Accountability Update - Region 10 Education Service Center

Accountability Update - Region 10 Education Service Center

Wednesday Accountability Webinar November 19 Kim Gilson Region 10 ESC 972-348-1480 [email protected] Sound Check! Can you hear me? If not, check your speakers and volume. If the problem persists, please call the phone number in your email and listen through your phone.

STAAR Alt 2 10 days to preview materials begins when you RECEIVE MATERIALS 10 days dont have to be consecutive 10 days are school days Begin looking at how you will schedule your tests

They are untimed Do you have students all 10 days? Can your copiers memory be erased? (Kiocera, specifically) How will you plan instruction around the testing? Will you use paras? Materials Control Form will be in DCCM, which will be posted in December December EOC Testing

ARD/504/LPAC decisions from the 2013-2014 testing season still apply 2014 Accommodations still in place ELLs who are at the end of their 3rd year for STAAR L can still take L in December December EOC Testing Region 10 Will Test Out-Of-School Testers

TXVSN students Texas Tech Online Etc. Contact Kim Gilson by November 26 to reserve a spot December EOC Testing Monday, December 1

Algebra 1, US History, Biology Algebra 1, US History, Biology Wednesday, December 3 Session A: 8:30-12:30 English I, Algebra, US History, Biology Tuesday, December 2 Session B: 12:45-4:45 Session B: 12:45-4:45 Tuesday, December 2 Session A: 8:30-12:30

English I, Algebra, US History, Biology Monday, December 1 Session A: 8:30-12:30 English II, Algebra, US History, Biology Wednesday, December 3 Session B: 12:45-4:45 English II, Algebra, US History, Biology 2014-2015 DTC Trainings January 15 January 20 January 26 Contact Kim Gilson for a registration form [email protected] 972-348-1480

STAAR A NOT subject to a 2% cap Logistics: Computers? Individual Administrations?

Earbuds/Headphones? Flexible Scheduling (see security supplement) Tutorials are LIVE You need to meet minimum system requirements ename=Texas%2FtxPALPPALayout&cid=1175826685632&p=1 175826685632&pagename=txPALPWrapper&resourcecategor y=Technology+Information&testingprogram=All STAAR A TETN You need to watch it.

Is this information making its way to the campus level??? Here is the link for the recording: at the upper right corner click on sign in, the username is: tsnap and the password is: TsNaP21* enter is exactly like I have it shown (case sensitive) then at the top of the page click on My Account, the video should appear generally at least 24hrs after the program is over. Upcoming Reports TAPR Released Next Week in TEASE

Publicly Posted First Week in December Bilingual/ESL indicators will be included in campus reports School Report Cards Posted Mid December Appeals Letters Go to Districts Week of Nov 17 Final Ratings Posted First Week of December

PEG List Posted Mid-December Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) 11 The 2013-14 TAPR will be released on the confidential Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE) Accountability website during the week of November 17. District and campus TAPR will be posted to the TEA public website during the first week of December. When the 2014 TAPR is posted on TEASE, e-mail notifications will be sent to district superintendents and ESC directors. The TEASE release provides the information that districts need to fulfill publishing and notification requirements for the TAPR.

The TAPR Guidelines will provide details about district responsibilities. Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) 12 Publishing MUST publish: Performance and profile sections of district and campus TAPR reports MAY publish: Glossary English Glossary will be available by the first week of December 2014. Spanish translation will be available in January 2015. MUST add and publish: o Report of campus performance objectives; o Report of violent or criminal incidents; and o Information from THECB about performance of students in postsecondary institutions.

Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) 13 District Responsibilities Hearing for Public Discussion Must be held within 90 calendar days after the November 2014 TEASE release. District winter break days do not count towards the 90 days. TAPR must be disseminated within 2 weeks after the hearing. Reporting Changes in TAPR 14 No significant changes to 2014 TAPR compared to 2013 except for the

following enhancements: Additional Performance Indicators STAAR Results at Advanced Level III Standard Inclusion of ELL Progress Measure in Progress Results (Index 2) STAAR Results at Postsecondary Readiness Standard Met or Exceeded Progress

Exceeded Progress Expansion of Student Success Initiative (SSI) section Expansion of bilingual/ESL indicators to campus-level reports School Report Card (SRC) 15 The School Report Card for the 2013-14 school year will be released by mid December. Similar format as the redesigned SRCs that were released for 2012-13. SSI indicators that are reported in TAPR have been added to meet statutory requirements.

2014 Reporting Calendar Wednesday, October 1 Texas Consolidated School Rating Report (TCSR) Week of November 17 (TEASE) Accountability Appeal Response Letters Week of November 17 (TEASE) Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) Week of December 1 (Public) Updated 2014 Accountability website Week of December 1 (Public) Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)

Week of December 8 School Report Card (SRC) Week of December 15 Public Education Grant (PEG) list posted on public website Tuesday, January 13, 2015 Texas School Accountability Dashboards (TSAD) Late January, 2015 (complete) Texas Performance Reporting System (TPRS) Late January, 2015 Federal Report Card (FRC) Early March, 2015

Snapshot 16 Texas School Accountability Dashboard 17 Per House Bill 5, the Texas School Accountability Dashboard provides a comparison reporting system for districts and campuses based on 2014 performance index results of the fully-implemented state accountability rating system. Public release of dashboard reports has been changed from Friday, December 19 to Tuesday, January 13.

Initial release meets the following statutory requirements of TEC 39.309. Additional enhancements will be made in future releases. Public Education Grant (PEG) Program 18 A statutorily mandated program of school choice (TEC Ch. 29, Subchapter G,29.201-29.205) was not affected by changes made by the Texas Legislature in HB 3 in 2009. Partially aligned with accountability ratings, but not fully aligned with the state system. Districts with campuses on 2015-16 PEG list will be notified via TEASE

Accountability in mid-December 2014. Statute requires districts to notify parents of the 2015-16 list by February 1, 2015. PEG 15-16 Criteria TAA Letter Dated 11/10: Double Testing USDE wants us to double test 8th Grade Math would count for middle school accountability

Algebra 1 would be banked for high school accountability TEA continues to stand by statements made in TAA letter dated March 6 Philosophy: instructionally inappropriate and an invalid evaluation TEA doesnt have statutory authority to add a high school test TAA Letter Contd For 2015 state and federal accountability, if a student takes the STAAR Algebra I assessment and a STAAR mathematics grade level assessment, only the results of the Algebra I assessment will be included in the

accountability calculations for the campus and the district where the student tested. Actions and Options Commissioner Williams has sent a letter to the legislature informing them of the Federal requirement for an additional high school math assessment Is considering allowing optional Algebra II EOC or SAT/ACT or other substitute assessments to meet high school testing requirements No guarantee Feds will approve

Middle Schools would be accountable for the Algebra 1 score and High Schools for the substitute assessments Looking Forward ATAC begins meeting in December 48,000 students will not graduate this year if they dont pass their EOC Legislative Session begins January 15 Index 2 is TBD for Elementary and Middle Schools

STAAR A is TBD for Index 1, 2, 3, and 4 STAAR Alt 2 is TBD for 1 and 3, NA for 2 and 4 Topics for 2015 Accountability Development 24 Postsecondary Indicator Topics: Options for additional postsecondary and career readiness indicators

Review issues related to transition to Foundation High School (FHS) Program Topics for 2015 Accountability Development 25 State Assessment Topics: Use of Bridge Study for grades 3 8 mathematics Options for Inclusion of STAAR A (Accommodated) and STAAR Alternate 2 Options for Evaluation of STAAR and ELL Progress Measures in Index 2

No Growth Measure for Eng 1 (Except for ELL Progress Measure) Source: Progress Measure FAQ 2015 Distinction Designations 27 Distinction Designations that were assigned in 2014 will be assigned in 2015 No significant changes are anticipated for the seven distinctions for campuses and the postsecondary readiness distinction for districts. Indicators evaluated in 2014 for each distinction designation will likely continue to be evaluated in 2015, based on recommendations from accountability advisory groups. New indicators may be added to certain distinction designations in 2015, based on recommendations from accountability advisory groups.

Methodology for determining campus comparison groups will likely remain unchanged. Methodology for determining postsecondary readiness distinction designation for districts will likely remain unchanged. Index 4 and Districts/High Schools Statutory Requirements Call for Additional Indicators to Be Added CTE, certifications, new graduates under foundation.

Final level 2 will still be there (required by law). Should continue to follow 2+ tests. Grad rates in law wont change. BUT..3 of the 4 indicators we know about are lagging Foundation High School Program Issues will need to be addressed Where Did TEA Put. Resources for the new test STAAR A

Resources for STAAR ALT 2 All Things STAAR ACCOMMODATION TRIANGLE and accommodation resources TELPAS resources SSI (student success initiative) not updated yet! DVM Assessment Performance Levels Posted December 19 Staging February.

Feb 3 DVM Assessment Work Session 9-12 Pecan Room Wednesday Accountability Webinars and Powerpoints Please contact me at kim.gils[email protected] to be added to my listserv! November 19Last one for 2014 We resume again January 7, 2015!

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