40 Years Celebration

40 Years Celebration

40 YEARS CELEBRATION Friday 3rd November 2000 1960's Cumbernauld New Town Farmhouse 1960's

Y-OPENS Cumbernauld YMCA-YWCA first Community Centre in the Town. 1960'S Staffing 1960's Jean Briton. First

General Secretary in 1960. GENERAL SECRETARY Activities 1960's WOMENS GROU Easter Bonnet s

Fund-Raising 1960's Activities 1960's Early DRAMA drama group members.

Activities 1960's SENIOR CITIZE Activities NURSERY 1960's Farmhouse 1960's The extension

hall, finished and opened: 1965 Farmhouse 1960's 1965 Queen visits Activities 1960's

YOUTH CLUB 1970'S Staffing 1970's Eddie Alexander GENERAL SECRETARY Activities

1970's Outdoors Staffing 1970's Cumbernauld News announces Stewarts arrival.

Youth Club Members Activities 1970's YOUTH CLUBS Tommy Barrett and Maureen Thomson representing the Y, at Holyrood

YOUTH WORK 1970's DISCO'S Disco Dine Activities 1970's LUNCH CLUBS

Youth Club Members YOUTH CLUBS Activities 1970's Sports 1970's TABLE TENNIS

Sports 1970's FOOTBALL Ys Football Team Kildrum BASKETBALL Sports 1970's

NETBALL VOLLEYBALL ATHLETICS Activities 1970's Gender role Parenting Skills bigotry New Developme 1970's

Demand for childcare increases Childcare Staffing 1970's Eleanor joins Y Team - October 1975

Activities 1970's MOTHER & TODDL PLAYGROUP Childcare 1970's every morning & afternoon 5 days a week 144 playgroup places

40 toddler places Activities 1970's WOMEN'S GROUP Fund-Raising 1970's Jumble Sale Y

TEAM win bed-race trophy 4 GALA DAY Training 1970's JOB CREATION Provides equipment for every

playgroup in the town YOUTH WORK Inter-pop quiz 1978 YOUTH CLUB 1970's Weekend Discos,

YOUTH WORK regularly attended by 1970's 80-100 local youths, each week. DISCO'S YOUTH WORK Discos held at Westfield Community Room / St

Maurices High School DISCO'S 1970's YOUTH WORK 1970's 1000 different young people were involved in these activities

1980's E M E H C S Y Training T I N U T



SEEK E RS Training 1980's Awarde d 1987. Approved Training Organisation Community Programme Training 1980's

YOUTH WORK 1980's YOUTH CLUBS n i a r b r a C

h t Nor Outreach 1980's The Villa ge Ab Co l l

i h ron t a r r ndo West fie Kilsyth ld

Activities 1980's WOMENS GROUP Organise wide range of activities fancy dress discos, self defence, assertiveness training and much YOUTH WORK 1980's HEALTH &


1980's PLAYSCHEMES Playschemes 1980's 2500 young people benefit Kildrum, Village, Seafar, Westfield, Condorrat and Eastfield.

W NE ? RAT ST Y EG 1980's s t n a

r G d e c u d e R Fewe r c i h

p a r g o Dem Volun t s e g n Cha

eers Accommodat 1987 The doors open at Kildrum House KILDRUM HOUSE 1980's

Emergency High Support Move On Mother & Baby KILDRUM HOUSE Accommodat 1980's 2,500

assisted 1000 accommodate d New developments ChildCare required 1980's 1980's Influence of the Y

Peace of Mind for Parents Project opens 1989. P.O.M.P. ChildCare 1980's 1990's ChildCare 1990's

POMP P.O.M.P. logo designe d by children ChildCare 1990's POMP expands to:

Abronhill, Croy, Kilsyth, Moodiesburn, Condorrat, Chryston, Lenzie and Seafar P.O.M.P. l a i c e p S s

d e Ne 300 Chi ldre n s l o o h 38 sc

e t i p s e R s p m a Day C y a d

a n e r d l i 70 ch Job Search/Tr 1990's FOYER

PROJECT First Foyer Project in Scotland. Opens on 3rd November 1995. First Foyer Flats come on-line, as Y purchase three properties. FOYER

FLATS Accommodat 1990's Raleigh International FOYER PROJECT Opportunitie 1990's

Quality Assu BS5750 Scottish Quality Management Standard 1990's Staff Training & Development Conference Opportunities Professionalism

Pomp Staff receive their SVQ in playwork Training 1990's COSCA Counsellin g Skills Certificate Housing

Training 1990's Staff - gain HNC in Social Care Quality Assu 1990's Recognised Quality Training Internationa European

CONFERENCES Conferenc e - Social Inclusion Dominic from Bangladesh EXCHANGES Internationa

Giani from Internationa 1990's David and Alison visit from the USA

EXCHANGES Eleanor Internationa Campbe ll. USA1989 Jacqui EXCHANGES 1990's

Mitchell Bangladesh exchange Inter-Agency Partnership r a P e r a c d

l i Ch e b Cum d l u rna s p

i h s r e tn Inter-Agency Guidance Nehtiw p ork s r

e n t r a P g n i s Ho u L an a rkshi

Com muni ty Le arnin g re Co nsort ium Technolog 1990's WEB PAGE E-MAIL

ON LINE BAN One of the first YMCAs In Scotland on-line: 1997 Technolog 1990's WEB PAGE E-MAIL ON LINE BAN Web

Site - around 800 hits per week Web Messages From: Tommy Barrett in Australia Member and leader in 1970s Hi, Stewart It took you long enough to

update the web site, it looks great. I have been checking the site for months looking for news on the good old Y at Cumbernauld. I notice by the picture that the building has not changed much. It is very late here in Australia so I will send you another e-mail in a few days with a few questions about how you are Web Messages From: Jeanette Bennett in Australia Youth Club member and first netball leader

Hi, Stewart Came across your web page, great to see the netball is still doing well. Wish you all well. Thank you letter Contact from residen ts

Thank you letter Junior Clubs Table Tennis Drama Young Wives Group p u o r G s

' n e M 1960's s n e z i t i C r

o i n Se s e v i r D e l t e

e B Nearly New Shop s c i t s a n m y G

Nursery Courtya rd Cafe Youth Disco's Tri s g n i t ps/Ou

Ski-ing Youth Clubs Table Tennis Volleyball 1970'S l l a b t

o Fo s e i t i n u t r o p p

O z i Nursery u Q Pop s p u o r g y

a l P & r e l d d o T T / r r

a ining Pro e h t o M gramm Youth Disco's Trips/ Table Tennis Supported Accommodation

s Volleyball g n i t u O Ski-ing Youth Clubs 1980's

l l a b t o Fo s e i t i n u

t r o p p O . P . M . O . Nursery

P s p u o r g y a l P & r e T

l r d a d i n o i T ng Prog / r e h

t o ramm M g n i l l e s Coun s g

n i t u O / s p i r T Ski-ing Outreach Acc ommodat

Supported Accommodatio 1990's Foyer Projec t s e i t i P n u M Opport O

P e r E-Mail a c d l i h C Technology Training P rogramm s b

u l C l o o h c s After Internet - Web Page The 'Y' will return in 10 years for the 50th!!


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