Abbasid Dynasty -

Abbasid Dynasty -

Abbasid Dynasty 751-870 AD Egypt now gets a taste of a Shiite Dynasty. The Abbasids (related to the uncle of Mohammed) take power from the Umayyads by killing all but 1 of the men from the dynasty. They did this because of the corruption and degradation that the Umayyads were bringing on Islam To further distance themselves from the former ruling family, the Abbasids moved the

seat of the Caliph from Damascus to Baghdad. Initially, it started with good relations with the Copts Again, the biggest problem was the Walys greediness 46 Walys governed Egypt during these 117 years. 24! Of them were during the reign of Caliph Harun El-Rashid (Caliph for 23 years) The Caliph feared the separation of Egypt if any Waly were to stay a long time and

may succeed to attract the people around him Soon, as before, the collection of the geza promoted serious injustice for the Copts. One episode stands out when Prince Ibrahim sent Lazarus, a Nestorian, with some men to Egypt with orders to collect the columns and marble from the churches to decorate the Palaces of the Caliphs and princes The group marveled at the building of St Mena at Maryout and its

ornaments and the beauty of its coulmns and colored marble SO They destroyed the church and took all the beauty Pope Joseph mourned this day and night as he took care to restore the church The Lord struck Lazarus with a plague in Alexandria and he became very poor Pope Yusab (Joseph)s response: Who is he that resists the Lord? For he shall be crushed. During the period 725-825, there were 7

major Coptic revolts Done in protest of the injustice of the Walys The last revolt ended with a horrible massacre During this time: women were forced to wear prostitutes attire, men had to wear odd clothes and to ride donkeys only Large houses of the Christians were

seized and turned into mosques The tax went sky high Great numbers of Copts were kicked out of their jobs While some churches were destroyed, others were banned from praying in them The number of Muslims exceeded the number of Christians Why the change in demographics? 4000 soldiers came with Amr in 641 AD

Another 4000 were sent by Caliph Omar Arabs are immigrating b/c of the wealth achieved by the first comers During this period, the Walys each brought their contingent of soldiers, families with Turk slaves who all stayed even after the Waly left Obaid Allah Ibn Alhabhab, a tax collector, in 728 brought 3000 Arabs by permission of Caliph Hesham Ibn Abdallah where they stayed east of the Delta This last influx of Arabs had a catastrophic and lasting impact of Coptic Egypt

These people mingled with the Copts and worked in the farms and lived in Egyptian villages This was a change from the other immigrants who did NOT mingle with the Natives but rather lived in their own cities Omar didnt permit any immigrant muslims to work as farmers or to own lands but to focus on war and politics Because of this separation, they had no real influence on Copts by spreading religion or language With

this new group sent by Omar, however, all was about to change. After the initial invasion, the Arabs used translators Many Coptic words were mingled with Arabic due to the slave Coptic women serving in the houses of Arabs Some of these words are used until now In 706 during the Caliphate of Alwalid Ibn Abdelmalek, the Arabic language became the official one In order to keep their governmental jobs, Copts learned Arabic Coptic

names of cities change to Arabic There was an order to translate Christian and Coptic books into Arabic to review its contents Arabic was the language of politics, administration, culture and muslim religion; while Coptic was still used by the Egyptians in the villages for at least 4 centuries after the invasion In a serious precedent, the Caliph El Hakim Bi-Amr Illah issued a decree to stop using Coptic even in houses or public places and to cut the tongues of those who refused to speak Arabic over Coptic

To the extent that Churches would be destroyed if Coptic could be heard outside In the 12 century, Pope Gabriel issued an order to read scripture in Arabic after Coptic in churches Coptic language stayed in use for communications in lower Egypt until 17 th century and until 16th in upper Egypt In 18th century, Copts wrote in Arabic letters while it stayed in use as Churchs language

Psalm 37 Glory Be to God Forever!

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