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About this presentation

Security is everyones business Name // Date Overview of information security best practices You are the key to our security Were counting on you: Your actions can help keep us safe. The bad guys are out there and ready to take advantage of any vulnerabilities they can. Cyber criminals have been targeting small and midsized businesses for yearsand their tactics are getting better Over 50% of SMBs have suffered a cyber attack or security

breach.1 SMBs experience month 1 1 security incident per 2 State of Cybersecurity in SMB (USA),stolen Ponemon, 2016; Smallbizdaily, January 2018 including phishing, passwords, and23,stolen

laptops2 PASSWORD BEST PRACTICES Create and use strong passwords Mix upper and lowercase characters Add in special characters and numbers Do not choose a dictionary word Avoid personal references that could easily be discovered, such as your birthday or the names of relatives

Two-factor authentication significantly increases security ADDITIONAL PASSWORD BEST PRACTICES Help keep your accounts safe Never tell anyone else your password Use a different password for each system Dont keep your password on a sticky note or an unencrypted file on your computer WHAT IS PHISHING? Fake email that appears to

come from a trusted friend or organization. Typically tries to trick you into giving away sensitive information such as a password or credit card number. May also try to get you to download malicious programs by clicking on an attachment. THE ANATOMY OF A PHISHING EMAIL 7

PHISHING DEFENSES WHAT TO DO Never give out personal or sensitive information based on an email Do not trust links or attachments in unsolicited emails Hover your mouse over email links in email messages to verify a links actual email location

Type in website addresses rather than using links from unsolicited emails Be suspicious of phone numbers in emails. Use the phone number on your credit card or statement instead Alert the IT team at [email protected] ntact co is fi r when you receive a suspicious email u

h yo Add tion on t ma bullet r o f in PUBLIC WI-FI RISKS Risky behaviors on a public network Installing any updates or programs on your phone or

computer Accessing emails, social networks, online shopping, or banking servers Configuring your devices to connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks without prompting you first Allowing others to shoulder surf while you work with sensitive information 9

PUBLIC WI-FI BEST PRACTICES Safer use of public Wi-Fi Verify with the provider that you are logging onto the correct network. Use a trusted VPN service to secure your traffic Choosing mobile data services such as 4G, instead of public Wi-Fi wherever possible 10 COMMON MALWARE RANSOMWARE

encrypts the victims data storage drives so data is inaccessible to the owner unless the owner pays a ransom for the encryption key TROJANS masquerades as a legitimate program to trick victims into installing it on their systems WORMS programs that can self-replicate and spread through a variety of means, such as emails 11 MALWARE DEFENSES How to protect yourself:

Install software updates and security patches promptly Beware of fake tech support Log out at the end of the day Be smart about email Be savvy about entering information only on secured sites Back up your data Maintain strong passwords 12 Thank you 13

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