5 Student Responses to Images

5 Student Responses to Images

TEACHING WITH IMAGES IN THE BEGINNING ... WHAT ARE IMAGES? They are not visual representations like graphs, diagrams, maps, organograms But symbols - that point beyond

themselves into deep emotions Visual Representation Verbal Text

Visual Image Celtic Cross Numinous geometry

Dependency theory A relationship of inequality & exploitation between First World & Third World countries Based on trading cheap raw materials for expensive

manufactured goods It results in distorted TW economies DEPENDENCY THEORY FIRST WORLD

THIRD WORLD Manufactured goods Primary production Manufacturing Raw materials

UNEQUAL EXCHANGE The Mythical Kraken (1801) origins in Greek and Norse mythology Visual

Representation Verbal Text Visual Image

The Debate in 16th C Catholicism Religion as an experience of the senses ritual, incense, music, stained glass windows, sculptures (with corruption) Religion as a precise & rational understanding of the written Word

hence iconoclasm Image vs Text St Peters cathedral Rome: an intention to overwhelm

Sumptuous Greek Orthodox worship St Francis In Prayer By Caravaggio 1603 Meditation on

mortality The Ecstacy of St Teresa Bernini Eusibius, Bishop of Caesarea 400 BCE

The evidence of our eyes makes instruction through the ears unnecessary. ICONOCLASM IN THE CHURCH ... the image is valued because of its power to move, to focus the

senses and the mind, and to offer a mnemonic aid that gathers the worshippers strongest and most fundamental ideas, emotions, and memories in an enriched present Margaret Miles (1985)

Martin Luthers printed Bible translated into everyday German The Academic Parallel

Word = precise, linear , scientific logic elaborating causal theory, objective & impartial i.e. cleansed of emotion Hence image is fuzzy, subjective, emotional, lacking in rigour Image = prior to, & foundational of, theory; this is what theory is actually reaching to

5 STUDENT RESPONSES TO IMAGES Clarificatory1 : helps to understand, to visualize vs verbosity Clarificatory2 : makes things concrete, relates to real life situations vs abstract theory

Mnemonic: jogs the memory, helps to find material, helps to remember First emotions: clever, exciting stimulating Intense emotions: evocative, haunting heartbreaking Starving child Sudan 1993: the power of the symbol

That picture touched my heart and made me determined to help these unfortunate human beings. That picture really made me cry but most importantly it made me see the reality of what is happening out there.

In the beginning ... Genesis 1.1 In the beginning ... the earth was without form and void, and darkness

was upon the face of the deep. St John 1.1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God. THREE RELIGIOUS STEPS IN SOCIAL SCIENCE 1. Establishment of a moral universe 2. Re-integrating the Other

3. Submission to an alternative reality A MORAL UNIVERSE Constructing judgment of what is good and bad Implications for action and justice

A Heroic stance in the world An Eye for an Eye ... RE-INTEGRATING THE OTHER Othering is projecting your own dislikes, fears on to Others Reintegrating Others is to see that those

ugly, terrifying, disgusting attributes are part of yourself Social science shows how ordinary people can become ugly Forgive us our trespasses ... SUBMISSION TO AN ALTERNATIVE

REALITY Levi-Strauss: Myths speak themselves through men without their knowing it. (Les mythes se parlent par les hommes et leur insu.) Thy Will be Done ...

Stained glass St Peters Part of a sensual experience Perseus rescues

Andromeda from the sea monster Freudian Personality Structure Conscious Repression Superego

Ego Culture/Father Conscience Reality

Interpretation Unconscious Id Fantasy

Beauty Dreams Telepathy Slips of the tongue Myths Fairy Tales

Darth Vader castrating father/superego

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