Starting a 1-1 Program Charlottesville City Align to Division Goals Focused on Instruction Strategic Plan Textbook Adoption o How could we provide eResources? Include ALL Stakeholders

Leadership Team Parent & Community Forums Dialogues with Staff Steering Committee o o

Representatives from Instruction, Technology, Building Administration, and Teachers Parent University Devices Selected Student Device: Teacher Device: o

o Fujitsu Q550 slate tablet with stylus iPads for Teachers Citrix Interface Professional Development 3-day BLAST summer academies o Overarching Questions What might teaching and learning look like in a blended environment? How does technology impact learning,

especially for students? What aspects of a blended learning environment enhance, enrich, extend, and transform the learning process? Professional Development BLAST Academy (3-day summer institute) BLAST PD sessions continued throughout the school year. o o

o o o o iPad Training and Deployment Moodle training (multiple levels) Leveraging Existing Technologies Cool Tools Mobile Teaching Digital Citizenship o Teachers attended at least one BLAST session at SAMR Model of Integration "SAMR, a model designed to help educators integrate technology into teaching and learning, was

developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, Ph.D.. The model aims to enable teachers to design, develop, and integrate digital learning experiences that utilize technology to transform learning experiences to lead to high levels of achievement for students." Parents Training: Numerous training opportunities 45 minute group

presentation o o Principal of school Central administration Digital Citizenship Care and Responsibility Accountability o

Signed AUP and Agreement Student Training Sessions: Topics covered: Digital Citizenship Care & Expectations File management

Internet Explorer/ Chrome Google Apps Moodle Delivery Models: Charlottesville High o Two-hour delay schedule. Buford Middle o 2 days on a one-hour delay. Walker Upper Elementary o Training topics were split

into each subject area. Example: Math covered Tech Help Desk Established Each school has a full-time help desk technician. These individuals are able to quickly fix tablet issues and send students back to class. If a tablet needs more than a quick repair, a loaner is distributed to the student and the tablet remains in the

Lessons Learned Dont overlook the impact of the teacher. o o Provide teachers access to the device beforehand. Provide teachers and students the same device. Professional Development and Training

Hardware and infrastructure must be o Must be ongoing and in a variety of structures 1-1 Successes The rewards are immense. Increased student engagement and achievement

Increase in online learning across all levels. o Enhanced web-based curricular integration All students grades 6-12 have access to Google Staff began using Gmail, Drive, and Calendar in November 2012. Students received their accounts in Fall 2013. Students have access to Drive, Calendar, and Sites (do not have access to Mail). Student engagement & enthusiasm has

increased due to account access. Students are writing and creating on their own (both in and outside of school). Google: Increased student collaboration and quality feedback: o Nonfiction text features (6th grade) o Winter poems & snowman drawing (3rd grade) Google Sites: Shared resources with students & staff o Sixth grade Science o CCS Going Google Training Site Youre invited!

CCS will be hosting our 3rd annual Google Apps for Education Summit in March 7th-8th, 2015. We would love to have you! Questions

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