Abscission and Commercial hormones - Groby Bio Page

Abscission and Commercial hormones - Groby Bio Page

Abscission and Commercial hormones Spec Learning Outcomes

Describe how plant hormones are used commercially. Starter: Uses of plant hormones What are the commercial uses of the hormones?

Why are they of benefit? Commercial use of Auxins Sprayed

onto developing fruits to prevent abscission Sprayed onto flowers to initiate fruit growth without fertilisation Parthenocarpy Applied

promotes the growth of seedless fruits to the cut end of a shoot to stimulate root production Synthetic auxins are used as selective herbicides Commercial use of Ethene

Fruits harvested before they are ripe allows them to be transported without deteriorating, these are sprayed with ethene to promote ripening at the sale point.

E.g. bananas from the Caribbean Commercial use of Gibberellin Sprayed onto fruit crops to promote growth Sprayed

onto citrus trees to allow fruit to stay on the trees longer Sprayed onto sugar cane to increase the yield of

sucrose Used in brewing, where GA is sprayed onto barley seeds to make them germinate, amylase is produced, starch is broken down into maltose, the action of yeast on the maltose produces alcohol.

Commercial use of cytokinins Delay leaf senescence can be sprayed on lettuce leaves to prevent them from yellowing Can

be used in tissue culture to mass produce plants PPQ [6] The orange tree, Citrus sinensis, is another important crop plant. Scientists applied the following treatments to commercial orange trees:

Gibberellins were applied at various stages of development. Auxins were applied during development and to mature orange trees. The treated orange trees were compared to untreated orange trees. Scientists observed that the treated trees: had slightly shorter roots

grew taller all began to grow within two days of each other

had fewer and shorter side branches retained their fruit and leaves for longer.

Suggest explanations for each of these observations. [6] Markscheme PPQ [3] Markscheme

PPQ [1] Markscheme PPQ [1] Markscheme A

PPQ [3] Markscheme

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