A Solid Modelling Fable - IIT Bombay

A Solid Modelling Fable - IIT Bombay

A Solid Modeling Fable Ahmedabad-Visual Design Office Kolhapur-Mechanical Design Office Saki Naka Die Manufacturer

Lucknow- Soap manufacturer Ahmedabad-Visual Design Input: A dream soap tablet Output: Sketches/Drawings Weights Packaging needs

Soaps More Soaps Ahmedabad (Contd.) Top View

Front View Side View Kolhapur-ME Design Office Called an expert CARPENTER Produce a model (check volume etc.)

Sample the model and produce a dataset Kolhapur(contd.) Kolhapur (contd.) Connect these samplepoints into a faceting Do mechanical analysis

Send to Saki Naka Saki Naka-Die Manufacturer Take the input faceted solid. Produce Tool Paths Produce Die Lucknow-Soaps

Use the die to manufacture soaps Package and transport to points of sale Problems began

The die degraded in Lucknow The Carpenter died in Kolhapur Saki Naka upgraded its CNC machine The wooden model eroded But The Drawings were there!

So Then. The same process was repeated but The shape was different! The customer was suspicious and sales dropped!!! The Soap Alive !

What was lacking was A Reproducible SolidModel. Surfaces defn Tactile/point sampling Volume computation Analysis

The Solid-Modeller Representations Operations Modeller The mechanical solid-modeller Operations

Volume Unions/Intersections Extrude holes/bosses Ribs, fillets, blends etc.

Representation Faceted Solid Cloud of Points STEPP Boundary-Rep (b-rep) .sldprt

Examples of Solid Models Torus Lock Even more examples

Slanted Torus Bearing Examples (Contd.) Solid Model of an Ice-Cream Machine Sample Representations

Other Modellers-Surface Modelling Chemical Plants Design Rules -process rules -tolerances Civil-Mechanical

Co-Design -facility design -accessibility -safety Chemical plants (contd.) Chemical Plants (contd.)

Advanced Surface Modelling Human Cortex Manual Surface Sampling,/ model consists of 24,000 planer facets Advanced Surface Modelling (Contd.)

The above surface model was created by using the software tool (Nuages) by Bernard Geiger Voxel based re-construction shows the surface decimated to about 22500 vertices and 45000 triangles Our Course-Theory Topology-combinatorial entities and their relationships

Geometry- parametrizable entities and their representations Operations- some of them and their implementations source:www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~sohoni CAGD course notes Our Course-Applications Basic solid-modelling Design Trees and re-parametrization

MIL (B-rep) and geometry Course Schedule AM Time AM Day 1 SM-Fable.ppt SM- PM

SMPrimer.ppt Practical PM Tutorial 3d Day 2 SMInternals. ppt

Geometric- Polynomial Tutorial Topology s.pdf polynomials Day 3 Curves.pdf Surface.pdf Application Tutorial I Curves and

Surfaces Day 4 Spline.pdf Operation. Application Tutorial pdf II Opns/Cons.

Day 5 Construction. Wrap-Up pdf Application TEST III Contents I SM-Fable

Motivate SM, examples SM and structure of SM SM-Primer Practical introduction to an SM SM-Internals Kernel/Husk dichotomy. Entities-face/edge/co-edge.

Topology and applications GeometryTopology The two-tier representation. Parametric vs. Implicit. Sample parametrizations, trim curves Polynomials

Polynomials and the approximation problem, lagrange interpolation, and the bernstein base Curves The construction of Bezier-Bernstein curves, control polygons, end calculations, elevation Surfaces

The 2d analogue of bernstein. Tensor-product surfaces, end conditions Contents II Splines The piece-wise polynomial paradigm, knot insertion and

evaluation Operations TheNewton/Raphson Solver, the projection problem, intersections Constructions

The constructor, intersection curves, extrudes, blends

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