeline Key Communications Phases Education Phase Period from Now - December 2019 CCC Chairpersons and Subcommittee Chairpersons work to ensure their respective members understand the mission of the committee

Regional Census Offices Open Early Area and Area Census Offices Open Address Canvassing Operations in Select Areas (30% of the country) takes place 11 Timeline Key Communications Phases The Awareness Phase The awareness phase of the 2020 Census officially starts in January 2020. Government and community leaders

throughout the nation participate in activities highlighting the message that the 2020 Census is easy, important, and safe. 12 Timeline Key Communications Phases Motivation Phase March 2020 April 2020 Review and update plans to increase activities aimed at encouraging households to respond

Implement Census Day activities Encourage households to respond quickly to the census. Ensure that the committee is using the right activities in the right place and adjust as needed 13 Timeline Key Communications Phases Reminder Phase May July 2020

Encourage every household that did not respond that they still can respond or wait for the census taker to knock on their door. Continue to meet and review the 2020 response rates and implement your plans to encourage cooperation. 14 SCCCs/CCCs Overview The Importance of CCCs CCC is a committee established by local governments and

community leaders or organizations to increase awareness and motivate residents to respond to the 2020 Census CCCs are census ambassador that play an integral part in the 2020 Census 15 Forming CCCs CCC Structure Government SCCCs/CCCs should include members with experience. Below are suggested areas:

Government Workforce development Faith-based community Education Media

Community organizations Business 16 CCC formation Question 1: What are the demographics of your community? (Demographics include, education, income, age, gender, etc) Question 2: How do these demographics present a challenge to a successful census?

17 Forming CCCs Local Government CCCs Local Government CCCs are formed by the highest elected official in a local government, regardless of size. This includes: Local governments in cities, counties, towns and villages Charged with developing and implementing a census awareness campaign that motivates EVERY household to respond to the 2020 Census in a

timely manner 18 Forming CCCs Community CCCs Formed in specific low response score areas Formed to fill a gap in areas where there is no government-sponsored SCCC/CCC Includes representation from the following suggested areas of the community:

Business leaders Educators Media representatives Organization leaders Community-based organization leaders Faith Based Organizations

19 Forming CCCs Key Points About the SCCC/CCC Structure CCCs should be all-inclusive, addressing the various racial, ethnic, cultural and geographic considerations of the community Census Bureau staff serve as liaisons and information resources for SCCC/CCC CCC operations are governed by the highest elected official or community leader 20

Forming CCCs Government Subcommittee Focus Represents local government in all programs between the Census Bureau, such as new construction programs and others Ensures that elected officials are aware of and are included in all committee activities Government Subcommittee Composition Elected officials, city planners, demographers, cartographers and municipal employees

21 Forming SCCCs/CCCs Media Subcommittee Focus Assist the CCC in communicating census message to ALL residents Facilitates communication of CCC messages through multiple channels, such as ethnic media, local newsletters, electronic bulletin boards, bloggers, local Websites, and all any social media platforms. Media Subcommittee Composition

Local media representatives, communication directors, publishers and editors of neighborhood newspapers, and ethnic media representatives 22 Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan Components of Work Plan Overview Official Next Steps Committee Structure Identify the name of the CCC Describe the structure of the committee

Develop strategies for reaching their objectives Timeline Develop broad timetable of events and activities with dates 23 Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan Identifying Hard-to-Count Areas and Populations CCC work plan should utilize the local knowledge of members and data of the makeup of the community

Data tools can provide assistance to the committee to identify predicted areas of low response at the community level 24 Hard to Count Outreach Plan Activity Break out into groups Discuss potential barriers that exist in each group Brainstorm potential outreach ideas/messaging that could help increase participation Each group share out one idea

25 Breakout Groups Youth, 0 5 Latinos African American Asian Veterans People with Disabilities Homeless community

Multi-family housing Immigrant/Refugee College students 26 ROAM Live-Demo 27 Chapter 5: Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan: Using ROAM

ROAM LRS = predicted level of Census self nonresponse at the tract level Values from 0-100 For example, If LRS= 25, we are estimating that 25% of households in that tract not self-respond to the Census will 28 Chapter 5: Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan: Using ROAM

LRS Limitations/cautions Only considered mail self-response 2020 Census will offer internet, phone and mail options to self-respond LRS are not calculated for all census tracts (-1) 29 Chapter 5: Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan Response Outreach Area Mapper (ROAM) census.gov/roam

30 Chapter 5: Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan: Using ROAM 31

CCC Tools From census.gov https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/sis.html https://www.census.gov/partners/toolkit.pdf 32 CENSUS JOBS NOW LIVE! https://2020census.gov/jobs 33

Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan Effective Committee Activities Public Service Announcement (PSAs)

Advertising campaign Banner, posters, billboards & advertising on benches Print materials Faith-based activities Translation of materials Local media coverage 34 Complete Count Committee Work Plan Example Template-handout Chair(s) Name/Org Name/Org

Members: __________________________ Kick off Meeting Date: Meeting Frequency Education Phase. Awareness Phase. Motivation Phase Hard to Count Areas/Key Outreach Needs: 35

2020 Census Integrated Communications Campaign On the Road to 2020 Additional Resources Promotional outreach materials will be available in multiple languages (to be determined) Others are turnkey and can be dropped right into a newsletter or posted on a partners Web site 36 Determining Local Resource Needs

Local Budgets Free/existing communication/media Social Media Existing Events Businesses/Corporations/Foundations 37 What to Expect From Your U.S. Census Bureau Staff Liaison Role of the Partnership Specialists Primary contact between the U.S. Census

Bureau and the CCC Serve as advisors and information resources to CCCs Help identify census awareness building activities that are more effective in their community 38 What to Expect From Your U.S. Census Bureau Staff Liaison Steps Partnership Specialists will follow: When possible, attend SCCC/CCC meetings,

provide guidance, recommend outreach and promotional activities and distribute promotional materials and items Encourage the development of innovative activities geared to specific groups within the community Maintain an open line of communication with SCCCs/CCCs 39 Summary and Closing Summary

CCC Training Manual has been created to provide leaders and members information to form strong effective SCCCs/CCCs SCCC/CCC can develop strategies and activities that are focused and make the best use of available resources 40

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