A Mighty Fortress is Our God

A Mighty Fortress is Our God

2007 Ron Williams Recognizing Jesus Through His Names and Titles Ron Williams Ridgecrest Baptist Church 2007 Ron Williams 2007 Ron Williams Overview Jesus exists in many forms to us

as He is a personal God. Who do you recognize Him as? How do you recognize Him? Jesus of Divine Mercy Michelangelos Pieta daVincis Last Supper The Redeemer-Brazil

In this series you will... Be introduced to over 250 names or titles of the Jesus Note key scripture associated with each name Associate His name or title with how it can be applied to your life. It has been given to you specifically for this purpose.

Why is this important? Jesus truly wants to be all things to all people. However, if we fail to recognize who He is, we might never know Him as Creator, Our Hope, Our Foundation, the Word, the Lamb of God, the Savior, or King Food For Thought It should not surprise us that we associate the

different aspects of who Jesus is as we live each day. Did you know that the Bible describes Him in all 39 O.T and all 27 N.T books! Imagine, 66 different books fully describing who He is. To begin, close your eyes and just listen to how each book of the Bible contributes to knowing Him

better Book Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy Joshua Judges Ruth 1 Samuel II Samuel I Kings II Kings

Name or Title Seed of Woman I AM Great High Priest Scepter Prophet Captain of the Host Our Deliverer Kinsman-Redeemer Seed of David David's Lord King of kings Reigning King

Ezra Nehemiah Esther Job Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon Isaiah Jeremiah Lord of Heaven Lord Our Advocate Dayspring

The Headstone Wisdom of God The Creator Rose of Sharon Wonderful Counselor Balm of Gilead Ezekiel Daniel Hosea Joel Amos Obadiah Jonah Micah

Nahum Habakkuk Zephaniah Plant of Renown Son of Man Lord God of Hosts Hope of His People God of Hosts Lord of the Kingdom Risen Prophet The Witness A Stronghold Firm Foundation Israel's King

Haggai Zechariah Malachi Matthew Mark Luke John Acts Romans I Corinthians II Corinthians Desire of the Nations Our Burden Bearer

Sun of Righteousness Lord of the Sabbath The Christ Consolation of Israel Light of the World Lord Jesus Christ Our Propitiation The Last Adam Image of God Ephesians Philippians Colossians I Thessalonians II Thessalonians

I Timothy II Timothy Titus Philemon Head of the Church Savior Hope of Glory Christ Jesus Lord A Ransom Righteous Judge The Justifier Lord Jesus

Book Hebrews James I Peter II Peter I John II John III John Jude Revelation Name or Title Eternal Priest Lord of Glory Living Stone

Day Star Advocate The Son Truth Wise God Lamb of God Abrahams Seed Gen 22:18, Gal 3:16 Meaning = Jesus represents the true offspring of Abraham Our response = God s covenant through Christ provides

each of us the means to obtain redemption and eternal salvation Adam (the Last) I Cor 15:45 Meaning =The original Adam caused the downfall of man; the last Adam (Jesus) provides the salvation of man Our response = Be thankful that God was willing to sacrifice His Son to overcome mans sinful nature

Advocate I John 2:1 Meaning = Christs works on our behalf and stands beside us Our response = We can rest assured that on our day of judgement, Christ is our defense attorney before a Holy God. All In All Col 3:11 Meaning = Christ is the center of all creation and the meaning

to all of life Our response = By recognizing his providence and position, we should humbly submit ourselves to Him each and every day Altogether Lovely One Song of Solomon 5:16 Meaning = Everything beautiful represents who Christ is, was, and will be

Our response = Recognizing a beautiful sunrise, the laugh of a child, a hug, and caring for one another are symbolic of the works of Jesus Christ Almighty Rev 1:8, Matthew 28:18 Meaning = Christ is El Shaddai, the all powerful Warrior King Our response = Evil will one day cower in the presence of the Almighty, we likewise should be fearful of the one

who holds the keys to eternity. Alpha and the Omega Rev 1:8, Rev 21:6, Rev 22:13 Meaning = The First and the Last (Gk). He was there before the creation of all. He is the El Olam, the Eternal One Our response = Jesus was there before the heavens and earth were formed. He will be there when it all ends.

Amen Rev 3:14 Meaning = Gods will be done. Jesus fully accepted Gods will including the sacrifice of His own life on our behalf Our response = Like Christ, we should commit to honoring the Father and being obedient to His commands Anchor

Hebrews 6:19 Meaning = Jesus is the foundation of our faith, the security of all Christianity Our response = We need to hold fast in our belief in Him with assurance that He will never fail us Ancient of Days Daniel 7:9-11, Rev 1:13-16 Meaning = He is eternal. He always was and always will be. Our response = Christ has

always existed. Because of this, we should be comforted that He always knows what is best for us. Nothing escapes His eye or surprises Him Angel of the Lord Gen 16: 9-14, Gen 48:16, Exodus 3:2, Judges 13:15-22 Meaning = Jesus is/was/will be directly involved in Gods work Our response = Our prayers are heard by One who can directly intervene on our behalf. Woe

be to those who oppose His will Angel of Gods Presence Isaiah 63:9 Meaning = Jesus Christ is the hand of God, He is the giver of life, the Creator of all, an everpresent help in our time of need Our response = The in-dwelling of Christ through the Holy Spirit provides us strength, peace and direction for the trials of this life

Anointed (Messiah) Psalm 2:2, Dan (9:25, John 1:41, John 4:25 Meaning = Christos (Gk), set apart and consecrated for sacred duty Our response = God chose Christ, His Beloved Son to intervene for you and I. We should honor such love with our all Apostle of Our Profession

Hebrews 3:1 Meaning = It is only upon the name of Christ that we can call for mercy and eternal salvation Our response = Recognizing that Christ is the one and only means of eternal life results in you and I calling upon His name for our salvation Arm of the Lord Isaiah 51:9, Isaiah 53:1 Meaning = Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father and all things

are under His dominion Our response = No evil, no situation, no earthy kingdom or power can stand in opposition to Gods plan. Jesus is the force behind Gods plan for all of mankind. Author of Eternal Salvation Heb 5:9 Meaning = Christ provides the one and only means of eternal

life Our response = His death, burial and resurrection represented Gods plan for mankinds redemption Author of Life Acts 3:15 Meaning = Jesus knows what is best for our lives. He has established all of creation. Our response = Every flower, every bird, every hill, everything has been ordained

by Christ as part of Gods plan to reveal Himself to man Author of Our Salvation Heb 2:10 Meaning = Jesus, as co-equal with God the Father, was evident in the plan of salvation for all mankind Our response = We can find comfort that this Author has recorded our names in the

Lambs Book of Life. Author and Perfecter of Our Faith Heb 12:2 Meaning = Jesus has worked through all of history and is working in each individual to reveal Himself to them Our response =We need to focus upon Jesus if we are to maintain our faith

Atoning Sacrifice for Our Sins I John 2:2 Meaning = Christs sacrifice satisfied Gods need for our sins to be punished Our response = We owed a debt we could not pay. We need to be thankful everyday that He was willing to take our punishment

Balm of Gilead Jeremiah 8:22 Meaning = Christ is the ointment that provides eternal healing Our response = Hospitals, perscriptions, treatments provide only temporary healing abilities. Belief in Christ provides healing from our sin state that is eternal Beginning Col 1:18 Meaning = Christ was the first of the resurrection to come

Our response = Just as Christ had the power to overcome death, so will you and I through His power Beginning of the Creation of God Rev 3:14 Meaning = Christ was responsible for the creation of all Our response = You cannot see, smell, look upon or touch that which Christ has not called

into being Begotten (One and Only) John 3:16, John 1:18, John 1:14 Meaning = Christ was Gods only Son and loved beyond measure. He was not a created being but coequal with the Trinity Our response = God allowed that

which was most dear to him to be the answer for our sins. Imagine if salvation cost you your child Beloved (son) Ephesians 1:6, Matthew 12:18 Meaning = Loved so deeply, beyond measure Our response = God loved his Son beyond that which we can imagine.

Even so, He was willing to shed His blood so that we could be saved. We are to recognize this sacrifice by loving Him in return Bishop of Our Soul I Peter 2:25 Meaning = Christ has the responsibility of watching over us, protecting us and encouraging us

Our response = As our overseer, we have the responsibility to respond to His vision for our life and to bring joy to His great work in the kingdom Blessed and Only Potentate I Tim 6:15 Meaning = He is our High Officer,

the one we are responsible to for all aspects of our lives Our response = We need to report in with Him everyday. He wants to be an integral part of our life, not just during times of storm and trouble. Branch

Isaiah 11:1, Jeremiah 23:5, Zech 3:8, Zech 6:12, Rev 11:1 Meaning = He is the sustainer of all that we are. It is His power that allows us to withstand the onslaught of the evil one Our response = The closer we remain grafted into Christ, the stronger we will be and more secure. Weak limbs often fall from the tree where they Bread of God

John 6:33 Meaning = He is life sustaining. God works through Christ to meet all of your needs Our response = We need to place ourselves around Gods table and allow the nutrient properties of a life filled with Christ to develop Bread of Life

John 6:35 Meaning = Jesus has to be the main course of our spiritual diet. Our response = Christ supplies all our spiritual needs. He has been given to us like a piece of bread and was broken on our behalf to pay for our sins Bridgegroom

Matt 9:15, John 3:29, Rev 21:9 Meaning = Christ has been given the Church by God the Father and eagerly awaits His union with all those who have accepted Him. Our response = As a husband, He provides all the love, security, resources, companionship and nurturing that we as the Church (Bride) will ever need. We must want to be a part of this union. Bright and Morning

Star Rev 22:16, II Peter 1:19 Meaning = He is the herald that breaks the doom of night and provides direction to our life. Our response = Just as the light from a star can be seen from across the universe, Christs light is readily available to all who will look toward the horizon and then use that light

for guidance Brightness of Gods Glory Heb 1:3 Meaning = Jesus represents all of who God the Father is. He is all love, all compassion, all righteousness. He was God in the flesh Our response = There is none like

Christ. He was the God-man. He lived amongst us yet never sinned. We are to adore Him for His righteousness and His love toward us Captain of Our Salvation Heb 2:10 Meaning = It was through Christ that God paved the way for man to

find redemption Our response = As our Captain, we are to accept His commands and pledge allegiance to Him for guiding our steps each and every day Captain of the Lords Hosts Joshua 5:14

Meaning = He is the all Mighty Warrior King in charge of Heavens angels Our response = One day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord. Woe be to those who have not accepted Him for who He is Capstone

Acts 4:11, I Peter 2:7 Meaning = A capstone is the central stone laid in a foundation and provides strength and direction for the remainder of the construction Our response = We have to fully rely upon Christ to meet our needs. Only He has the strength and righteousness upon which we can build our lives Carpenters Son

Matt 13:55, Mark 6:3 Meaning = As the son of Joseph, He was a carpenter, a craftsman Our response = Jesus is still in the business of crafting. We need to allow Him to smooth our edges, shape our corners and build us in response to what the kingdom needs. He is the Master Carpenter of our lives (if we let Him). Chieftest Among 10000

Song of Solomon 5:10 Meaning = Christ is pre-eminent. There has never been one like Him nor will there ever be. Our response = As our Chief, we are to seek His directions daily and stand in awe of His mighty power and purpose. No one can hinder His will

Chief Shepherd I Peter 5:4 Meaning = He provides the ultimate guidance and protection for the flock. He is one providing green pastures, still waters and protection the wolves of this life Our response = We are to come to His calling, staying close so that we are not without His protection. The grass

is not greener on the other side of the fence Child Isaiah 9:6, Matt 2:8-21 Meaning = Jesus was fully human, born of virgin and lived a life just like you and I Our response = Who could imagine that God would send a babe to this

world to overcome the ravages of sin and in turn, sacrifice Him so that you and I could spend eternity in Heaven Chosen of God Luke 23:35 Meaning = He was Gods path to provide deliverance to you and I Our response = Just as God placed

the burden upon Christ to pay our debt, He also has raised Him above every name. We are to honor Christ with all the we are and with all that we have Christ Matt 1:17, Mark 14:16, Romans 1:16 plus over 350 citations in some

variant. Meaning = Messiah-Anointed from the Gk (Christos) Our response = Jesus is the Son of the Living God. He is the longawaited Messiah who will (has) saved mankind from their sins. Recognize Him for His authority and dominion Christ Jesus or Jesus Christ

Acts 19:4, Romans 3:24, Romans 8:1 plus nearly 200 other citations Meaning = He was the God-Man, the Son of God. He was fully human and fully divine. He was chosen by God to live among us as the longawaited Messiah Our response = Do not take His name in vain. Reserve its use for times of praise and intercession Christ Jesus Our Lord

Romans 8:39, I Tim 1:12 Meaning = He is the Adonai, our Master. This names recognizes Him as creator, sustainer and master of all that has ever existed Our response = We are to honor Christ as our master by doing His will and by molding our desires to match His. We are to give of ourselves so that the work of the kingdom goes Christ of God

Luke 9:20 Meaning = This name signifies that Christ was of Jehovah (Elohim) and that because of this He is intimate with the work of God and its purpose Our response = Just as God called upon Christ, the Son calls upon you and I to fill a unique roll in history. There is no one like you. What is God asking you to do?

Christ the Lord Luke 2:11 Meaning = Gk (Christos o Kyrios). The anointed Master Our response = Jesus is the Messiah. He is the Master and all things have been placed under his dominion. As such, we are to called to praise this name for who He is and what He has done for us. There is no other name

like it in Heaven or on earth. Comforter Isaiah 61:2, John 14:16 Meaning = One who comes along side and helps carries your burden Our response = We can rest easy knowing that He is with us every step of the way. He is closer than a brother. He never allows your

burden to be greater than that which you can spiritually endure if you remain (abide) with him Commander Meaning = Isaiah 55:4 Our response = He is the Head of all things. Failing to recognize his domain over all aspects of our life will only result

in our own pain. As the commander, He always has your best interest in mind Consolation of Israel Luke 2:25 Meaning = He that which brings about deliverance Our response = The chosen people waited 4000 years for the Messiah

whom they ultimately rejected. He will however, call a remnant from then and Jerusalem will be His royal city Corn of Wheat John 12:24 Meaning = Just as kernels of corn must be torn off the cob to yield new fruit, Christ had to be torn from his

earthly life in order for you and I to gain new life Our response = He is the first fruit of the resurrection. We can take great comfort knowing that just as He was raised from the dead, you and I also have eternal life Cornerstone

Eph 2:20, Isaiah 28:16, I Peter 2:6, Matt 21:42, Eph 2:20 Meaning = Jesus is that upon which the Church was built. He was true, straight and the Rock. All that is built upon Him remains true to Gods desires Our response = If we build any part of our life away from the guidance of Christ, we should expect it to diverge from the paths of righteousness Counselor

Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 40:13 Meaning = He would guides and rules Our response = As our most Wonderful Counselor, rely upon Him to take action in our lives to the betterment of the kingdom. He is a guide without error and the one who instructs us away from harm and toward spiritual blessings Covert

Isaiah 32:2 Meaning = Christ will be a King like no other. He will bring about a time of eternal peace that will shelter all of those who are part of His kingdom Our response = Where do you need peace in your life right now? He desires to provide that peace, we just have to humble ourselves, bend low and find rescue out of the winds

Creator of All Things Col 1:16, John 1:3 Meaning = All things were created by Him, through Him and for His purpose Our response = Not even a single leaf on a tree misses the attention of Christ. If he pays attention to this part of creation, how much more so is He aware of your need. Call upon the one

who created the seas, skies, and stars Daysman Job 9:33 Meaning = (Hebrew) One who judges or stands between those involved in a dispute Our response = Christ intervenes on our behalf before the Father. As such, we are called to recognize His

authority on our behalf Dayspring from on High Luke 1:78 Meaning = As a light from above, he has penetrated the darkness of this world Our response = You can see a single light from miles and miles

away. Only when we turn our eyes away from the light does it stop providing guidance on where we are going Day Star 2 Peter 1:19 Meaning = Christs light breaks through the dawn. Its light is a steady and sure beacon as we travel

this life Our response = Just as the morning star rises each day to greet us, Christ provides us hope across the horizons of the trials of this life. Find His light when the storm clouds gather Deliverer Romans 11:26 Meaning = As the one who would

save His people from their sins, no other offering could have been accepted to God. Our response = Praise God that Jesus was willing to take our punishment. It was by His stripes that we were healed Desire of All Nations Haggai 2:7

Meaning = The hope for eternal peace and fulfillment has always been mans desire to those who love God and have been called to His purpose Our response = Not every person desires a life of peace or Christian values. Our work is to share the joy of such a life and encourage others to seek what only Christ can bring to their lives Door of the Sheepfold

John 10:7, John 10:9 Meaning = Jesus is the gatekeeper. Only those sheep who know Him are allowed into the Kingdom of God Our response = One day the goats (unfaithful) and sheep (faithful) will be separated. Share your faith with others so that all might hear the Gatekeepers call and choose to enter into paradise Elect of God

Isaiah 42:1 Meaning = God specify anointed Jesus His Son to intercede for all of mankind Our response = Just as God separated out Christ for his great redemptive work, you have been called to be a part of the Kingdom. What gifts have you been given? Are you using them to your fullest?

Emmanuel Matt 1:23, Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 8:8 Meaning = God with Us Our response = What could be more imaginable than God leaving Heaven to be with lowly man. Yet that is exactly what He did. Reflect upon a God that loves you so much that He was willing to take the pain and suffering of an earthly life. He knows

what you are feeling, your desires, your hopes and your fears End of the Law Romans 10:4 Meaning = Christ did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it. Mankind was never able to meet the demands of the law.

Our response = We are to obey Gods laws and the commandments of Christ. Take comfort knowing that the new convenant written in His blood, frees us from the demands of the laws we could not meet Everlasting Father Isaiah 9:6 Meaning = The Eternal One Our response = Christ was with God

and is God from the beginning. He was there when He created all that has and will ever exist. As our Father, we should seek his direction and work to please Him because only He truly knows what is best for us Express Image of Gods Person

Hebrews 1:3 Meaning = Christ is one with the Father. All the characteristics of God are reflected in the Christ we know Our response = Ever wonder what God is like? If so, think about love, mercy, righteousness, tenderness, compassion, and goodness. These describe both Jesus and the Father Faithful Witness

Rev 1:5, Rev 3:14, Rev 19:11 Meaning = Under Hebrew law, at least two witnesses were needed to confirm an account during a trial. Jesus always confirmed the Fathers ways and the Holy Spirit always confirms Jesus ways Our response = Because He is true to Himself and the Father, accept anything He convicts you to do Faithful and True

Rev 3:14 Meaning = He is the One who cannot lie. He cannot be deceptive or accept anything that is false. Our response = He is true to Himself and the work of the kingdom. From Genesis to Revelation, His ways, His word, and the work for the redemption of man has never changed

Fellow of God Zechariah 13:7 Meaning = God needed someone to represent Him and redeem sinful man. Someone had to be chosen who was worthy. Jesus was the only one worthy Our response = As Gods chosen, He was not given to us as royalty but as a suffering servant. What a humble

Lord He is. Honor Him by adoring what He did for you First Begotten of the Dead Rev 1:5 Meaning = He was the first fruit of the resurrection. Like Christ, we have the assurance of eternal life Our response = All men have eternal

life. Some choose to spend it in torment by rejecting Gods free gift. Pray for those who do not see the need for salvation that they might also reap the reward revealed through Christ Firstborn Psalms 89:27, Heb 89:27, Heb 1:6 Meaning = He was Gods (One and

Only) Son. In this, He accepted the role as the Son of Man so that you might know just how much the Father loves you Our response = Christ chose to leave Heaven and intercede for you and I. What a self-sacrifice to come to earth where He would be mocked, and crucified. He is worthy of all your praise First Born Over All of Creation

Col 1:15 Meaning = Christ was not a created being. He has always been. As Gods only Son and because of his selfsacrifice, you and I have been given to Him as an inheritance. The Father has given Him the deed to all of creation Our response = As our Creator, King, and Friend, He has given us coheirship of all that He has. He loves us that much Firstborn Fruits

I Cor 15:20, I Cor 15:23 Meaning = Just as He arose, so shall we. Death where is your sting, grave where is your victory? Our response = If your life ended today, you can rest assured that you would be immediately taken to Him to spend eternity in a place (Heaven) that He has prepared specifically for you. Oh what a future He has planned for you

Foundation Isaiah 28:16, I Cor 3:11 Meaning = Christ was the Foundation on which Gods redemptive plan rested. He is the Foundation of the Church. Our response = He is the Rock. He is strong, secure and without a crack or weakness. We need to build our lives on Him. Anything that He is asking

you to do today cannot fail Fountain Jeremiah 2:13, Zechariah 13:1 Meaning = He is the source of Living Water that is freely made available to all mankind. Our response = Water provides no benefit if not taken in. Drink freely of Him whose well cannot run dry

and whose water is always cool and sweet Forerunner Hebrews 6:20 Meaning = He is the One that heralds the ways of God as no one else could. Our response = Jesus said that to know Himself was to know the

Father. He is constantly calling us towards the finish line. He is ahead of us. Listen intently for his voice so that you do not go astray Friend of Sinners Matt 11:19, Luke 7:34, John 15:15 Meaning = While being wholly righteous, He chooses to accept you and I. He is a friend closer than any

brother Our response = Jesus wants to spend time with you. Find time every day to visit with Him. Let Him know how you are doing and how much you enjoy conversing with Him Fullness of the Godhead Col 2:9 Meaning = The Father, Son and

Holy Ghost represent the Godhead. Christ provides you and I with a full understanding of the Trinity. Our response = All that God is, Jesus is. All that the Holy Spirit is, Jesus is. Honor Him by worshipping what He has shared with youHimself as the Son of Man Gate John 10:9

Meaning = He is the only means to Heaven. We either walk through the narrow gate, or take the wide path that leads to destruction Our response = There is only one way to an eternal life of happiness. If we accept the ways of the world, we are rejecting Christ. Christ is at the gate and wants to let you come through. Gift of God

John 4:10, 1 Cor 9:15 Meaning = God provided sinful man with a free gift. It was not free to God or Christ. Our response = A gift has no benefit if it is not personally taken. Accept the free gift of salvation Glory of God

Isaiah 60:1, Isaiah 40:5, Heb 1:3 Meaning = Christ has glorified God by His actions. All of the goodness of God is reflected by how Christ shares His life with you and I Our response = Just as Christ reflects Gods glory, reflect the love of Christ to others so that they might see His goodness God

John 1:1, Mt 1:23, Isaiah 40:9, Rom 9:5, John 20:28, 2 Peter 1:1 plus many others Meaning = Jesus is God, coequal and coexistent with the Father Our response = While fully experiencing all of being human, He (was) is also fully divine. Accept Him as God by being obedient to His commands God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

Exodus 3:6 Meaning = Jesus is fully evident even in the Old Testament. Our response = While we divide scripture into Old and New, Jesus has always been the hand of God. David recognized Him as his Lord, you and I are called to do the same God Blessed Forever

Romans 9:5 Meaning = God will honor His Son for eternity. He has given Him a name above all names Our response = Just as the Father honors the Son, you and I are to honor Him with all that we are. Being a blessing to others reflects our call as Christians

Good Shepherd John 10:11, John 10:14 Meaning = While there are many who want to guide your way, He is the only one who can guide you, provide for you and bring you to safe haven Our response = Come to Him when He calls. Fresh spiritual water, spiritual manna, and safety is found

when you stay close to Him Good Master Mt 19:16 Meaning = His is our Loving Adonai (Lord). While there are good men, He is the only Lord who is fully righteous and fully concerned with your wellbeing Our response = Report for your daily work. If you follow His daily

directions, you can be assured that He will never leave or abandon you. He will work right along beside you Great Shepherd Heb 13:20 Meaning = No other Guide is like Him. His voice and staff is like no other. Our response = When he pulls you

with his staff, go without hesitation. He will not lead you astray and there is no greater protection than when you obey his prodding. Governor Matthew 2:6 Meaning = As our Governor, He has the responsibility to direct the work of

His kingdom Our response = He provides reward, admonishment, and counsel as our Leader. His kingdom shall know no end and it will never be overthrown. The works of His kingdom will endure forever. What are you providing for the kingdom? Great High Priest

Hebrews 4:14 Meaning = He intercedes directly to the Father on our behalf Our response = He requires no atoning sacrifice for Himself as He approaches God the Father. He is without sin. He provided the only sacrifice that God could accept for our sins, Himself. Honor His priestly nature by confessing your sins to Him. Great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

Titus 2:13 Meaning = Jesus is the Messiah. He is God with Us. He is the One anointed by the Father to be our Master Our response = While many will claim to be a messiah, only He can claim this title. Help those seeking to find the purpose of this life by sharing with them how Jesus is everything to you Guide

Psalms 48:14 Meaning = He directs your path to the Father Our response = He knows which road you need to take in this life. There are many intersections you will face. Look for Him along the way so that you can proceed with confidence. A Christian cannot get lost if Jesus is allowed to guide their steps

Head of the Church Eph 1:22, Eph 5:23, Eph 4:15, Col !:18 Meaning = Christ provides direction, support and protection to His Church Our response = In the Church and in your life, we need to be asking and seeking the guidance of Jesus for

every decision made. No decision to be made is too small not to inquire of Him. Heir of All Things Hebrews 1:2 Meaning = The Father has promised all of Heaven and Earth to Christ. Our response = Jesus is willing to

share all that He has with you and I. He can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think. His resources are beyond measure. Helper Hebrews 13:6 Meaning = One who comes along side and provides benefit Our response = He supports you

when you are tired. He encourages you when you are downtrodden. He freely assists you without expectation of payback. He is the best friend you will ever have Hiding Place Isaiah 32:2 Meaning = He provides the sanctuary that no one else can

offer. He is a place of refuge Our response = Only through Him can we find peace regardless of our circumstance. Place yourself in the cleft of the Rock and be safe. It has to be conscious decision High Priest Heb 3:1, Heb 7:1, Heb 6:20, Heb

2:17 Meaning = Jesus is our Intercessor. His self-sacrifice meet the needs of the Father and our deliverance from sin Our response = Provide Him with the sweet sacrifice of praise. Offer your spiritual gifts, your talents, your resources and your will to Him Holy and True

Rev 3:7 Meaning = He is fully righteous. He is true to Himself and the Father. His word is like no others. His ways are without error Our response = Accept Jesus for what the Bible says about Him. Just as important, accept what the Holy Spirit says you need to do to honor him in your life Holy Child

Acts 4:30, Acts 4:27 Meaning = Jesus was born without sin and remained without sin Our response = Honor the Son of God who chose to live a life of hardship so that you may know the love of the Father Holy One

Psalms 16:10 Meaning = None other is like Jesus. He was fully righteous, yet fully human. Our response = Trust the one who cannot lead you astray. He is fully worthy to be praised and adored because of who He is Holy One and Just

Acts 3:14 Meaning = Jesus is our righteous Judge. All will one day face Him and either be rewarded or punished for our life on earth Our response = Many will reject Christ and face eternal damnation. Seek his free gift of salvation so that your judgement is reward, not punishment Holy One of God

Mark 1:24 Meaning = Jesus is from God and no other can claim to have lived a righteous life Our response = While we are by nature sinful, seek the one who can change this nature. Holy One of Israel

Isaiah 41:14, Isaiah 54:5 Meaning = The Messiah was propesized to come from Gods chosen people (the Jews). Our response= Jesus fulfills all of the prophesies concerning the Messiah. Pray for the peace and people of Israel that they too might come to know the Savior Hope

I Tim 1:1 Meaning = Jesus represents the only hope for mankind to find redemption. This is not a matter of if He can do this, it is a matter of whether we will accept Him Our response= Our goal of eternal life in Paradise is built solely upon Jesus. Every day he confirms who He is and that our Hope is without fail

Hope of Israel Jeremiah 14:8 Meaning = Israel languished in darkness. Jesus was the longawaited Messiah for which generations prayed Our response= We are grafted into Gods chosen people and take comfort in this fact. He is our Hope and our Salvation

Hope of Glory Col 1:27 Meaning = The glory of God was revealed through Jesus. All of creation eagerly awaits Him to be fully revealed Our response= One day every person will see Jesus and recognize Him as King of Kings. He is beyond measure and his countenance is like no other.

Worship the One where all of our hope rests Horn of Salvation Psalm 18:2, Luke 1:69 Meaning = Jesus was the longawaited Savior of the world. Our response= The worlds religions offer mankind many supposed means to gain an afterlife. Share with others that

Jesus is the only Way. He is the only prophesized Messiah that has proven Himself. I Am John 8:24, John 8:58, Exodus 3:14 Meaning = Jesus was, is and always shall be the same. He is Jehovah, the only Living God Our response= Jesus wants to be

our Provider, Shepherd, Healer and God. Choose this day to be His. Image of the Invisible God 2 Cor 4:4, Col 1:15 Meaning = God is love, mercy, righteousness and power. Jesus has given us a glimpse of Gods image. If we know Jesus, we know

God. Our response= Jesus and the Father are one. By loving Jesus you love the Father and all that they are. Intercessor Hebrews 7:25 Meaning = One who mediates between one having no rights and one

having more or full authority. Jesus stands before God on our behalf even though we are unworthy of such attention Our response= With Jesus working for our best interests, follow His lead so that His efforts produce the greatest amount of spiritual fruit in our lives Jehovah

Isaiah 26:4, Isaiah 40:3, John 6:35 Meaning = The unspoken name of the Living God. He is the Self-Existent One. The One Who Reveals Himself Our response= Jesus reveals Himself to us every day. Often we fail to see, hear or notice His presence. Look for Jesus. He is evident in a hug, the smell of a flower or the knowledge and comfort of His presence during times of trouble Jesus (Jeshua/Joshua)

Mt 1:21, Luke 1:31, and nearly 700 other verses Meaning = His personal, God-given name which means Savior, Jehovah is Salvation Our response= There is no other name like His. We are to call upon Him for salvation. God so loved us that He was willing to give us His Son to save us from our sins. Seek Him today

Jesus Christ Mt 1:1, Acts 2:38, Romans 1:1 and other 4 other times in the New Testament Meaning = Reflects that Jesus was fully human and fully the Messiah, the anointed One from God. Our response= Everything we have

experienced, Jesus experienced also. He knows mans weaknesses, his passions, his hopes. Call upon the Messiah to deliver you today. Jesus of Nazareth Matt 21:11, Mark 1:24, Luke 24:19 Meaning = Jesus was of lowly birth with parents of humble means. Our response= We must recognize

that Jesus left the glory of Heaven to provide the means for you and I to share in His inheritance. His next appearance will be far different than the first. Be ready for His second coming Judge Acts 10:42, 2 Tim 4:8 Meaning = He is the Lord Our

Judge. He has been given the authority to review our lives and our work for His kingdom Our response= No one can stand before Him and plead ignorant. Creation cries out who Jesus is. Confess Him today and receive the salvation that only He can provide Judge of Israel

Micah 5:1 Meaning = As the all-powerful, allrighteous judge, He will judge the living and the dead. Our response= We have one and only one opportunity to stand before our Lord and Maker and be judged. Earn a life worthy of rewards or be prepared to suffer for eternity. The decision has always been our own. Make the right choice today Just One

Acts 7:52, Acts 22:14 Meaning = He is Holy, Righteous Our response= No other person has lived a sin-free life except Jesus. Because of this, He was worthy to take our punishment and free us from death. Rejoice, rejoice that He was willing to take our burden, our shame King

Zech 9:9, Zech 14:16, Matt 21:5 Meaning = He is the All-Powerful Warrior-King that would restore Israel Our response= As our King, we are to honor and adore Him. Being servants in His Kingdom, our goal should be to do His work. What is it that the King is asking of you today? Everyone has a job that requires their special gifts King of the Ages

Rev 15:3 Meaning = As our Ruler, He will not be up-surped, overthrown, embattled or defeated. Our response= We can be assured that as our King, He will defeat all that oppose Him. Nothing can stand prevent His will from being done King Eternal

I Tim 1:17 Meaning = His reign shall last forever Our response= Work to produce that which will glorify the King. Such acts of worship will have eternal benefit. Such acts of worship will not go unnoticed or unrewarded. He has all of eternity to bless you for being His

King of Israel John 1:49, Matt 21:5 Meaning = Jesus revealed Himself first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles. Our response= Jesus is the King of the Jews. One day, a remnant of His chosen people will accept Him as Messiah and come to Him, many more will continue to reject him. Pray for our

lost Jewish brothers and sisters to accept Jesus as their King and Savior King of the Jews Matt 2:2, Matt 27:37, John 19:19 Meaning = Pilate gave Him this title and the Pharisees could not get it changed Our response= Jesus is the King of the Jews. One day, He will set foot

back in Jerusalem and claim his Kingdom. Be prepared for we do not know the hour or day of His coming. King of Kings I Tim 6:15, Rev 19:16, Rev 17:14 Meaning = He is the one and only King of all. All authority has been given to him in Heaven and on the

Earth Our response = Every man has to decide who Jesus is. No earthly king, president, ruler or general can oppose Him. One day, every creature living and dead will acknowledge this fact King of Peace Hebrews 7:2 Meaning = He is the One who

brings peace to all of creation Our response= No Jesus, know no peace. If you know Jesus you will know peace. You cannot find it in any other person, place, thing or event. The peace He provides goes beyond all human understanding King of Righteousness Hebrews 7:2

Meaning = No other King can claim the title of being fully righteous. Our response= Because He is Righteous, He has the authority to judge our lives. Jesus has faced every temptation, every trial, and every condition you will ever face. Trust Him to deliver you from all evil. King of Saints

Rev 15:3 Meaning = As our King, all saints are to honor Him. Our response= In heaven, this is a natural response, on earth, we constantly have to fight our own sin nature for whom we allow to be king of our lives. One day, He will revenge those who have been sacrificed on His behalf Lamb

Rev 13:8, Rev 5:6, Rev 21:22, Rev 22:3 Meaning = That which was without blemish and which was sacrificed as an atonement for the sins of all mankind Our response= Jesus was meek, but strong. Offering himself up as a Lamb before the altar of the cross. He freely accepted the will of the Father. We are to be like sheep also, abiding within his the sheepfold of His will and obeying His voice

Lamb of God Jn 1:29, Jn 1:36, I Peter 1:19, Rev 5:6, Rev 7:17 (and 25 other times in Revelation) Meaning = Jesus was the spotless offering required by God to take away the sins of all mankind. Without the sheding of blood there could not have been the remission of sin

Our response = Jesus did not have to die, He choose to die for you and me. Love Him, adore Him, honor Him. He has saved you from your sins. Your debt has been paid Lawgiver Isaiah 33:22 Meaning = Jesus did not come to destroy the law but that through Him

it might be fulfilled Our response= It is impossible for you and I to be obedient to the law. We could never be found righteous under the law but the grace Christ has provided is available to all. Even so, He commands that we seek each day to obey His commandments. Leader

Isaiah 55:4 Meaning = Jesus is the one who guides, rules and protects His people Our response= Choose this day to allow Him to lead you. What difficult thing has he been directing to you do that you have been resisting? Choose Him and find life to its spiritual fullest Life

John 14:6, Col 3:4, I John 1:2 Meaning = He that sustains Our response=Jesus is the creator of all, the sustainer of all and the power by which all exist. Man was made in Gods image and is an eternal being. Accept Christ this day and know with certainty that you will be with Him forever in Heaven. He will spiritually provide all that your life will ever require Lily of the Valley

Song of Solomon 2:1 Meaning = Jesus is like the beautiful flower that blossoms and catches our attention Our response= Jesus is like no other. He is all things beautiful to God the Father. Cast your eyes upon Him. Behold the beauty of His sacrifice, the fragrance of His authority, and the pedals of His grace

Light John 12:35 Meaning = He is the Light that draws all men towards it Our response= Some men will see the Light and turn from it as it exposes their sinful nature. Come under the Light where He can reveal Himself to you fully and cleanse you from sin

Light of the World John 8:12, Meaning =There is none other that could have brought Gods light to all mankind. Jesus was that Light Our response= Jesus was the longawaited Messiah who saved Gods elect, those who were walking in great darkness. Let His light so shine from you so that others might

come to know His love Lion of the Tribe of Judah Rev 5:5 Rev 5:5 Meaning = Jesus is the prophesized Warrior King that will vanquish all foes Our response= God chose a small, insignificant people (the Jews) to lead all mankind to Him. One day,

returning as their King, Gods chosen people will be lifted up and all eyes set upon Jerusalem. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and its people Living Bread John 6:51 Meaning = Food is necessary for life. Christ provides the spiritual sustenance that allows for eternal life Our response= He freely offers Himself to each of us. Take the spiritual nourishment that only He can provide. Eat at His table often

Living One Revelation 1:18 Meaning = Jesus was the first of the resurrection and revealed His power over death Our response= Rejoice, just as Christ will live eternal, you and I will live eternal. Desire to live eternally with Him Living Stone

I Peter 2:4 Meaning = Jesus is the Living Rock upon which the Church was established. It was His faithfulness to the Father that has allowed this Our response= Just as Jesus was faithful, you and I are called upon to be faithful. He asks that you build your life upon Him rather than what the world has to offer

Lord 2 Peter 2:20 Meaning = Master (Adonai) Our response= Jesus is master of all. Many chaff, rebel or scoff at this authority. While He could fully control all that we do, He has given us free will. Honor Him this day by humbling yourself and accepting Him. He is yoked with you and will always take the majority of any burden you will

ever face Lord of All Acts 10:36 Meaning = Master of all who have ever lived and all created things Our response= Our sin nature wants us to rebel and place ourselves in control of our lives way too often. Everything was created by Him,

through Him, and for Him. One day, all those living and dead will have to acknowledge Him. Yield yourself fully to him today Lord Christ Col 3:24 Meaning = Jesus is both our Master and the Messiah. The One who would save Gods people from their sins

Our response= Christs act of sacrifice provided the means for you and I to be made Holy before God. We thank you Master for what you did for us and how much you continue to love us each and every day Lord God Almighty Rev 15:3 Meaning = The Mighty Warrior King.

This is the militant name of Christ, one every unbeliever should fear Our response= Jesus is God and Coequal with the Father. What a dreadful condition it will be to find unrepentant sinners facing the all-powerful God on the day of judgement. Work that none of your family and friends face this event Lord of Glory

1 Cor 2:8, James 2:1 Meaning =Gods glory, power and might is revealed in Jesus Our response= Jesus came as a babe, rose as a Savior and will return as the Warrior King. All of mankind will see His Glory and humble themselves. Reveal His glory to others so that they too might be prepared for His return Lord God of the Holy Prophets Rev 22:6

Meaning = Master of all who have prophesized in Gods name Our response= All revelation of who God is and His work have been revealed through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost as directed by Christ. Lord of Hosts

Isaiah 44:6 Meaning = Master of Heavens army (angels) Our response= At any time, Jesus could send the heavenly host to destroy this sinful world. At the last trumpet, He will loose this host and all who oppose Him will be defeated. Lord Jesus

Acts 7:59, Col 3:17 Meaning = The one who is your Master is also the means to salvation Our response= Before we can accept Jesus free gift of salvation, we must first accept Him for who He says He is. He is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. He was God in the flesh that lived amongst us Lord Jesus Christ Acts 11:17, Acts 16:31, Acts 20:21

Meaning = His full title. He is the Master, the One Anointed by God to lead all to Salvation through Jehovah Our response= Honor this name and never take it in vain. It is not to be taken lightly and used as a exclamation mark in conversation Lord of lords I Tim 6:15, Rev 17:14, Rev 19:16 Meaning = He is Master of all earthly rulers. Our response= One day the great

and small will come before Him, bow and confess Him as their Master. Rejoice that you already know Him as your Lord Lord and My God John 20:28 Meaning = Jesus is our personal master and personal God. He is

Jehovah. He is Elohim. Our response= Everyday we have to decide how much of ourselves we allow Jesus to have. Yield yourself fully to the Creator of all. As your Master, He always has your best interest in mind Lord of our Righteousness Jeremiah 23:6 Meaning = Jesus would be the Messiah and all others righteousness would pale before Him Our response= Jesus is the

promised Branch from Davids line that will rule with righteousness. Praise God that Jesus righteousness and mercy are available to us Lord and Savior 2 Peter 1:11 Meaning = We recognize Him as being both our Master and our Messiah (Savior) Our response= As our Master, we honor His authority and rejoice that He offered Himself

as a sacrifice for our sins. Man John 19:5, Acts 17:31, 1 Tim 2:5 Meaning = Jesus was fully human, born of woman. He was God in the flesh Our response= There is nothing you will experience that Jesus has not already experienced relative to trials, temptation and suffering. Pray to the one who truly knows you

Man from Heaven I Cor 15:47 Meaning = Jesus came from Heaven to experience all that mankind has to deal with. It was his personal choice Our response= God sent His Son to pay for our sins. We can be confident that He is God He has prepared Heaven for us Master Mt 8:19, John 13:13

Meaning = Adonai (Gk) One who is acknowledged as being in a position of authority over authors (such as a owner and his slave) Our response= Jesus is our Master but our relationship with Him is far beyond that of owner-slave. He has sacrificed all (Himself) for us. What a loving Master He is Man of Sorrows Isaiah 53:3 Meaning = He would be the Suffering Servant. The one on

which all the sin of the world would fall upon, leaving no offspring Our response= While he bore our sins, His return will be marked with glory and power. Rejoice knowing that the Man of Sorrows will return as the Son of Glory Mediator (of the New Covenant) I Tim 2:5, Heb 9:15 Meaning = Jesus has already interceded on our behalf. He has

established His love agreement with us, freeing us from the death of the Law Our response= He has saved us from eternal death by standing before God in our place. Hallelujah Merciful High Priest Hebrews 2:17 Meaning = Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice pleasing to the Father. His act of mercy was beyond measure of any earthly priest. Our response= Jesus is the only

intercessor that was willing and able to die for our sins. Offer to Him daily the sacrifice of praise, adoration and obedience Messenger of the Covenant Malachi 3:1 Meaning = Jesus brought the Good News to a world in darkness Our response= Accept the Messenger for who He was, is, and will be. Because He is

True, look for His return. Mighty God Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 63:1 Meaning = He is God, full of power Our response= Nothing is too large, too hard, too hidden, too evil, too discouraging for God. Seek and you shall find Him. He is a place of refuge in the storm

Most Holy Daniel 9:24 Meaning = Jesus is the Holy One, prophesized from old to be the Messiah, the Savior of all mankind Our response= He is Holy and we are called to be Holy. Repent of your sins and live each day to live righteously for Him Mighty One of Israel Isaiah 30:29 Meaning = Jesus is the allpowerful Messiah, the One who

would redeem Gods chosen Our response= All of history has been about Gods chosen people. One day He shall set up His kingdom in Jerusalem and every nation will worship Him there Mighty One of Jacob Isaiah 49:26, Isaiah 60:16

Meaning = Jesus would remove Israels oppression (both from enemies and from sin) Our response= The evil that opposes God wants desperately to destroy you. Call upon the One who is all powerful. He will revenge His martyrs. Pray for those who are being persecuted for His names sake Minister of the Sanctuary Hebrews 8:2 Meaning = Jesus is our High Priest who ministers to us in continually

in Heavens Most Holy Place. Our response= Jesus did not have to offer a sacrifice for His sins, He was without sin. Even now He is ministering to you. Pray, seek His face and His mercy Nazarene Matt 2:23, Mk 1:24, Meaning = Despised, ridiculed. No man of any value was expected to come from this region of Israel Our response= Jesus was spit upon, beaten, mocked, cursed, and

eventually killed for us. Do not despise the One who has saved you or his will for your life. Lift Him up, praise His holy name. Nobleman Luke 19:12 Meaning = Jesus was the Son of God who left Heaven to share His Father with lowly man Our response= Jesus was rejected by those He came to save. Recognize Him for the love He showed. Accept Him today and

become a follower of the King Offering Eph 5:2, Hebrew 10:10 Meaning = Jesus blood was poured out to meet Gods requirement for a pure sacrifice, a sweet fragrance to the Father Our response= What can we offer Him today to show our love? Love Him with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength

Offspring of David Rev 22:16 Meaning = Jesus was the longawaited King expected from Davids tribe. The root that would sprout Our response= Become a part of Gods family today. He is expecting you. Ointment Poured Forth Song of Solomon 1:3 Meaning = His blood was shed to be the salve healing our state of sin

Our response= Jesus is the prescription that each of us needs. He is to be taken internally daily. Our Great God and Savior Titus 2:13 Meaning = Jesus is the One True God. He has redeemed mankind Our response= Who is like Jehovah? No other prophesized Savior has proven Himself. He was dead and yet lives again.

Because He lives, we shall live also. Thank you Jesus Our Holiness 1 Cor 1:30 Meaning = We are like filthy rags before God. Jesus stands in our place and it is His righteousness that God sees Our response= Try as we might, we sin. Even so, strive for holiness each and every day. Jesus commands that we do so

Our Husband 2 Cor 11:2 Meaning = We are the bride of Christ. He is our Protector, Provider, Companion Our response= Allow Him to be the Head of your home today. Permit Him to lead, to guide, and to direct. He will never lead you astray. Our Protection 2 Thess 3:3

Meaning = Jesus intercedes directly for us in our daily struggles and against those who would harm us Our response= To be protected you have to yield control to some one else. Evil is constantly looking to harm you. Stay close to Jesus where you can find safety. Our Redemption I Cor 1:30 Meaning = The One who has paid our debt

Our response= Jesus paid the debt he did not owe and the debt we could not pay. Because of this, he is worthy to receive honor, glory, power, and praise. Find ways to show Him you are thankful Our Sacrificed Passover Lamb I Cor 5:7 Meaning = As in the first Passover, God spared His Chosen by the blood of a lamb. Jesus shed his blood so that eternal death would pass over us

Our response= Celebrate this Jesus and the victory He has provided us Peace Ephesians 2:14 Meaning = Jesus is the means by which man can find comfort, assurance, and rest Our response= No Jesus, No Peace, Know Jesus, Know Peace. This does not mean your life will be perfect. It does mean that with Him, you can be assured that one

day that all will be made right Physician Jer 8:22, Mt 9;12, Lk 4:23. He is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer. Meaning = Jesus has healed us from the eternal death we would surely face. Our response= Make an appointment with Him each and every day. He is the medicine you need for body and soul

Plant of Renown Ezekial 34:29 Meaning = It will be through the Messiah that Gods Chosen would be saved. Jesus is the Messiah Our response= God has given us Jesus that we might know Him. He desires to be your personal God. Hearken to the voice that is calling you to Him Prophet

Acts 3:22-23, Matt 21:11, Luke 24:19, John 7:40 Meaning = Jesus spoke for God. He is God and His Word was (is) Truth Our response= We cannot pick and choose what the Bible has to say. Either it is true or it is not. Accept it as the unchanging, whole Word of God. Study the red letter words spoken by this Prophet and know God

Propitiation I John 2:2, I John 4:10 Meaning = He was the price paid for our redemption. He substituted Himself as payment on our behalf Our response= Who would give their lives for others? Jesus freely gave of Himself. Our bill has been paid in full. Reject any teaching that says

something other than Jesus was (is) necessary for your salvation Prince Acts 5:31 Meaning = Jesus was the Son of God and of royal blood Our response= As our Prince, He acts on His Fathers behalf, sharing the Kingdom with all who will believe. Trust Him and enter the rewards of His kingdom. It shall know no end

Prince of Life Acts 3:15 Meaning = Jesus is the only means by which we can be saved Our response= He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one shall enter Heaven except through Jesus. Live each day knowing that He has already prepared a place in eternity for you Prince of the Kings of Earth Rev 1:5

Meaning = Jesus stands above all earthly kings. There is none like Him Our response= While some reject Him still, one day every King will kneel before Him. He asks that we also humble ourselves daily and acknowledge his authority over our lives Prince of Peace Isaiah 9:6 Meaning = He is the One by which mankind will find

ultimate rest and security Our response= Lay your cares upon Him. Not one thing can happen to you that He does not allow to occur. Find refuge in allowing Him to lead your life Power of God I Cor 1:24 Meaning = It is through Jesus that God has and ultimately will demonstrate His power over all Our response= Nothing can stand against Him. He is an

immovable force. Gods power is available to each of us if we stay within His will Precious Cornerstone I Peter 2:6 Meaning = It is through Jesus that God has and ultimately will demonstrate His power over all Our response= Nothing can stand against Him. He is an immovable force. Gods power is available to each of us if we stay within His will

Priest Heb 4:14 Meaning = Jesus is the intercessor between us and Holy God Our response= Confess your sins as He is faithful and just and will forgive you. A clean heart will find peace Quickening Spirit I Cor 15:45

Meaning = Jesus is the means by which all life has been created. He provides the means to eternal life Our response= He are dead in our sins. Confess your sins, accept Christ as your Master and have life everlasting Rabboni/Rabbi Mt 23:8 Mt 26:18, Mt 26:25, Jn 1:49, Jn 3:2, Jn 20:16 Meaning = Teacher Our response= Jesus has

personally taught us the true meaning of the Law, Gods desired covenant and the true meaning of life. Attend class today by studying your Bible and allowing Him to teach you the way of Truth Ransom I Tim 2:6 Meaning = Jesus was the price to win our release from our bondage to sin Our response= We can never

repay you dear Jesus. Even so, we commit to loving you more every day and thanking you for your sacrifice Redeemer Job 19:25, Isaiah 59:20, I Cor 1:30 Meaning = One who provides the substitute for that which is due Our response= We know that Jesus is our redemption. He stood in our place and yet lives again. Take comfort knowing that your Redeemer lives and that through

Him we have been given our salvation Refuge Isaiah 25:4 Meaning = A place to gather in a time of trouble Our response= The safest place to be is within the will of God. No matter what your physical state, spiritually He is protecting you against all opposition when you hide yourself in Him

Resurrection and the Life Jn 11:25 Meaning = Jesus is the first born of the resurrection and through Him all might live Our response= The Messiah was prophesized to be cruxified and He did so. He rose and was witnessed by many. Believe that He has the power over death and is your means to eternal life

Righteousness Jerimiah 23:6, Jerimiah 33:16, I Cor 1:30 Meaning = Jesus was without sin Our response= God cannot be in the presence of sin for He is Holy. Jesus stands before God and us Holy God. God calls us to be Holy. Holy living means turning from our sin and not going back to it

Righteous One Acts 7:52, I John 2:1 Meaning = Jesus cannot sin. He had every opportunity to do so but chose to remain obedient to Gods will Our response= We need to recognize our sin and seek Gods forgiveness. He is faithful to cleanse us when we do so Rock

Deut 32:15, I Cor 10:4, Rom 9:33, I Peter 2:8 Meaning = Jesus is both the Rock that provides living water and the stone that will cause many to stumble due to their spiritual blindness Our response= Drink freely of Jesus. He wants to quench your spiritual thirst. Just as a large stone in your path cannot be ignored, neither can Jesus. All have to make a decision

about who He is. Rod Isaiah 11:1 Meaning = Jesus will from the lineage of Jesse as was prophesized Our response= Jesus fulfills all prophesy concerning the Messiah. Because of this, we know with certainty that He is the means to eternal life. Allow Jesus to grow more and more in you each day

Root of David Rev 5:5, Rev 22:16, Meaning = Jesus was the Messiah coming from the descendent of David Our response= While David was not the perfect King, Jesus will be the King of Kings. His ways will be just. Seek to know the one who David knew would be given all authority in both Heaven and earth Root of Jesse

Isaiah 11:10 Meaning = While Israel would fall and its people cast aside, a Messiah would eventually come and restore Gods chosen people Our response= God has placed the love of Christ deep in us. Allow it to grow so that we might bring forth branches bearing spiritual fruit. Rose of Sharon

Song of Solomon 2:1 Meaning = The Messiah would come from Israel and He would not be viewed as anything special. He would not be esteemed by His own Our response= Oh how we love you Jesus. For you sought us out when your own rejected you. We recognize your beauty. There is none like you. Ruler of Gods Creation

Rev 3:14 Meaning = All things were created by Jesus, through Jesus and for Jesus Our response= He is aware of every hair on your head and the number of grains of sand on every beach. Praise Him for there is none other like the Creator-Elohim Ruler of Israel Micah 5:2 Meaning = The Messiah would

come out of Israel with all power and change the world forever Our response= Jesus needs to rule our hearts. Our hearts are changed as we release our will to His Same Hebrews 1:12 Meaning =Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He is the great I AM Our response= Jesus has to

remain true to Himself. What was good and virtuous in the eyes of God has not changed. Strive every day to live His ways of righteousness Sanctification I Cor 1:30 Meaning =Jesus is the means by which we become holy. It is not our power but His that causes this in our lives Our response= Our goal is to become more like Christ every

day. What Would Jesus Do? needs to be more than a catch phrase in our lives Savior Eph 5:23, Titus 1:4, 2 Peter 2:20 and over 20 other times in the N.T. Meaning = One who delivers from judgement Our response= We recognize you as the one who saves us from our sins. There is no other name on Heaven or on earth by

which men shall be saved. Savior of the Body Ephesians 5:23 Meaning = Jesus represents the means by which the Church shall be saved Our response= No preacher, no teacher, no one can save us except Jesus. All who call upon shall be saved. Give Him your life today

Sceptre Numbers 24:17 Meaning = The Symbol of Gods awesome authority. He is our Ruler, the Head over all Our response=Because He is all-powerful, allow Him to control all aspects of your life. Yield your time, resources, thoughts and desires to Him Seed of Abraham Gal 3:16, Gal 3:19 Meaning = Through Jesus, the

true children of God would be brought about Our response= As a child of God, we are called to be His people, accepting of His ways, and trusting Him for all our daily needs Seed of David 2 Tim 2:8 Meaning = Jesus was fully human as well as fully God. He knows of our pain and suffering Our response= Because He

lived among us, he knows the joys and pains of an earthly life. Rest assured that when you face any situation He knows what is best for you. Trust Him Seed of Woman Genesis 3:15 Meaning = Jesus was the means by which God would destroy the evil that threatens all of mankind Our response= Jesus, we are so thankful you were willing to come to us as an innocent baby. You

gave up Heaven to live among us. Oh what a wonderful child you were Jesus. We praise you Seed Servant Isaiah 42:1, Isaiah 52:13, Isaiah 49:5-7, Mt 12:18, Acts 4:30 Meaning = Jesus can to assist

mankind (Abrahams seed) Our response= Jesus chose to serve man by giving of Himself totally. We are called to serve the Son of Man by yielding our lives to Him. What is it that He is asking you to do today to make a difference in His kingdom? Servant Mark 10:45, Acts 3:13 Meaning = Jesus took on the role of a servant, obedient to the will of God Our response= We are called to

be servants to each other and to the Son. Help us to put aside our will that we might serve faithfully today and in your future kingdom Servant of Rulers Isaiah 49:7 Meaning = The Messiah would be of humble background and of lowly estate Our response= Jesus humbled Himself and took on the role of a servant. Seek today to

humble yourself so that you may gladly serve the King of Kings Shadow of a Great Rock Isaiah 32:2 Meaning = Jesus shall cast a shadow that no man will be able to ignore. Some will seek its cover from the sun, others rejects its protection Our response= Accepting Jesus is a personal decision. Some will acknowledge Him but still refuse

His love and salvation. Move under his shadow and be saved today Shepherd of Israel Psalms 80:1 Meaning = The Messiah would lead Gods chosen people to eventual security and peace Our response= Jesus provides us with everything we have. Allow Him to lead you today to whatever pasture He is calling you to. Hear the Masters voice and obey

Shepherd Mark 14:27, I Peter 5:4 Meaning = He is the Lord My Shepherd Our response= Jesus protects you and I from the evil of this world that would devour us. Stay close to the Shepherd who would and already has given His life that you might be protected

Shepherd and Overseer of Our Souls I Peter 2:25 Meaning = Our very salvation is dependent upon our relationship with Christ Our response= Only Christ can provide the means to our salvation. Allow Him to lead you to the path of righteousness. Wide is the gate

that leads to destruction but narrow is the path that leads to eternal life. Jesus is the Way Shiloh Genesis 49:10 Meaning = Sent Our response= Jesus was the One sent by God to deliver us from our sins. Where is God asking you to go to serve Him? You can be a Shiloh to someone in need today

Son Isaiah 9:6, I John 4:14 Meaning = Jesus would be a man, born of woman, fully human Our response= Jesus lived just as you and I. He ate, worked, slept, laughed and cried. We thank God that he provided a Savior who knows what we experience every day-being human Son of the Blessed Mark 14:61 Meaning = Son of God

Our response= God is to be blessed and praised for who He is. God is Holy and Righteous. We praise you God for being all that is good. Help us to be like you and your Son Son of David Luke 18:39, Matt 9:27 Meaning = The Messiah would come from the lineage of Davids family and fulfill this promise Our response= David died and his thrown passed to another.

Jesus is our eternal King and will reign forever. We can take comfort that our King will be fully righteous Son of the Father 2 John 1:3 Meaning = Jesus is the Son of Jehovah, our Heavenly Father Our response= Imagine the pain God felt in sending His Son to die for us. Father, your Son showed us just how much you loved us. Help us to love others

and share your love with them Son of God John 1:49, Heb 4:14, Luke 1:35 Meaning = Jesus was Gods only Son. As such, He was fully divine and of royal status. Our response= God loved us so much that He sent His Son from Heaven to reveal Himself to us. We are so thankful that God loved us enough to send that which he prized the most-Jesus

Son of Joseph John 6:42 Meaning = Jesus earthly father was Joseph the carpenter. God was His biological Father Our response= Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, with Joseph the carpenter her espoused husband. Lord we thank you for the faith of Joseph and the home and security he provided our Savior Son of Man

Mt 8:20, John 5:27, also 93 times in Ezekial but of different meaning (non-Messianic) Meaning = The Messiah would be human and of flesh and bone Our response= Jesus shed real blood for his, he felt the whip, he felt hunger and thirst. Lord have mercy upon a sinful world that sacrificed your gift to man Son of the Most High Luke 1:32 Meaning = Jesus was Gods Son

Our response= When Jesus speaks to His Father the universe trembles. While others envied the Most High (God), Jesus humbled Himself and took on the role of a servant. Lord, we praise you for Jesus, your Son who loves you and was obedient to your will Son of the Virgin Mary Isaiah 7:14, Luke 1:34 Meaning = The Messiah would be born of a virgin. Mary was the one blessed among all

women with this honor Our response= We thank you for a mothers love and devotion to our Savior. Give us the strength and faith to raise our children under your guidance Suffering Servant Isaiah 42:1, Matt 12:18-21 Meaning = Jesus was the one prophesized of old who would be beaten, scorned and punished to redeem sinful man. Our response= We praise you

Jesus for leaving Heaven and taking our place at Calvary. Help us to live each day thankful for what you have done for us and our children Sower Matthew 13:37 Meaning = Jesus is responsible for all who will become Christian. He is the seed that we came from Our response= Lord Jesus, we desire to be just like you. Help us to act like you, think like you, and

love like you. Help us produce spiritual fruit pleasing to you Star Numbers 24:17 Meaning = One who would come, bringing light to a lost and sinful world. Jesus was that Light Our response= Lord you are the brightest Light in the Heavens. Your light has reached the heart of man and you desire that all would come out of the darkness. Help us to share your light with every

nation Stone Psalm 118:22 Meaning = The Messiah would be rejected by man but eventually lifted up above all others Our response= Jesus is the Rock upon which we build our lives. Father teach us to place more faith in your Son every day and reject the ways that lead sin and destruction

Stone Builders Rejected Acts 4:11, Psalm 118:2 Meaning = Jesus did not fit the image of the Messiah that the Jewish leaders were looking for Our response= Dont be hardhearted and reject the One who was the Foundation of the Church. Lord, help us to set the pieces of our lives firmly on Jesus so that our homes are built on solid rock Stone of Stumbling I Peter 2:8

Meaning = Jesus will be the reason many to trip and fall. Every man has to make a personal decision as to who He is. Our response= We recognize Jesus as the Messiah, our Master, and Our God. Lord, thank you for allowing us to be your children Sun of Righteousness Malachi 4:2 Meaning = The Messiah would reveal the Light of Gods

Righteousness to a world bathed in the darkness of sin Our response= Jesus is the light that shines among men. His light cannot be hidden and we are called upon to share that light with every tongue and every tribe Sure Foundation Isaiah 28:16 Meaning = The Messiah would be the structure upon which God would redeem man and bring us back into full fellowship

Our response= He is true and solid. He does not deviate to the left or right and we can be assured that lives built upon Him will stand forever in eternity Surety Hebrew 7:22 Meaning = Guarantee. Jesus was the collateral for you and I in paying the debt of sin Our response= Jesus is not the cosigner for our sin debt, He is the sole signer. He has paid it all. Jesus, thank you for handling our

debt so that we made be right when we stand before our Father in Heaven Tender Plant Isaiah 53:2 Meaning = The Messiahs physical appearance growing up would not differentiate Him from others. Our response= While we know that others esteemed Him not, we are called upon to praise our Lord and Savior. At His next appearance, we shall see His full

glory Testator Hebrews 9:15-17 Meaning = To arrange for oneself. Jesus established the new covenant but it could not come into effect until He was dead. Our response= Thank you Lord for leaving us the gift of life upon your death. Thank you Holy Spirit for being the executor of Christs will and sharing it with us

True God I John 5:20 Meaning = There have always been false gods. Jesus is the only God. He is self-revealing and self-evident. None others have proven themselves to be true Our response= Help us Lord to teach others that you are God, co-equal with the Father and Holy Spirit True Bread

John 6:32 Meaning = Bread is a sustenance of life. Many forms of sustenance are available, but only Christ can provide spiritual manna giving eternal life Our response= We ask for the nourishment that only you can provide. It will never decay or go bad and can be collected every day True Light John 1:9

Meaning = Jesus is the Light of the World that will bring all men out of darkness Our response= Jesus light cannot be hidden, no matter how hard evil attempts to do so. Lord, help us to hold up your light to a lost and dying world Truth John 1:14, John 14:6 Meaning = Reality in opposition to falsehood. False religion, false

prophets, false teachers, Jesus was everything He said He was and everything prophesized about Him Our response= We know that the Word is true and your words are true. Teach us your mind that we might know you better every day True Vine John 15:1 Meaning = Christ is the means by which we can become grafted into Gods household. He is our connection.

Our response= Dear Jesus, we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family. Give us the strength to grow in you and produce spiritual fruit in abundance Vine John 15:1, John 15:5 Meaning = We are attached to Christ. When we remove ourselves from Him, we cut ourselves off from the power we need to grow and survive

Our response= The Father watches over us. Beware that you are not pruned from His garden and destroyed Way John 14:6 Meaning = the road one travels to reach a destination Our response= No man comes unto the Father except through Christ. Jesus is the only means of salvation. Lord, help us share who you are with others so that

they also might know the path to eternal life Wisdom Proverbs 8:12 Meaning = He is the only One possessing all knowledge and the ability to use it fully to Gods glory Our response= No else else knows what is best for us. He is the Eternal One. Because of this He works for our best spiritual interest in every possible situation

Wisdom of God I Cor 1:24, I Cor 1:30 Meaning = It is through Jesus that interacts in the lives of men. We do not have the mind of God and therefore cannot fully understand everything that happens to us Our response= We ask for wisdom in living our lives. Help us to understand and accept the good times and the difficult times Witness

Isaiah 55:4, Rev 1:5 Meaning = He who gives true testimony concerning God Our response= If we know Jesus, we know the Father. Lord, reveal yourself to us more every day that we might love the Father as you do Wonderful Counselor Isaiah 9:6 Meaning = To direct Our response= Jesus is Wonderful. No other individual

has ever overseen any task without error. The Messiah implemented and directed the Fathers plan for salvation. Speak to us Lord Jesus that you might direct our lives Word John 1:1, I John 5:7 Meaning =Logos, the agent of all creation Our response= We recognize Jesus as the creator. Thank you Lord for all that you have

created and shared so freely with us. Word of God Rev 19:13 Meaning = Jesus has full authority and power over all of creation Our response= You have been given a name above all that are in Heaven and on earth. Praise be to the Word, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords

Word of Life I John 1:1 Meaning = Jesus is the creator of all life and the only means to eternal life Our response= Our lives without Jesus are empty shells and doomed to death. We ask that you place your words in us so that we become more like the individual you created us to be References

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9)Life Application Study Bible. KJV. Tyndale (1996) 10)ASV=American Std Version (1886)

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