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Praying for the persecuted 1 What is Christian Persecution? Any unjust treatment, discrimination, or marginalization as a consequence of bearing the name of Jesus Christ 2

Types of Persecution Imprisonment Slavery Murder Arbitrary interference with Physical abuse

Rape Death Threats Emotional abuse Destroying places of worship Assassination Attempts Economic Persecution(the deliberate imposition of substantial economic disadvantage)

Extortion a person's privacy, family, home or correspondence Relegation to substandard dwellings Exclusion from institutions of higher learning Enforced social or civil inactivity Travel restrictions

Constant surveillance Restrictive legislation 3 Mass killing Why are Christians being persecuted? Religious extremism E.g. Pakistan Political /ideological reasons E.g. North Korea Social reasons Myanmar E.g.

4 The Worlds Worst Persecutors 1. North Korea 2. Somalia 3. Iraq 4. Syria 5. Afghanista n 6. Sudan

7. Iran 8. Pakistan 9. Eritrea 10.Nigeria Open Doors: The World Watch List 2015 5 80%

of all religious persecution is against Christians 6 International Society for Human Rights, Frankfurt, Germany Statistics 7

Source: Open Doors Global Christian Persecution 70 million Christians killed for their faith since the Churchs founding, 65% in the 20 Century (Barrett and Johnson 2001:227) More Christians died for their faith in the 20th century than in all other centuries put

together (Paul Marshall, Hudson Institute) 400 million live under non-trivial restrictions on religious liberty 8 9 Stories from around the world

10 Stories of imprisonment 11 IRAN PASTOR SAEED ABEDINI Imprisoned in September 2012 for work in a house

church movement Sentenced to 8 years in jail on charges of swaying youth away from Islam At least 20 other Christians detained in jails across the 12 country

PAKISTAN ASIA NOREEN Arrested in June 2009 First woman to receive the death sentence under blasphemy law

To date Asia Noreen remains imprisoned Source: CDN Service 13 Stories of oppression

14 NORTH KOREA THE KIM DYNASTY Most difficult place in the world to be a Christian Christianity is forbidden Around 50-70 thousand people are held in labour camps 15

SYRIAN CHRISTIANS The worst displacement of religious communities in recent 16 IRAQI CHRISTIANS 17 The worst displacement

of religious communities in recent At least 100,000 Christians have fled the ISIS Stories of violence 18

SRI LANKA ATTACKS ON CHURCHES In 2013, 103 incidents of persecution In 2014, 111 incidents In 2015, so far, over 50 incidents NIGERIA CHRISTIANS UNDER FIRE

Over 350 churches were destroyed in 2011 In 2012, over 900 Christians were killed

In 2014 Boko Haram Killed 2,053 Civilians in 6 Months Source: CDN, ICC, HRW 20

Stories of martyrdom 21 INDIA PASTOR SANJEEVULU On 11 January 2014, 4 men pretending to want to pray with him stabbed him and

beat him with sticks and clubs. Pastor Sanjeevulu and family Succumbed to his injuries 2 days later 22 What could we do?

RAISE your voice, speak up for those suffering in the faith "Speak up for those cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy Proverbs 31:8-9 23 What could we do?

In prayer, human impotence casts itself at the feet of divine omnipotence. - John McArthur - 24 What could we do? 1. Get acquainted with the happenings of the persecuted Church 2. Preach and teach on persecution, and

highlight the importance of intercession for the persecuted church 25 How can we pray? 1. Pray scripturally 2. Pray sensitively 3. Pray systematically 4. Pray spontaneously

26 How can we pray for the persecuted?

That believers will stand firm in their faith. (1Peter 5:8-10) That they will not be fearful but trust God. (Rev. 2:10) That they will not take revenge, but leave that completely with God. (Rom. 12:17-21) That they will be enabled to rejoice, even in suffering (1 Peter 4:12-13) That they will be able to actually love their enemies.

(Matt.5:43-44) That they will bless those who have persecuted them. (Rom. 12:14,21) That they will persevere under tribulation. (Heb.10:3239) That they will keep their eyes on Jesus, persevere, and 27 not grow weary or lose heart. (Heb.12:1-3) JOIN OUR MAILING LIST WEA RLC Prayer Release & Research and Analysis Report

Mail us at: [email protected] Visit: www.facebook.com/wearlc 28 WEA RLC MOBILE APPLICATION 29 WEA RLC MOBILE APPLICATION

30 International Days of Prayer for the persecuted church November 1 & 8 www.idop.org 31 suffers, we all suffer


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