30 Day Roadmap - University of Wyoming

30 Day Roadmap - University of Wyoming

Core Project Team Kickoff August 1, 2016 Todays Agenda How did we get here? What are we doing? Who is doing it? How are we doing it? UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 2 Current Systems Key Themes and Observations The themes and observations Huron discovered through our interviews with and surveys of University of Wyoming stakeholders are summarized below. Theme 1: Timing of data reporting Theme 2: Data detail level Theme 3: Data aggregation / rollup issues Theme 4: Technology system integration(s) Theme 5: Data access and governance Theme 6: Training and business process variability Real-time financial data is unavailable or difficult to access Current transaction level details maintained within PISTOL are insufficient The current structure and organization of University data does not allow for roll up reporting at the department, school, or division level. Current Enterprise systems maintained at the University are not integrated Access to real-time financial data is restricted.

Very minimal, if any, training is provided on the various technological systems UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 3 Current Systems Significantly Hinder UWs Ability to Efficiently and Effectively Conduct Business UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 4 What UWs Systems Should Be Upgrading the current back office systems provides the University of Wyoming with the ability to move to more contemporary solutions. 60+ PISTOL PDF/Excel Reports UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 5 Guiding Principles In order to provide structure to our review, Huron worked with a broad group of stakeholders to develop the following list of guiding principles to use to identify and document current reporting gaps. Technology systems and reporting at the University of Wyoming should: Support the academic, research, and service missions of the University by closely aligning decision making with the SP universitys strategic plan to meet university priorities and expectations; Be timely and current and allow users to access both systems and data at their own inclination from both on-campus and remote locations; Be flexible, comprehensive, and integrated, allowing users to access, aggregate, and query both basic and detailed information from multiple data sources using user-defined criteria at all levels of the organization, and allow for any desired

future changes or reorganization; TC FCI Be transparent and clear, (clear data definitions, commonly understood and consistent formats, complete and accurate) be driven by a reliable, trusted data source to allow for sound data-driven analyses, and promote fiscal trust, responsibility, and accountability; Be intuitive, easy to use, and easily trainable to ensure users at all levels are able to understand both the enterprise systems and the data they produce; and Enable multi-year forecasting and strategic resource planning to ensure future strategic priorities are met at all levels of the organization. RT ET MY In addition to being used to identify current reporting gaps, the guiding principles detailed above should be used to ensure that selected solutions meet the desires and needs of campus stakeholders. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 6 Systems Selection Timeline The timeline below depicts what work was done in preparation for issuing the system RFPs and the specific selection steps taken. 2/9/16 - ERP RFP Issued 4/25/16-4/29/16 - On Campus ERP Demos

During Phase 1, Huron found that the University faced many challenges regarding its ability to efficiently and effectively report upon data. 5/2/16-5/4/16 - Campus Survey, SC Meetings with Functional Leaders 5/26/16 Selection Committee Formal Recommendation 6/15/16 - BOT Meeting Phase 1 Phase 2 ERP and BI Vendor Selection Timeline (Aug. 2015-Oct. 2015) (Nov. 2015-Feb. 2016) Feb. 2016 June 2016 6/15/16 - BOT Meeting During Phase 2, Huron documented University business processes and developed an initial estimate for what it might cost to purchase and implement a new Cloud ERP technology solution. Selection Committee Formal Recommendation 5/20/16 - Campus Survey 5/17/16-5/19/16 On Campus BI Demos 3/1/16 - BI RFP Issued The Board of Trustees met on June 15th, 2016 to review and take action on the ERP and BI recommendations put forth by the University of Wyoming Selection Committee. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING

7 ERP and BI Systems Recommendation The Selection Committee unanimously recommended that the University of Wyoming select Oracles cloud software for its ERP (Financial, Human Capital, Grants & Budget Management) and BI systems. Rational for Recommendation: Oracles proposed pricing resulted in the lowest 10-year total cost of ownership while also offering more functionality. In addition, selecting the same vendor for both ERP and BI gives the University the best negotiating position to secure the lowest possible price during contract negotiations. Selecting the same vendor for all modules (Financials, HCM, and BI) also ensures a better fit together and more streamlined system integrations this is also considered an industry best practice. Oracle had the stronger financial module and from the selection committees standpoint the financial functionality was more mature and refined. The budgeting tool was also more mature and proven and has already been implemented at a number of universities. During the on-campus software demonstrations, Oracle often had answers to the specific questions being asked by campus stakeholders; which was reassuring that the software could meet the majority of UWs needs. The contract and procurement modules were stronger and proven. Throughout the RFP process, Oracle demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and overall commitment to the University of Wyoming.

Oracle offers Platform as a Service (PaaS) functionality which would allow the University to build unique functionality that is not offered in Oracles core ERP cloud software. Oracles BI solution offers pre-built Extract Transform Load (ETL) functionality, data models, reports and dashboards which would be a definite jump start to implementation. Oracle described this as a 70-80 percent head start, but Huron estimates this is closer to 50% given there is no student ETL (mapping) done for Banner. The approach to security meets the standards and needs of the University of Wyoming. There will be one system (dashboard or place) that users will go to for Financials, HR, Budget, Grants Post-Award and BI. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 8 Todays Agenda How did we get here? What are we doing? Who is doing it? How are we doing it? UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 9 WyoSolutions & WyoCloud WyoSolutions is the University of Wyomings comprehensive approach to provide modern and sophisticated solutions to todays demands and challenges on our University. WyoSolutions represents a portfolio of interconnected strategic projects all with the common purpose of re-inventing the way the University of Wyoming operates in order to better support our core missions of teaching, research and service.

Workforce Organization & Structure Financial Crisis Advisory Committee Performance Improvement Opportunities Diversified Revenue Plan Student Success Faculty Performance Support Modern Cloud Systems: o Financial Management o Human Capital Management o Grants Management o o o Budgeting Supply Chain Management Reporting & Analytics WyoCloud is one of the WyoSolution projects/initiatives, and it describes the Oracle Cloud Systems implementation of Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Grants Management, Budgeting & Planning, Supply Chain Management, and Reporting & Analytics. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 10 What is in Scope? At the conclusion of the WyoCloud implementation, the University of Wyoming will have modern Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Grants Management, Budgeting & Planning, Supply Chain Management, and Reporting & Analytics technology solutions. Workstream

Workstream Description Project Management, Financials, Human Capital Management, and Grants Project management includes project scope and schedule oversight, full staffing and backfill plan, and initiation of change management and project governance activities Financial Management System implementation includes General Ledger, Asset Management, Financial Reporting, Accounts Payable, Procurement, Expenses, integrations, and development Human Capital Management System implementation includes Core HR, Payroll, Benefits, Time & Labor Lead, Recruiting, Performance Management, integrations, and development Grants System implementation includes Billing & Accounts Payable, Project Costing, Project Contracts, Application/Integration Development Budgeting includes budgeting, forecasting, and financial modeling using data from systems across the enterprise Business Intelligence and Reporting Business Intelligence and Reporting implementation will provide a University-wide reporting solution with initial capabilities to report against student, financial, human resource, and foundation data Change Management and Business Process Design

Change Management and business process design includes campus communications, training , and efforts focused on redesigning the Universitys business processes to utilize system workflow capability and enhance efficiency Performance Improvement Performance Improvement includes projects aimed at improving efficiency, reducing costs in various areas of the university, and/or increasing or diversifying revenue streams Budgeting UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 11 Current Implementation Timeline The current implementation timeline outlines eight tasks over a 36 month period, resulting in a go-live for Financials in July 2017 and HCM in January 2019. Project Work Stream Approximate 36 Month Timeline FY16 FY18 FY17 FY19 Software Selection Chart of Accounts & Planning Reporting and Analytics Student Data Financial Data

HR Data Financials (Includes Grant Financials) Human Capital Management (HCM) Budgeting Budget Model Redesign Budget System Grants (A/R, Billing, etc.) Performance Improvement Opportunities UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 12 Todays Agenda How did we get here? What are we doing? Who is doing it? How are we doing it? UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 13 This Will be a Partnership UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 14 UW Main Executive Steering Committee The Executive Steering Committee will be responsible for high-level strategic decisions, while the Program Directors will coordinate day-to-day activities with 6 7 Project Managers, who will serve as functional experts and leaders for the implementation of each individual module.

Denotes additional Performance Improvement Committee members for the 10-week assessment UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 15 Project Roles Role Title Project Manager PMO Project Manager Change and Training Lead Change Management Change and Training Analyst Finance Lead (GL, AP, AR, AM) Procurement Lead Project Contracts / Grants Lead Leads CoA Lead Reporting Lead HCM Core Lead GL SME AP SME AM SME AR SME COMP SME PY SME BEN SME T&E SME Student SME Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Financial Reporting SME HR Reporting SME Procurement SME

Project Grant Billing SME Capital (non-sponsored) Project Costing SME Projects/Grants SME COA SME Integrations SME UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING Resource Jen Chavez Megan Hanneman Stacy Holzwarth New resource Janet Lowe Martha Miller Jonnie Jenkins Janet Lowe Sue Koller Mark Berchini; Sheralyn Farnham Juanita Carroll Jon Kelly Arin Westnitzer Aaron Courtney Mark Berchini Sheralyn Farnham Eric Goldenstein Jon Kelly; Martha Miller; Greg Livingston Christy Oliver -AD; Steve Scott FA; Carrie Gose- FA; Cony Pownall - SR; Dave Henry - SF Janet Lowe; Juanita Carroll; PJ Shumway Mark Berchini; Sheralyn Farnham; James Thien Procurement Office Staff Jonnie Jenkins Darcy Bryant Jonnie Jenkins Juanita Carroll Tana Marsh; Dave Moehrke;

Charles Marsh; Jon Klinker 16 Project Roles Reporting Conversion Role Student Reporting Integrations Lead Student Reporting Analyst Financial Reporting Integrations Lead Financial Reporting Analyst HR Reporting Integrations Lead HR Reporting Analyst Reporting DBA Conversion Lead Conversion Developers Interfaces Lead Paas/Integration Lead Developer Interfaces and Integrations PaaS/Integration Developer 1 Paas/ Integration Developer 2 Testing Security Cutover Testing Lead Student Reporting Testing Support (4 resources quarter time) Testing Support (8 resources half time) Security Lead Cutover Lead

Resource Charles(Chuck) Marsh; Jon Klinker Cony Pownall Tana Marsh Tana Marsh; Jon Kelly TBD TBD Jerome Cornelius Dave Moehrke; Tana Marsh, Charles Marsh, Jon Klinker - Leads Spencer, Shelby Piche; Banner Developers as needed Chris Muenster Dave Moehrke-Lead; 1 or 2 Other Developers Dave Moehrke-Lead; 1 or 2 Other Developers Dave Moehrke-Lead; 1 or 2 Other Developers Chris Muenster Leverage SME's to determine consumers of reports Leverage SME's to determine additional resources Gaylene Feldbush Chris Muenster UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 17 Expectations University of Wyoming Huron When needed, this project is a top priority. You dont have to have all the

answers. Need to ensure the right people are at the table. Be open and direct. Share all the background and context help us help you. Ask questions lots of questions. Hold each other accountable. Your time is respected and used effectively and efficiently. Preparation materials and agendas are sent to you in advance whenever possible. We dont have all the answers we need your help. Be open and direct. Teaching and training make us keep explaining. Hold each other accountable UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 18 Todays Agenda How did we get here? What are we doing? Who is doing it? How are we doing it? UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 19 Solution vs. Requirements Driven Approach SOLUTION-DRIVEN SOLUTION - DRIVEN APPROACH ATTRIBUTES Presumption that out-of-the-box will work 80% + of the time

Time spent on defining and solving true gaps Drives process improvement discussion via leading practice straw man Prevents non-strategic differentiator scope creep Immediate end-user hands-on, day-in-the-life process experience mitigates change risk 35% project time savings typical (Package-Enabled) Will this work for you? Plan (To Be Solution) As Is Documentation Design (Prototype) To Be Design (Visio) To Be Design vs. Fit/Gap Configure Tech Design Validate (Test) Solution Development Transition Testing Realization

UAT Deployment REQUIREMENTS-DRIVEN (Blank White Board) What do you want? REQUIREMENTS - DRIVEN APPROACH ATTRIBUTES Presumption of customization Time spent defining and documenting as is Approach impedes process improvement focus Approach encourages wish list scope creep Significant delay until end user hands-on, day-in-the-life exposure increases project risk UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 20 Timeline and Scope Design Jul - Nov Confirm Scope Conduct configuration kickoff Create initial business process inventory Gather configuration data (to build First Test prototype) Plan Project,

integration & Conversions Configure Validate Oct - Apr Nov - Jun Configure and Validate Update Business Process Maps Extract, Transform, Load, Reconcile and Validate Data (Initial) Implement and Validate Integrations Final configuration Complete Data Conversion Finalize Business Process Maps Transition Realization Jun - Jul Jul - Aug

Conduct End user Training Verify Production Readiness Go Live Transition to Steady-State Operations Post Go-Live Support Conduct System Integration Test Conduct End User Validation Prepare Cutover Strategy Project Management and Change Management UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 21 21 Orientation Workshops August 22-September 1 What to Expect o Objectives o Schedule o Participants o Deeper Dive into the Oracle ERP Cloud How to Prepare

Planned Outcomes UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 22 Orientation Workshops Date Time Topic August 22 Monday 1 PM to 4 PM Navigation, User Interface, Security August 23 Tuesday 9 AM to 12 PM Enterprise Structure, Chart of Accounts, Ledgers August 23 Tuesday 1 PM to 4 PM General Ledger, Allocations August 24 Wednesday 9AM to 12 PM Suppliers, Procurement Contracts, Requisitions

August 24 Wednesday 1 PM to 4 PM Purchasing, P-Card August 25 Thursday 9 AM to 12 PM Accounts Payable, Expenses August 29 Monday 1 PM to 4 PM Budgeting Control and Encumbrance Accounting August 30 Tuesday 9 AM to 12 PM Grant Awards, Grant Projects, Grant Contracts UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 23 Orientation Workshops Date Time August 30 Tuesday 1 PM to 4 PM

Grants Billing, Grants Budgeting August 31 Wednesday 9 AM to 12 PM Asset Management August 31 Wednesday 1 PM to 4 PM Sub-ledger Accounting September 1 Thursday 9AM to 12 PM Reporting Tools September 7 Wednesday 9AM to 12 PM Conversion and Integration Tools September 7 Wednesday 1 PM to 4 PM Follow up Items September 8 Thursday 9AM to 12 PM Follow up Items UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING

Topic 24 Next Steps (2 Weeks) Calendar and reserve the conference rooms for the Orientation Workshops (Wyoming/Huron) Prepare and distribute the materials for the Orientation Workshops (Huron/Oracle) Schedule a project planning meeting with the team to discuss key milestones and tasks (Huron) Release the WyoCloud Sharepoint site week of August 1, 2016 (Huron) Schedule a demo of the WyoCloud Sharepoint site (Huron) UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 25 Appendix 30 Day Roadmap No # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13* 14

15 16 17* 18 19 20 21 22 23* 24 25 Task GOVERNANCE Determine and Schedule Executive Steering Committee Meetings Accrual Accounting Transition Decision Establish Project Checkpoints (Huron QA) Confirm Project Governance including decision making, escalations Huron Oracle X X X X Complete detailed Project Plan Develop Project Controls including Scope Mgmt., Staff Mgmt., Business Process Design strategy) Confirm Resource Plan (Assign resources to various tasks) Complete project plan maintenance procedures Establish Status Reports INFRASTRUCTURE Provision Oracle Environments/instances for (ERP, Reporting) Acquire Team Work Location ( including location for design sessions) Project Financial plan including Staffing Plan and Budget Tracking Identify Testing Management Tools CONTRACTS Complete Huron SOW

Complete Oracle Contract BUSINESS PROCESS Develop Configuration and Business Process Mapping Workshop Schedule Finalize the new COA Structure ( Segments only)/Decision to Implement Accruals PEOPLE Assignment of Banner SME Assignment of Reporting Liaison Identify required Wyoming backfill and secure resources Produce Project Orientation Guide for Huron and Wyoming Develop Awareness and Desire (AD) Communication Campaign X X X X X Identify Phases for the Project Website Launch ,Branding and Communication TECHNICAL Access to Banner Schema (Read Credentials) Access to Banner ODS (Read Credentials) X UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING Wyoming X X X X X X X X X

X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 27 60 Day Roadmap No # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Task GOVERNANCE Complete Work Product Tracking Sheet (RACI) Create Issue and Risk Management Plan Initial Risk Log developed INFRASTRUCTURE Create Environment Strategy BUSINESS PROCESS Create Initial Business Process Inventory ERP Conduct COA Mapping exercise Launch Business Process Workshops PEOPLE Launch Project Website Identify and launch Change Champion Network Conduct core Project Team Kick Off Create Communication Plan and Communication Matrix Develop Readiness Assessment Strategy Launch Project Website TECHNICAL Provide Technical Workshops on Tools for (Conversion, Security, Integration) Integration Strategy and Plan Reconcile Integration Inventory for Outbound and Inbound Confirm Prioritization of Integration Inventory and in scope items Initial Review of Pre-Built Reports with SMEs for Student UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING Huron Wyoming X X X X X

X X X X X X X X X X X X Oracle X X X X X X X X X X X X X 28

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