9th Grade Parent Counseling Presentation

9th Grade Parent Counseling Presentation

Walnut High School GLC Parent Presentation Ken McDill [email protected] Corolar Schultz [email protected] Agenda Contacting your students Grade Level Coordinator Staying Informed Tips for 9th Grade Students High School Graduation Requirements 4-Year High School Requirements College and Career Center

Creating a 4-year plan Contacting your Students GLC Your counselor is available for Academic Planning and Course Selection Guidance College and Career Planning/Preparation Social/Emotional Support and Intervention Discipline How students contact their counselor Visit right before school, during lunch, or after school Monday-Friday in our

duty spots. This method is best if there is a concern or question that can be addressed quickly. Fill out an appointment slip (available outside our office). This method is best if there is a concern or question that may take more time to address. Students can also indicate the period during which he or she would like to be called. Guardian or students may also email or call their GLC for an appointment. For an urgent matter which requires immediate attention and cannot be addressed through the other methods, students may come in to see a counselor anytime. Students must check in and retrieve a pass from their teacher. Staying Informed Check our website Sign up for Remind Friday Mustang Update

Develop your study skills Practice good time management Identify and utilize efficient study methods that work for you Seek help when needed (attend teacher tutoring hours, form study groups, consult with your counselor) Monitor your grades Communicate with your teachers

Regularly check your grades using Infinite Campus Maintain a healthy lifestyle Successful students get adequate sleep, eat nutritious foods, and have a balance between their home, school and social lives Get involved in school activities (clubs, Athletics, etc.) Maintain good grades Your grades should be an accurate reflection of your abilities. Reasonably challenge yourself, but be careful not to take on more than you can

handle Grades and Transcripts On the 4 x 8 schedule, students will receive permanent grades at the end of each term (December & May), which will be posted to the transcript. Students will be provided with a transcript 2 nd semester of each year to monitor their GPA and class rank. Additional transcript requests may be requested via Parchment, electronic

transcript portal. If you have a question or concern about grades, or the content or procedures in a class, please contact the teacher directly. You can use Infinite Campus Parent Portal to monitor your students academic progress and attendance. Counselors suggest that students do not start a four-year plan until the spring term so that they can make more informed choices. When you start creating a plan, remember Include all courses required to graduate and for college eligibility. Be challenged but not overwhelmed.

There is no universal plan. It should be unique to each student and their goals. Students can research various colleges and careers using GACollege 411 and the college websites to find out exactly what is required and recommended for admission. The plan should be considered tentative and can be revised at any time.

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