A Level PE Coursework - St Johns PE A-Level

A Level PE Coursework - St Johns PE A-Level

A Level PE Coursework Overview The coursework is worth 15% of the total A Level PE qualification (exactly the same as the practical performance) There is a 3500 word limit so the focus is very much on quality not quantity. There are two aspects to the coursework: Performance Analysis

Performance Development Programme Performance Analysis In your role as either coach or performer you must investigate two components of a physical activity: One physiological component Then your choice of one technical or tactical component. You need to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses for development of a performance.

Physiological Component (compulsory) You must carefully consider all components of fitness required in your sport to justify the 3 most important. Select a fitness test for each and analyse the reliability and validity of the selected tests. Perform the selected tests and compare your results to normative data to identify strengths and areas for development for each of the 3 components. Analyse the fitness test results and explain the priorities for training in the future in order to improve performance.

(if you are completing this as a coach then you do exactly the same but just do it for an individual or team that you work with) Technical Component (optional) Analyse the 3 phases (preparation, execution and recovery) and the result in one identified core skill for both you and by comparison a higher level / elite performer. Identify strengths and weaknesses and justify the key areas for development based on your analysis.

Technical Component as a Coach (only do if you are completing this as a coach) Analyse one core element of coaching for yourself and by comparison a higher level coach. The core elements of coaching are: -Types of practice -Communication (verbal/non-verbal) -Coaching styles -Guidance and feedback -Planning and organisation

Identify strengths and weaknesses and justify the key areas for development based on your analysis. Tactical Component (optional) Use qualitative or quantitative data to analyse one tactic and its application Analyse how and why the tactic can be adapted to changing circumstances in a competitive performance. (this section is completed in exactly the same way for a coach)

Additional Information Remember that you must do the physiological component and then choose just one other component (not both!) You are assessed on the quality of your analysis, not on the results of your fitness tests or whether any improvements take place Your teachers can help you to understand what should be included in your coursework but cannot offer solutions. Edexcel have provided a list of tactical and technical skills for each sport it is recommended that you choose skills

from this list Additional Information Graphs, charts etc do not count towards the word count. (recommended word count for this section alone is 1750) You must reference all external sources used and provide a bibliography (also doesnt count to word count) Training record forms (or appropriate evidence) must be submitted for each training session.

Edexcel recommends that completion Performance Analysis should take 27 hours in total. Performance Development Programme This is designed to lead on from your Performance Analysis coursework and thus you must complete the previous section before starting this one. PDP - The Task Identify one of the two components which you worked on in

your Performance Analysis (can be physiological, technical or tactical). (hint: I would strongly suggest using the physiological component) Plan, perform and record your performance in each component over 8-10 weeks. Apply appropriate principles and methods of training and SMART(ER) targets to a plan designed to optimise performance. (you must use fitness tests to monitor progress) Evaluate the outcomes of your programme against its original aims.

Key Information You must complete your programme as planned and document every training session for evidence. Any other suitable evidence should be collected and submitted. You should include an evaluation of the effectiveness of your programme (based on qualitative and/or quantitative data) and also provide suggestions for future development.

Additional Information Edexcel suggests that this coursework should also take 27 hours to complete (54 hours in total). Again you are only assessed on the quality of your work, not on whether any improvements take place. As before, any graphs, charts etc do not count towards the word count. Work can be submitted electronically or in a typed hard-copy.

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