A Christmas Carol - Seneca Valley School District

A Christmas Carol - Seneca Valley School District

17, 2014 Fill out your planner and get it stamped. Mon. 17 Tues. 18 Weds. 19 Pages 5-7 in packet due Fri.; Act I quiz Mon.

Thurs. 20 Fri. 21 Pages 5-7 in Act I quiz packet due Monday TOMORROW ; Act I quiz

Mon. Make sure you have your LITERATURE BOOK with you! Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

English Pds. 1, 3,6 Stage Directions Drama as a form of literature! Drama - literature meant to be performed by actors.

Script - the written form of any drama. Dialogue one of the two components of a script. Dialogue is the words spoken by the actors; the conversation among them. Drama as a form of literature!

Stage Directions - usually printed in italics. These are a playwrights notes to actors, directors, and readers. They tell how actors should move, speak, and look. Stage directions also describe the setting, sound effects, and lighting of the play. Act dramas are often divided into parts called acts. These might be similar to sections of a novel, such as Part 1, Part 2, and so forth.

Scene smaller parts within an act. Scenes are similar to chapters in a novel. Elements of Drama 1. stage directions instructions for the director, actors, and stage crew 2. climax- the moment of highest tension and

excitement in the plot of a drama 3. foil a character who provides a sharp contrast to the qualities of the main character 4. props the objects the actors use during the play (cup, chair, book) 5. scenes & acts divisions in a drama (similar to chapters in a novel)

A Quick Review Setting- The time and place of a story Example: It was December 24th, 1843, on a snowy Christmas eve in Victorian London. Personification- Giving human characteristics to non-human things Example: The knife and fork looked on happily as father began to carve the turkey.

Foreshadowing- Hinting at things to come Example: Scrooge wished he could rid himself of the sick feeling in his gut that told him something terrible was going to happen. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Overview-- Ebenezer

Scrooge, a tight-fisted and bitter man, is visited by three spirits to bring about his redemption before his death. He learns to love his fellow man after being shown the love and generosity that symbolizes

Christmas. Introduction by Charles Dickens foreshadowi A Christmas Carol

Its hard to imagine a Christmas season without the story of old Scrooge, Bah Humbug! and God bless us, every one. As we discussed yesterday, the time this story was written (1843), the generous spirit of Christmas charity didnt exist in

England. Many people did not believe in generosity to the poor. Instead, they believed the poor somehow brought poverty upon themselves. * * * * * *

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss The character of the Grinch is based on the protagonist of A Christmas Carol Scrooge. As we read the drama, note similarities in the two main characters

and the plot of both the book and the play. Protagonist & Antagonist A Christmas Carol is unusual because Scrooge, the Protagonist (usually the good guy), is a very BAD guy. The antagonist (usually the bad guy) is the good guy.

Remember that the antagonist is the person who causes the conflict for the protagonist. They are not always good guys or bad guys. Christmas Carol

Scene 1 Jacob Marley, Scrooges partner has been dead, seven years to the day that our story begins. The first scene unfolds in the cold, cheerless office of Scrooges counting

house. A Christmas Carol - Overview As his faithful clerk Bob Cratchit toils, Scrooge is visited by his nephew and invited to Christmas dinner the next day. Scrooge

declares that those who celebrate Christmas should be boiled in their own pudding and dismisses him. Two men who come seeking donations for the poor are dismissed with Scrooges wish that the poor would die and

decrease the surplus population. - Overview Jacob Marleys visit is dismissed as more gravy than grave by Scrooge, but it ends up setting the stage

for the three ghosts. Think about this question as we read the play: Which ghosts message most resembles that of Jacob Marleys? A Christmas Carol

Pay careful attention to the three ghosts. Each message has a specific effect on Scrooge. What does the ghost of Christmas past remind Scrooge of? Whose generous heart touches Scrooge in the present? What does Scrooges future hold

if he continues to be greedy and self-absorbed? Personification Dickens portrays Ignorance and Want as two frail, ghastly children. Ignorance = Scrooge refusing to acknowledge that there are poor

people. He doesnt see it, so it doesnt care. Want = Scrooges greed Pay attention to: SSetting (where and when the story takes place)

PPeople (describe the main characters) AAction (summarize the plot) CClimax (the most dramatic part of the story) E-- Ending A beloved story

Literary Elements and Devices for A Christmas Carol Characterization: The process by which the writer reveals the personality of a character. Characterization is revealed through direct characterization and

indirect characterization. Literary Elements and Devices for A Christmas Carol Direct Characterization tells the audience what the personality of the character is. Example: The patient boy and quiet girl were both wellmannered and did not disobey their mother. Explanation: The author is directly telling the audience

the personality of these two children. The boy is patient and the girl is quiet. Indirect Characterization shows things that reveal the personality of a character. There are five different methods of indirect characterization: speech, thoughts, effect on others, actions, looks (STEAL)

Literary Elements and Devices for A Christmas Carol Setting: The general locale, historical time, and social circumstances in which the action of a fictional or dramatic work occurs; the setting of an episode or scene within a work is the particular

physical location in which it takes place. Literary Elements and Devices for A Christmas Carol Theme: The message about life that comes out of a story. Theme can either be

stated or unstated in a story. Literary Elements and Devices for A Christmas Carol Symbolism: Something concrete that stands for something abstract. A symbol may be a person, place, thing, or action. It may stand for an idea, belief,

feeling, or attitude. A symbol keeps its own meaning while also standing for something else. The symbols will be figurative; you have to figure out what Dickens means! Literary Elements and Devices for A Christmas Carol

Imagery: Words or phrases that appeal to the senses and conjure up mental images. Imagery helps the reader imagine the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings associated with a characters or authors experiences. Imagery appears extensively in setting, character description, and

nature poetry. Literary Elements and Devices for A Christmas Carol Flashback: An interruption in a story to tell about events that happened earlier. Flashbacks can appear as character memories or

dreams, or in dialogue or narration. Flashbacks provided background information that clarifies current actions in the story. Literary Elements and Devices for A Christmas Carol

Foreshadowing: The use of clues early in a story to give hints about events that will happen later. Literary Elements and Devices for A Christmas Carol

Dynamic character: Character changes, grows or learns something by the end of the story. Static character: Character experiences no major change in the story.

Lets review some elements Of figurative language! Youll see these when you read A Christmas Carol!

I am hungry as a horse. You run like a rabbit. She is happy as a clam. He is sneaky as a snake. The girl was a fish in the water.

The clown was a feather floating away. The flowers danced in the wind. The friendly

gates welcomed us. The Earth coughed and choked in all of the pollution. Stan the strong surfer saved several swimmers on Saturday.

Tiny Tommy Thomson takes toy trucks to Timmys on Tuesday. Yeeeeee Ahhhhhhhh Swish swish swish Chug chug chug!!

Gluppp Gluppp Gluppp A Christmas Carol Packet Pages 5-7 due Friday We will do other parts of the packet together in class, and some parts may be homework.

Act I quiz: Monday Lets start reading the play! Turn your books to page 645. Assign parts


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