30 Second - Greater Latrobe School District

30 Second - Greater Latrobe School District

30 Second GOAL The Strange Stranger The Case A famous stranger bursts into a house where two children named Conrad and Sally wait alone for their mother. He tries to make the children play games they dont want to play. Eventually the stranger leaves, but the police are not called. The Mystery Who is the stranger and who made him famous? The Clues The stranger is wearing a hat, gloves, a bow tie and a fur coat. A famous Doctor brought him to life, but the stranger is not real.

The strangers friends are two Things. The stranger is a cat. Answer The stranger is the Cat in the Hat. Dr. Seuss made him famous. Murder and Trickery The Case A man finds himself surrounded by mean strangers who want to eat him. He runs away, only to encounter fierce animals and other problems. Finally, he places his trust in a friendly stranger, only to be tricked and murdered. The Mystery Who is the man and who tricked him? The Clues The man cant swim, but the stranger can. The man is irresistibly sweet. The man tells everyone he can run faster than they can. The friendly stranger has a very foxy mind. Answer The man is the Gingerbread man who was eaten by the fox. Murder and Trickery Not familiar with the classic story of The Gingerbread Man? Click here http://www.storyit.com/Classics/ Stories/gingerbreadman.htm

The Stranger in the Night The Case A woman steals into Kens room at night, intent on taking at least one thing with her when she leaves. Ken is not aware of the visitor, but would not be afraid if he knew she was there. The woman and Ken have never met. The Mystery Who is the woman and what does she leave? The Clues The items the woman takes from Ken are not valuable. Ken is six years old. The womans visit is profitable for Ken. The woman is not a witch, but shes not human either. Answer The woman is the Tooth Fairy. She leaves small sums of money.

Stalker or Not? The Case In downtown Paris, only a thin pane of glass separates an unknown man and a famous woman. The man stares at the woman for nearly three hours. Rather than get annoyed, the woman simply smiles back at him. The Mystery Who is the woman? The Clues The woman has no eyebrows. The woman looks good for her age, which is 500. The man is at the Louvre Museum. The woman was created by the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci Answer

The man is looking at the Mona Lisa. The Unique Teacher The Case Jessicas foreign language teacher is never absent and is always in a good mood. She even takes Jessica and a bunch of other kids on a field trip every single day of the week. They all practice their foreign language skills while learning how to read a map and stay away from foxes. Mystery Who is Jessicas teacher and what language does she teach? The Clues The teacher always brings a backpack. They often visit the teachers Abuela. The teacher has her own TV show.

The teacher is a child. The Answer Jessicas teacher is Dora the Explorer. She teaches Spanish. Murder for Hire The Case Christina is a contract killer, but strangely enough, the police are not interested in arresting her. She is always invited into the homes where her murders will take place and her work is done in front of witnesses. No one even tries to stop the killings. The Mystery Who is Christina and how does she kill her victims? The Clues: Christina never uses a gun to kill. After a year on the job, shes likely killed thousands, maybe even

millions . Christina usually has to wear a mask when she is working. Christina hates pests. Answer Christina is a professional exterminator. She poisons her victims. The Vanishing Man The Case One mans image has inspired many songs, stories and poems. Some have even traveled record-breaking distances to visit him. For as long as anyone can remember, some people have seen him at night. However, he only shows his face from a distance; when people get close, he disappears. The Mystery Who is this man and what part of him are people able to see. The Clues

He is surrounded by stars, but hes not an actor. Some people think that he has an unlimited supply of green cheese. He shows himself when it gets dark outside. People first visited his home in 1969. The Answer He is the Man in the Moon, whose face people see when gazing into the night sky. Who Was That Masked Man? The Case A masked guard is attacked by a gang of five men who shoot at him, then quickly flee. He survives the attack, but the gang returns again and again for 60 minutes before it quits. The next night, a different gang attacks him. The gangs never use guns. The Mystery Who is the masked man? The Clues The man is very goal-oriented. The man and his attackers are all wearing uniforms. The man is in front of a net. The man is wearing ice skates. Answer The masked man is a hockey goalie. The Little Thief

The Case The young son of a single mother leaves home to trespass on his neighbors property. While there, he steals from the neighbor and takes off all his clothes before running back home. Although he is seen and chased, he is not caught and no charges are pressed. The Mystery What is the sons name and whose property does he steal? The Clues: The son has three sisters. He has large ears and wears only a blue jacket and clogs. The neighbor doesnt like this little thief in his garden. The son was created by Beatrix Potter. Answer The son is Peter Rabbit, and he steals Mr. McGregors vegetables. Round and Round

The Case Each working day, Celia seems to run in circles to get things done. Instead of becoming frustrated by doing things over and over, she seems to love it. As she sees it, speed is her friend and the faster she gets through her work, the better. The Mystery What is Celias job and why doesnt she mind it? The Clues To do her job well, Celia really has to put her foot down. If things get out of control where Celia works, someone could get hurt. Timing is everything in her line of work. Her work outfit includes a helmet and a jumpsuit. The Answer Celia is a racecar driver who loves circling the track.

The Unusual Herd The Case A group of men takes care of a large number of horses. People come from miles around to watch them. The horses run all day and into the night, stopping only for short breaks. The men never feed the horses, even though they are their sole source of income. The Mystery What type of horses are they? The Clues The horses never stray far from their home and always follow the same path. The horses have endured for many years. Riding the horses can have its ups and downs. The horses travel in circles. Answer The horses are carousel horses. Its a Tough Job, But

The Case Todd puts on makeup and a strange outfit to prepare for work. His job makes some people laugh, but those he works with just want to kill him. Though Todd always wears crazy clothes, he really only wants one individual to pay attention to him while hes working. The Mystery What does Todd do for a living and whose attention does he want? The Clues: Todd often uses a barrel in his work. Todd works with animals, but theyre not trained to do tricks. Todd doesnt work in Hollywood, but hes still in show business. Todd gets a lot dustier than most clowns. Answer Todd works as a rodeo clown who tries to distract the bull from the fallen rider. Austins Odd Occupation

The Case Austin is a government worker who spends his whole day sitting down. Customers pay money and then watch him sit. Austin ignores these customers while he looks outside his office window. If Austin does his job right, the customers leave as soon as he is finished. The Mystery What is Austins job? The Clues Austin wears a uniform while he works. Unless its a very busy day, the customers stay seated while they are with Austin. When the customers leave Austin they are on the street. Austin is driving a vehicle. The Answer Austin is a bus driver. The Lost Letter

The Case Brandon asks Aisha for her address to send her a letter. Aisha checks the mail every day but the letter never comes. She later finds out that Brandon was involved in a crash and could not get the letter to her. Brandon is not injured and there is no damage to his car. The Mystery What happened to Brandon, and whose fault was it? The Clues Aisha received all of her other mail. The address Aisha gave Brandon did not include a zip code. The crash happened at Brandons desk and it didnt make any noise. Aishas address had the word Yahoo in it. Answer Brandon had Aishas email address and his computer crashed. It was no ones fault. The Price of Fame

The Case The stars of a TV show are upset that they were chosen. They will probably not be on the next episode or, if they are, it will be there last appearance. They do not audition for the show they are chosen by the producers to be seen by America. The Mystery What is this TV show? The Clues The audience doesnt vote, but the producers hope theyll call in. The host of the show continually asks America for its help. The show is nonfiction. All of the characters are real. The show helps the FBI catch criminals. Answer The show is Americas Most Wanted. Is Curtis Crazy?

The Case Curtis carries a book of matches in his pocket. Every night, he walks into a room full of people, takes out the book of matches and amazes every person in the crowd. Curtis hears gasps, sighs and then applause, but he cant speak while the audience is reacting. The Mystery What is Curtiss profession? The Clues Its likely that no one else in the crowd can do what Curtis can. Curtiss mouth is full while he works. Curtis is an entertainer and his act is hot stuff. Curtis is carefully trained in pyrotechnics. The Answer Curtis is a fire eater. Harsh Judgment

The Case Michelle slowly slides her fingers against the silver blades in her hand to check their sharpness. Next, she looks in the mirror and prepares to be judged by a group of people from around the world. Michelle will not enter a courtroom, yet the groups judgment may affect both her and her country. The Mystery What is Michelle doing? The Clues Michelle does not walk or talk in front of the group. She is surrounded by ice, yet Michelle wears very little. This is Michelles golden opportunity. Music plays while Michelle is in from of the group. Answer Michelle is a figure skater competing for a gold medal. The Reckless Driver

The Case Thirteen-year-old David drives a car for several hours before tiring. He sees several police officers and often exceeds 100 miles per hour. David never pays for gas and ignores most traffic signs, yet he is not pulled over and he doesnt get a ticket. The Mystery What is David doing? The Clues David and his brother take turns driving. David crashes the car several times. The car runs on electricity. David finally stops the car when his thumbs get tired. Answer David is playing a video game.

Ben There, Done That The Case Ben has a high profile and easy-to-recognize face. People all over town look up to him. Guards protect his home 24 hours a day while Ben entertains visitors, poses for pictures and provides a valuable service without any worries at all. The Mystery Where does Ben live and what service does he provide? The Clues Ben depends on his hands and face Ben is English. Ben is not a person. People expect Ben to always be on time. The Answer (Big) Ben tells time in London

The Confounding Corpse The Case A mans body is found in California, 1,000 feet below sea level. Hes dead, but drowning is not the cause of death. The spot where the man lost his life is well known as a killer place to be. The Mystery Where and how did the man die? The Clues The man was not near the ocean when he died. Water would have saved the mans life. The man died in the desert. The man died in a valley named for its deadly heat. Answer The man died from the heat in Death Valley.

Wheres Wyatt? The Case Wyatt rides his bike out of a big city. As he travels he sees water on either side of him and two reddish-orange towers above him. After about 15 minutes Wyatt stops, turns around and admires a tall pyramid. The Mystery Where has Wyatt stopped? The Clues It is foggy, but Wyatt can see an old prison on an island in the distance. On the right side of Wyatt is a bay; on his left is the Pacific Ocean. Wyatt rode past a tollbooth. Wyatt is in San Francisco. Answer

Wyatt has stopped on the Golden Gate Bridge. The Frightened Captive The Case A boy who is all alone is taken to a seat by a woman in uniform. She is a stranger to him, but she straps him to the seat. He cries but is told to be quiet and sit still. Hours later, the boy is freed and is told he may leave. He doubts that he will ever see the woman again. The Mystery Where is the boy and who is the woman? The Clues The woman is just doing her job. The boys parents are waiting outside for him when he leaves. While they are together, the woman feeds the boy and gives him headphones.

When the boy leaves the woman in uniform, he is in a different city than the one he met her in. The Answer The boy is on an airplane. The woman is a flight attendant. Julios Home The Case Julio is an American citizen born in 1998. He has never been out of the country, but he has also never entered a single US state. He could easily take a bus to two of them but he just hasnt gotten around to it yet. The Mystery Where does Julio live? The Clues Julio lives on the North American continent.

Julio lives in a capital city. Julio lives near the Smithsonian Institution and Capital Hill. The two states near his house are Virginia and Maryland. Answer Julio lives in Washington, D.C. Leadfoot Lydia The Case Hughes Bank has just been robbed! Two miles from the bank, Lydia is racing down the highway. She has not committed a crime, but three police cars are hot on her trail. Lydia does not pull over and continues to speed through traffic with the police following her every move. The Mystery Where is Lydia heading and what is her profession? The Clues

Lydia will continue at top speed until she reaches her destination. Lydia is not breaking the law and knows the names of all the police officers following her. Lydia carries a revolver and a club, and she wont hesitate to use them. Lydia wears a badge. Answer Lydia is a police officer heading toward Hughes Bank. Wheres Claire? The Case Claire watches a group of men standing below her. She sees one of the men get caught trying to steal, while another just stands by and does nothing. Suddenly, the people around her stand up, stretch their legs and begin to sing. Claire quickly joins in. The Mystery

Where is Claire and what does the crowd sing? The Clues Claire has been sitting in the same place for two hours. Claires brother and dad are sitting next to her and are both wearing the same hats. Claire ate a hot dog and a box of Cracker Jack an hour earlier. The song includes the words, Root, root, root for the home team. The Answer Claire is at a baseball game. The crowd sings Take Me Out to the Ball Game. The International Man of Mystery The Case A man who is known by many different names has an international

reputation, but he never has been seen. Occasionally, he dashes out under the cover of night. His home is very remote and nearly impossible to reach. The Mystery Where is the mans home and what is he called in the US? The Clues The man is old, but age doesnt slow him down. The man usually wears a suit. The man has never been on a plane, but he has flown all over the world. The man employs little helpers to carry out his business. Answer The man lives at the North Pole and he is called Santa Claus. Not a Typical Trip

The Case A group of four comes together to follow a road to a person they believe will cure all of their problems. The groups leader brings along a trusted companion. The group runs into alien animals and develops terrible allergies before they finally reach their destination. The Mystery Where does the road end and what is the name of the leaders companion? The Clues You wont find the city on any map. Their destination is a real gem of a city. The companion sometimes walks and is sometimes carried in a basket. The companion has four legs. The road is made of yellow bricks. Answer The road ends at the Emerald City and the companions name is Toto. Does Anyone Love Lucy?

The Case Lucy is suffering from a dangerous disease. Her family decides that she should undergo an operation, but Lucy is not told about it. The operation will be performed by someone who has never operated on a human being before. The Mystery Why isnt Lucy told about her operation, and who operates on her? The Clues Lucy was adopted and loves her family very much. Lucy has a license, but its not a drivers license. The Person who operates on Lucy has a medical degree but is not a medical doctor. Lucy is the familys best friend. The Answer Lucy is a dog. A veterinary surgeon operates on her. Poison Ivy? The Case Ivy learns that an overweight man needs surgery. She is not a doctor, but she agrees to perform the procedure. She carefully removes the body parts from her patient, including several major organs. He does not die and Ivy does not get in trouble. The Mystery

Why is Ivy allowed to do this? The Clues Ivy does the surgery free of charge. Ivy has a very steady hand and uses only tweezers. If Ivy makes a mistake, she will hear a buzz. The patient is a man named Sam. Answer Ivy is playing the game Operation. The Incredible Escape The Case Jake is being chased by a buffalo stampede when he comes to a wide, deep river. To escape, he must cross the river, but there is no bridge and he has no boat. He cannot even swim. He easily gets away and although the river is full, he doesnt even get wet.

The Mystery Why is Jake able to cross the river and why dont the buffalo follow? The Clues Jake uses no equipment or tools to cross the river. The buffalo are excellent swimmers. The buffalo weigh over 1,000 pounds each, but Jake weighs only 100 pounds. It is winter time Answer Jake can cross the river because it is frozen; the buffalo are too heavy to follow. Gone Without a Trace The Case Sue is a talented sculptor. She crafts beautiful pieces that weigh

hundreds of pounds and carefully delivers them to her clients. Within 24 hours of delivery, every sculpture disappears. Sue does not seem upset by these disappearances. The Mystery Why isnt Sue upset an what happens to the sculptures? The Clues The sculptures havent been stolen. Sue must work quickly. The sculptures may be heat or light sensitive. The sculptures are clear and cold. Answer Sue is an ice sculptor; her sculptures melt. The Uncaged Creature The Case

A man captures a wild animal and brings it back to civilization. Whe left alone, the animal often gets into trouble and the man must set things right. Luckily, when the animal looks for the man, his special clothing makes him easy to spot. The Mystery What special clothing does the man wear and what is the animals name? The Clues The animals first name is an adjective that also means inquisitive. The man always wears a hat. You can read about the animal in books. The animal likes to monkey around. Answer The man always wears a big yellow hat; the animal is Curious George. The Greedy Ones

The Case At night in a quiet neighborhood, mobs of people move through the streets, using threats to get stuff from the people who live there. Although they continue their behavior for several hours, no one reports them to the authorities or even complains. The Mystery Why are these people moving through the streets and what threat do they make? The Clues Many of the people are frightening to look at. The residents knew ahead of time that this would happen. The people are not doing anything illegal. This is an annual event that takes place every October. The Answer The people are children in Halloween costumes who want candy when they say, Trick or treat!. In the Dark

The Case Vito leads a group of people into a dark room thats filled with a very strong smell. The people are supposed to be silent the entire time they are in the room. If they speak too often or too loudly, Vito scolds them. The Mystery Where are the people and what is Vitos job?? The Clues The people often laugh or cry. The smell is fresh and buttery! The people have paid to sit in the room. The people will leave the room after about two hours. Answer The people are in a movie theater and Vito is a theater usher. A Fight to the Death The Case A group of desperate men takes refuge in a nearby church. The enemy approaches and the men are vastly outnumbered. A standoff ensues that lasts for nearly two weeks. The Mystery Where in the United States can this church be found and

what is its name? The Clues Its a well-preserved historic site. It figured in the battle for one states independence. The enemy spoke Spanish. It can be found in the Lone Star State. Answer It is the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. A Boy Wonder The Case A widow gives birth to a son with ba slight deformity. Many in her community cruelly taunt and torment her son. When the widow tries to defend him, she is imprisoned. However, as the son gets older, he discovers his deformity has given him an unusual ability that leads to fame and fortune.

The Mystery What is the sons deformity and what special ability does he have? The Clues The son does not discover his unusual ability until he drinks something. A magic feather gives the son confidence in himself. The widows husband was named Jumbo. Mother and son are both Disney characters. The Answer The son is Dumbo, an elephant born with enormous ears. The ears give him the ability to fly. In the Dark The Case Parents willingly take their children to visit an eccentric middle-aged man in his extravagant residence. They do not know the middle

aged man and are very anxious about entering his home. Once inside, they must save their children from near disaster as a result of spending time with this man. Still, he is never charged with a single crime. The Mystery Who is the man and where does he live? The Clues The children are all contest winners. The man offers the parents and their kids a sweet deal. Roald Dahl wrote a book about this man. The man loves chocolate. Answer The man is Willy Wonka. He lives in a chocolate factory. Terrible Tea

The Case George attends a party, where he quickly gulps down a large glass of iced tea before having to leave unexpectedly. He suffers no ill effects, but other people at the party who drink the tea are poisoned and get very sick. The Mystery Why did the other people become ill and why didnt George. The Clues All the iced teas were exactly the same, and everyone drank an equal amount. The tea looked completely normal. The tea itself wasnt poisoned. The poison was frozen. Answer The ice in the drinks was poisoned; George drank his iced tea before the ice melted. The Untouched Ice Cream

The Case An ice cream stand offers free giant sundaes at sunset during the summer. At the end of the summer, the owner reviews his records and finds that, even though he had many customers, not one sundae was given away. He is not surprised. The Mystery Why doesnt the owner ever have to give away any sundaes? The Clues The customers laughed when they read the offer. In 20 years of business, the owner has never given away a sundae. And he never will. The ice cream stand only makes this offer during the summer. The ice cream stand is in Alaska. Answer The owner never has to give away any sundaes because the sun never sets in Alaska during the summer months. Peters Peculiar Pictures

The Case In addition to pictures of his wife and children, Peter carries pictures of dead people with him at all times. Peter admires the people, but they are not members of his family. Even though some of the pictures are very valuable, Peter often gives the pictures away. The Mystery Why does Peter carry the pictures and why does he give them away? The Clues The fewer pictures Peter gives away the better he feels. The pictures are wallet sized. Peter trades the pictures for things that he wants. Peters favorite picture is a green portrait of Benjamin Franklin. Answer Peter carries the pictures because they are money, which he exchanges for things he buys. The Scary Monster

The Case Thousands of people stand in the middle of a street and look up into the sky at an enormous wild creature. The yellow creature hovers over the crowd and dives toward a group of schoolchildren. A group of men struggles to contain the creature with nets and ropes, hoping desperately to keep it from attacking the crowd. The Mystery What is the creatures name and where can it be found? The Clues There are other strange creatures flying in the same area. The crowd has gathered for a national holiday. The creature is big and feathery and lives on a famous street. Everyone thinks the creature is full of hot air. Answer The creature is Big Bird as a balloon float. It can be found at Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The Doctor of Doom?

The Case Dr. Cooper goes into surgery and immediately passes out. The operation is finished by the time he comes to. After a few days, he operates on a sick child. Even though the hospital knows that the child will die if Dr. Cooper passes out again, he is allowed to operate unsupervised. The Mystery Why did Dr. Cooper pass out and why is he trusted to perform the operation on the child? The Clues Dr. Coopers operation on the sick child was a success. It did not surprise anyone that Dr. Cooper passed out. Dr. Cooper was not operating when he passed out. Dr. Cooper was lying down when he passed out. Answer Dr. Cooper passed out because he was given anesthesia. He can

operate now that he is recovered from his surgery. The Peculiar Purse Snatching The Case Emily is sitting in a chair reading a book when a man bursts into her room and snatches her purse from right in front of her. He carries no weapon, but Emily does not stop him. She reports the crime to the police, giving a description of her purse but no details about the man. The Mystery Why didnt Emily stop the man? The Clues Emily did not know the man, but she knew he was breaking into her home.

Emily speaks only English, but her book was written in another language. Emilys hands were busy at the time of the break-in. Emily did not see the man. Answer Emily is blind and was reading a book in Braille. A Case of Pace The Case An elderly woman goes for a nice long walk. Two young men in great shape are right behind her, sprinting toward her. No matter how fast they run, they do not catch up with the woman. The Mystery Why cant the men catch up up with the woman? The Clues The men are running as fast as they can. The men always stay seven feet behind the woman. All three people paid money to be where they are. All three people are indoors. Answer All three people are on treadmills in a gym. Foolish Jules

The Case Jules is the guest of honor at a party where he downs seven drinks in three hours. Despite warnings from his friends, he runs outside, hops into a bright red sports car parked in the driveway and drives away. Minutes later, he crashes into a tree and totals the car. The police test Juless blood and find no alcohol. The Mystery Why were the test results negative and why did Jules have the accident? The Clues The test results were accurate, but Jules did break the law. Jules drink of choice is bubbly and probably gave him a sugar high. The accident was on October 4, 2003. Jules was born on October 4, 1988. Jules did not drink alcohol at the party Answer Jules was drinking soda, but he was only 15 years old and didnt know how to drive. A Matter of Degrees

The Case A man from Chicago puts on shorts and a tank top, then goes outside in the middle of winter. The wind is blowing and its 30 degrees outside, but the man is happy that hes not bundled up for winter like the rest of the people in Chicago. The Mystery How can the man tolerate the weather and what is he doing? The Clues The man is completely comfortable. The man is far from work and home. Everyone else around the man is dressed as he is. The man is on vacation. Answer The man took a trip to a place where the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.

A Father Alone The Case A father lovingly cares for his baby after its mother has left them. He gives up his own comfort for many months while he protects the child from danger. Finally, the mother comes back and the father immediately goes off to sea, leaving his little one behind. The Mystery Who is this father? The Clues Without the father, the child would die almost instantly. The father knows the mother is coming back. The father lives with many other fathers in Antarctica. The father wears only a tuxedo but he is not human. Answer The father is a penguin. Thanks, But No Thanks

The Case A man enters a contest and is notified by mail that he has won third prize: a new refrigerator. The man has a home, but does not have a fridge. Even though there are no hidden costs and he needs to keep his familys food cold, he turns down the prize. The Mystery Where in the US does the man live and what is his home called? The Clues The man is a fisherman who built his house by himself. The mans home is white. The man lives in the largest US state. The man usually uses snow to keep his food cold. Answer The man lives in Alaska in an igloo. The Frequent Flier

The Case Zoe travels all over the world for free without ever buying a plane ticket or paying for a hotel. She travels quickly some cases she visits three different continents in a single week. She works in every country she visits, but only gets paid in one. The Mystery What is Zoes occupation and what thype of company does she work for? The Clues The company Zoe works for requires its employees to wear uniforms. Zoe has taken off in her career. Zoe doesnt stay long in any one place. Zoe has wings pinned on her uniform/ Answer Zoe is a pilot who works for an airline. The Weird Career

The Case Sara must be very careful coming and going from her workplace each day, because it can be very dangerous. Once at work, she sits all alone in the same spot and stares out the window. She does not change her position much during the day but change is a big part of her job. The Mystery What is Saras job? The Clues The view from Saras window changes all the time. People give her money all day, but she cannot spend it. People roll down their windows to talk to Sara. She works at a bridge, but she might want to transfer to a turnpike someday. Answer Sara is a toll collector. The Trip to Nowhere

The Case On a three-day weekend in May. Moss hops into his car in Indiana and begins to drive. He drives for hours in one direction, going hundreds of miles. When Moss stops the car and gets out, hes still in Indiana. In fact, hes in the same place that he started. The Mystery Where is Moss? The Clues Moss drove in this state last year at the same time. Moss is doing his job. Moss is in Indianas capital city. Moss often drives more than 100 miles per hour without getting a speeding ticket. Answer Moss is driving in the Indianapolis 500 race. Miserable Isabel

The Case Every morning before sunrise, Isabel leaves her apartment and goes and sits in a small room, she listens to music and talks out loud for four hours. Isabel is alone the whole time, but she is not considered crazy, and she even gets paid for this strange behavior. The Mystery Where does Isabel go every night and why is she there? The Clues The room is occupied 24 hours a day. Isabel is wearing headphones and the room is sound proof. Isabel isnt talking to herself. If the people listening to Isabel want to talk to her, they have to call in. Answer Isabel is a disc jockey (deejay) and she is in the room to host her late-night radio show.

Lucky Chuck The Case Chuck spends his time going door to door, performing icky tasks all day. He likes helping people and doesnt mind when he has to go to the hospital. Some people treat him badly, but others are nice. Whatever their mood, they call on him when the going gets tough. The Mystery Where does Chuck work and how does he earn a living? The Clues Chuck really knows people inside and out. Emergencies happen every day where Chuck works. Most of the people Chuck helps are lying down. A stethoscope hangs around his neck, but Chuck is not a doctor. Answer

Chuck works at a hospital as a nurse. The Body Double The Case On her 16th birthday, Taylor goes to the DMV to get drivers license. The clerk tells Taylor that earlier that same day another girl with the same birth date, last name and address also got a drivers license. The clerk asks Taylor if she is a twin and she truthfully answers that she is not. The Mystery Who was the girl and how did is she related to Taylor? The Clues Taylor knows the girl very well. Taylor and her sister celebrate all their birthdays together. When Taylor was born, her family was in the news.

Taylors mother knitted three baby blankets during her pregnancy. Answer The other girl is Taylors sister but they are triplets, not twins. One Crazy Creature The Case A creature has been living in the same waters for decades. It has attacked several tourists and has frightened many locals. Although it always attacks at the exact same place, millions of people visit that very place year after year. The Mystery WHERE is the creature always spotted and WHAT kind of creature is it? The Clues The creature attacks at regular intervals on a daily basis. People scream, but also laugh, when the creature attacks.

People sometime choose to be attacked again. A computer controls the creatures attacks. The creature has been replaced several times to make it more realistic Answer The creature is the fake "Jaws Shark" at Hollywood's Universal Studios. Bush Garden The Case It's the first day of spring and a group of photographers gather in a garden full of colorful blooms. Despite the beautiful flowers surrounding them, the photographers focus on four bushes strategically placed on the lawn. and are of various sizes and ages. The Mystery What garden are the photographers in and why are they interested

in these particular bushes? The Clues The bushes are not in bloom. They have no visible roots. They are of various sizes and ages. These Bushes are not plants. Answer The photographers are in the White House Rose Garden to take pictures of George W. Bush and family. Finally Falling for Him The Case A man stretches as far as he can to save a woman from falling 50 feet below, but misses. Without a scratch on her body, the woman stands up and walks away smiling. The Mystery Who is the woman and why does she survive the fall unscathed? The Clues This is not the first time it has happened to the woman. Its all in a days work for the couple. They each wear decorative costumes.

They work for the circus. Answer The woman is a trapeze artist who misses her catch. She survives the fall because she lands in the safety net. The Puzzling Patriot The Case An American patriot traveled on a small horse to a faraway village.

When he arrived, he placed part of a bird into his clothing. He then did something very strange, announcing to everyone that he had some Italian pasta with him. The Mystery Who is the patriot, and what is the Italian pasta? The Clues The first part of the patriots name tells you hes from the North. His small horse was a pony. Most people learn about the patriot in a song. He put a feather in his cap. Answer The patriot is Yankee Doodle Dandy and the pasta is macaroni.

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    Lead author (institution & group), journal/conference Problem addressed, or issue investigated Solution, or main finding Descriptive Title Descriptive Title Descriptive Title Comment Title Lead author (institution & group), journal/conference Your Name * 1.
  • Imperialism WebQuest - Quia

    Imperialism WebQuest - Quia

    Imperialism WebQuest World History Objective Students will learn about the 'New Imperialism' carried out by European powers in the 1800's and 1900's and discover how it impacted the people of Africa by investigating various readings, maps, graphs, and charts.
  • Communication Aided Protection Schemes

    Communication Aided Protection Schemes

    Pilot Relaying Philosophy. Principle of Differential Relaying is applied for instantaneous tripping for in zone faults. Four wires, normally termed as Pilot Wires, run in between substations to compare current between terminals (Typical F/C 15ms - 25ms)
  • Wholesale Market Operations Update

    Wholesale Market Operations Update

    ERCOT Public February 2012 Pivotal Player Index (PPI) DME with biggest market share is identified based on non-base-load resource capacities Base-load resource capacities include Full capacity of nuclear units Min-gen capacity of coal and lignite units PPI is the sum...
  • Agenda - SWTHA

    Agenda - SWTHA

    Who Is Fannie Mae and What Do We Do? Fannie Mae's mission is to expand homeownership. We have a special focus on helping underserved Americans overcome the unique barriers they face.Fannie Mae provides private capital to all communities, at all...
  • PDF Questions Submitted by our customers: Gus Lluberes

    PDF Questions Submitted by our customers: Gus Lluberes

    This data is the first piece of information the search engine finds. Since PDF files are TEXT (unless scanned and not captured as text), search engines will do a full text search on the documents. Search Results Search Criteria A:...