5 Themes of Geography

5 Themes of Geography

THE FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY THE FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY Location Place Human-Environment Interaction Movement Regions LOCATION

Locations can be described as absolute or relative Absolute Relative Location Location A latitude and longitude (global location) or a street address (local location).

Paris France is 48o North Latitude and 2o East Longitude. The White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Described by landmarks, time, direction or distance. From one place to another. Go 1 mile west on

main street and turn left about 5 minutes after you pass the Big Chicken. Location Absolute Location Location Relative PLACE

Places have both human and physical characteristics Human Characteristi cs Things that humans made Buildings, roads, clothing, food, etc. Culture, languages, customs, and beliefs. Physical

Characteristi cs Things that are naturally made Landforms, mountains, rivers, climate, vegetation, wildlife, soil, etc. Place What physical and human characteristics do you see in the pictures below?

HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION How do humans and the environment affect each other? There are 3 key ways: We depend on it. Example: People depend on the Tennessee River for water and transportation. We modify it. Example: People modify our environment by heating and cooling buildings for comfort.

We adapt to it. Example: We adapt to the environment by wearing clothing suitable for summer (shorts) and winter (coats), rain and shine. Human-Environment Interaction Decide whether the people in the pictures below are depending, adapting, or modifying the environment:

MOVEMENT There are 3 things that move in geography. How are people, goods, and ideas moved from place to place? - People Cars, Trucks, Trains, Planes, Boats Goods (Resources) Cars, Trucks, Trains, Planes, Boats, People Ideas (Fashions, Cultures, Religions, etc.) TV, Radio, Magazines, Phone, Computers (Internet, Email, etc.)

Movement What is being moved in the pictures below? REGIONS A region is an area that displays a coherent unity. There are 3 basic types of regions: Formal Regions Regions defined by governmental or administrative boundaries (States, Countries, Cities) Regions defined by similar characteristics (Corn Belt, Rocky Mountain region, Chinatown).

Functional Regions Regions defined by a function. There regions have a specific purpose (newspaper service area, cell phone coverage area). Perceptual Regions Regions defined by peoples perception (middle east, the south, etc.) Regions Formal Region

Functional Region Perceptual Region Remembering the 5 themes If you cant remembering what they are just ask MR. HELP!!! M Movement R Regions HE Human Environment interaction L Location

P - Place

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