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MICROENCAPSULATION SHUBHRAJIT MANTRY Asst.Prof . kottam institute of pharmacy, A.P INTRODUCTION Microencapsulation is a process by which very tiny droplets or particles of liquid or solid material are surrounded or coated with a continuous film of

polymeric material. The product obtained by this process is called as micro particles, microcapsules. Particles having diameter between 3 - 800m are known as micro particles or microcapsules or microspheres. CLASSIFICATION OF MICROPARTICLE Generally Micro particles consist of two components a) Core material b) Coat or wall or shell material.

1.Microcapsules: The active agent forms a core surrounded by an inert diffusion barrier. 2.Microspheres: The active agent is dispersed or dissolved in an inert polymer. ADVANTAGES: To Increase of bioavailability To alter the drug release To improve the patients compliance To produce a targeted drug delivery To reduce the reactivity of the core in relation to the outside environment To decrease evaporation rate of the core material. To convert liquid to solid form & To mask the core taste.

FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATION: Microencapsulation Core material Solid Liquid Coating material

Polymers Waxes Resins Proteins Polysaccharides Vehicle Aqueous

Nonaqueous APPLICATION OF MICROENCAPSULATION TECHNIQUES: Microencapsulation : Applications Chemistry Printing & recording Carbonless paper, Adhesives Pigments and Fillers Catalysts

Food & feed Aromas, Probiotics Unsaturated oil, Enzyme food processing amino acid for cows Biotechnology & environment Continuous reactor, Shear protection, Reactor oxygenation

Medicine & Pharmacy & vetinary Control release, Taste masking Vectorisation Artificial organs single dose treatment Agriculture Fungicide herbicide, Insect repellent, Biopesticide Pigments and fillers Artificial insemination

Consumer & diversified Cosmetics, detergents (enzymes), sanitary (active, aromas) MICROENCAPSULATION TECHNIQUES: MICROENCAPSULATION TECHNIQUES: 1. Air suspension techniques( Wurster) 2. Coacervation process 3. Spray drying & congealing

4. Pan coating 5. Solvent evaporation 6. Polymerization 7. Extrusion 8. Single & double emulsion techniques 9. Supercritical fluid anti solvent method (SAS) 10. Nozzle vibration technology Air Suspension Techniques( Wurster) Microencapsulation by air suspension technique consist of the dispersing of solid, particulate core materials in a

supporting air stream and the spray coating on the air suspended particles. Within the coating chamber, particles are suspended on an upward moving air stream. The design of the chamber and its operating parameters effect a recalculating flow of the particles through the coating zone portion of the chamber, where a coating material, usually a polymer solution, is spray applied to the moving particles. Interesting, right? This is just a sneak preview of the full presentation. We hope you like it!

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