ACL Training Presentation - Cadet

ACL Training Presentation - Cadet

Introductions: Agenda Introduction (Doctrine) Organization (National, Provincial & Local) Responsibilities (Civilian, Military) The Partnership (DND & League)

The Squadron Management of Activities (Responsibilities) The Air Cadet Movement

The Aims of the Air Cadet Movement To develop in youths the attributes of good citizenship and leadership. To promote physical fitness. To stimulate the interest of youth in the aviation and aerospace industry, including the air element of the Canadian Forces. The Air Cadet Motto TO LEARN

TO SERVE TO ADVANCE Vision of the Air Cadet League of Canada The Air Cadet League envisions the Air Cadet Movement being recognized as the best - the most influential, innovative and expert organization - in the world community of youth movements; and being proactive in meeting the changing needs of youth, the

environment and the challenges of economic change. Values of the Air Cadet League of Canada The Air Cadet League of Canada fosters development in youth the values of: self-confidence self-discipline leadership physical fitness Mission Statement of the

Air Cadet League of Canada To promote and encourage among young people a practical interest in aeronautics, and to assist those intending to pursue a career in the field of aviation. To provide a voice in Canada for the Air Cadet Movement as a whole so that the Canadian public are kept aware of the accomplishments and capabilities of the Movement and of its ability to fulfill its aims. Mission Statement (continued) To advise and assist the Canadian Forces

in developing and improving Air Cadet training programs, manpower needs of the Cadet Instructor Cadre, and in resolving problems relating to the implementation of policies and procedures. To study and initiate proposals from and to D.N.D. and other government departments which enhance the future of the Air Cadet Movement and which are consistent with Canadian economic and social objectives. Mission Statement (continued) To participate in long and short term

planning for Air Cadets with the Canadian Forces, and to promote a friendly relationship through mutual respect and understanding of the roles of each partner. To encourage discussion and resolution of any problems that develop within the Air Cadet Movement and continually endeavour to ensure that the Movement will continue to progress and prosper. Philosophy The Air Cadet League believes that there is a place in our society for an educational

program: which is not entirely permissive; which requires the participants to meet certain standards of dress, appearance and behaviour; which expects our young people to accept a full measure of personal responsibility for their own actions. Philosophy (continued) The League also believes that Air Cadets should have every opportunity to qualify for the most attractive rewards the program can offer - through merit.

While Air Cadets are not required to pay membership fees or dues, they are expected to take part in fund-raising and other support projects initiated by the League, Sponsoring Committees and Squadron Staff. Philosophy (continued) The League assumes that a young person joins Air Cadets mainly for their interest in aviation and wishes to be identified with the Air Force of the Canadian Forces. The League believes it is important that the Squadron officers, instructors and

Sponsoring Committees maintain contact with the Air Force of the Canadian Forces. Every effort should be made to have our squadrons visited and inspected by officers of the Canadian Forces. Organization of the Air Cadet Movement National Organization & Communications LEAGUE DND

Air Cadet League Members/Directors Executive Committee Board of Governors Committees President Finance Fund Raising

Flying Honours & Awards Nomination Prov. Chairs Selection Comm. Consultant National Office Provincial Committee Provincial Executive Provincial Office

Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff Director of Cadets Region Commander Committees Liaison Member Sponsor Minister of

National Defence Sponsoring Committee Chairperson Regional Cadet Support Unit/Detachment Squadron CO Affiliated Unit

Responsibilities of the Air Cadet League and the Canadian Forces Responsibilities of the Air Cadet League Through League HQ and its Provincial Committees: Making recommendations to the Chief of the Defence Staff for the formation, organization or disbandment of cadet squadrons. Providing supervision, advice and assistance to local sponsors and cadet units.

Overseeing, in cooperation with the CF, the effective operation of Air Cadet squadrons and their Sponsoring Committees. Responsibilities of the Air Cadet League (continued) Recommending suitable persons for enrollment in the CF as CIC officers, or for employment as Civilian Instructors. Making recommendations to the appropriate Region Commander regarding the appointment, promotion, transfer or release of CIC officers and

Civilian Instructors. Providing and supervising Sponsors and Sponsoring Committees. Responsibilities of the Air Cadet League (continued) Providing advice and assistance to Squadron Sponsoring Committees. Providing financial support as required. Administering trust accounts set up for awards to outstanding cadets. Responsibilities of the

Canadian Forces The CF is responsible for providing: Supervision & administration of cadet squadrons. Materiel, in accordance with approved scales of issue. Training, pay and allowances for Cadet Instructors. Funds for payments of the Local Support Allocation and training bonuses as authorized. Responsibilities of the

Canadian Forces (continued) Transportation, as authorized. Facilities and staff for Summer Training Centres and approved courses. Syllabus and training aids, in accordance with approved scales of issue. Medical care as authorized. Responsibilities of the Canadian Forces (continued) Liaison with cadet units. Maintain and service cadet aircraft fleets. Officers or appropriate civilians for formal

functions at Annual Reviews. Policy on the enrolment, employment, appointment, promotion, transfer and release of CIC officers, Civilian Instructors and cadets. Responsibilities of the Provincial Committees Support and advise. Training and mentoring members. Attend, on demand, Local Sponsor Committee meetings. Participate at meetings with parents.

Responsibilities of the Provincial Committees (continued) Serve as intermediary between the Squadron, the Provincial Executive and the Cadet Office. Encourage and motivate the committee members. Participate in the Annual Review. Annual Assessment Report. The Partnership The Partnership

The Service - The Civilian The real secret behind the success of The Air Cadet Movement Consultation occurs before any changes are made to policy or other significant matters of joint concern Each have their own responsibilities One Entity The Air Cadet Movement League League

Military Military Squadron Squadron Cadets Cadets Chairperson Chairperson Commanding Commanding Officer

Officer Links Links between between Civilians Civilians and and the the Military Military

Communication Communication Complicity Complicity

Respect Respect // Trust Trust Tolerance Tolerance

Team Team work work The Squadron Responsibilities of the Commanding Officer Assure that the Mandatory Proficiency Level training program is implemented. Organize Optional Training. Plan Special Activities. Responsible for the administrative

management of the squadron. Manage and control military materiel. Responsibilities of the Commanding Officer (continued) Organize and supervise the work of the military personnel. Make sure that there is a fair evaluation system in the selection of cadets for promotions, summer training and awards. Assure the liaison with the Sponsoring Committee. Prepare and submit a budget.

Sponsor Sponsoring Committee Supporter Sponsor Usually drawn from: Service Clubs Parent Committees Other organizations Group formed specifically for the purpose of sponsoring a particular squadron

An element of an Association A Sponsor is responsible for creating and maintaining the Squadron Sponsoring Committee. Squadron Sponsoring Committee The Backbone of the Air Cadet Movement. Made up of interested citizens prepared to provide financial and other support for the squadron.

They directly interact with the CIC Officers, Civilian Staff, and cadets of the squadron. Supporter In addition to its Sponsor, an Air Cadet squadron may receive assistance and support from other organizations, groups or individuals. They may be formally recognized as Supporters.

Responsibilities of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee Assisting in enrolling suitable persons to be cadets in their squadron. Making recommendations through their Provincial Committee to the appropriate Region Commander regarding the appointment, promotion, transfer or release of CIC Officers for their cadet squadron. Identifying suitable candidates for enrolment as

replacement officers or Civilian Instructors or Volunteers. Responsibilities of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (Continued) Enrolling suitable persons to be members of the Sponsoring Committee. See that the registration form is completed by every member of the committee. Liaison with other cadet units.

Providing appropriate accommodation for squadron training, administration and stores when it is not provided by the CF. Responsibilities of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (Continued) Providing training aids and equipment, including band instruments not supplied by the CF. Providing and managing all financial matters, and administrative needs for the

squadron. Providing support to their Provincial Committee activities and financial needs as agreed. Responsibilities of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (Continued) Providing supervision of a squadrons finances and rendering an Annual Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (ACC9) to the Provincial Committee. Providing necessary input to cadets

applications for summer training. Responsibilities of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (Continued) Arranging cadet recreational programs other than environmental training. Providing transportation, when not available from the CF, for local training exercises. Providing such other facilities or assistance as may be mutually agreed between the Sponsor, the Sponsoring Committee, and the CF.

Responsibilities of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (Continued) Assuring that the squadron functions in accordance with League Rules and Regulations and, within that framework, establishing local regulations that may be necessary. Providing squadron representation in the local community. Providing awards trophies and other special inducements for proficiency.

Squadron Sponsoring Committee Member's Duties Minimum of 5 members 1 Chairperson 1 Vice-Chairperson 1 Secretary 1 Treasurer 1 or more Members The Chairperson Regarding the squadron, is responsible for:

Representing the Squadron to parents, the public and all decision bodies of the community. Respecting the working agreement with the Sponsor, if applicable. Obtaining the services of qualified officers and instructors for the squadron.

Maintaining privileged links with the CO. The Chairperson (continued) Regarding the committee, is responsible for: Supervising the duties of the committee. Ensuring committee members are

registered. Scheduling and presiding at meetings. Establishing and supervising subcommittees. Enforcing all decisions.

The Chairperson (continued) Regarding the Provincial Committee, is responsible for: Registering as a member of the Provincial Committee and reporting to the Chairperson. Attending provincial meetings.

Submitting, annually, the financial statements (ACC9), the list of members of the Sponsoring Committee and cadets of the squadron. The Chairperson (continued) Regarding the Provincial Committee, is responsible for: Ensuring that the committee supports the provincial goals ( Finance, Flying, Effective

Speaking, etc.). Collaborating in all regular or special activities that occur in the region under the guidelines of the Provincial Committee. The Vice-Chairperson Substitutes for the Chairperson when

required. Accomplishes any mandate given by the Chairperson. The Secretary Summons the members.

Prepares meeting agendas. Takes the minutes. Maintains a mail register. Keeps all documents for the

committee. The Treasurer Assumes responsibility for and maintains squadron funds. Prepares monthly statements and pays all invoices. Keeps inventory for non-military items. Prepares the Annual Report, submits it to the Committee and sends it to the Provincial Committee. Prepares and controls all official receipts

for donations. The Members Assume some of the following responsibilities Publicity/Public Relations. Food for cadets recreation activities. Transportation. Purchases. Fund raising. Are members of sub-committees. Sponsoring

Committees' Responsibilities Financial Responsibilities Financial responsibilities for the operation of the squadron are shared by: The Sponsoring Committee. The Commanding Officer.

Financial Responsibilities (continued) Financial support includes: Preparation, funding and implementation of the squadrons annual operating budget. Processing all financial transactions.

Providing petty cash to the C.O. Maintaining financial records. Preparing the financial statement.

Budget The Commanding Officer should submit prioritized spending estimates to the Sponsoring Committee at the start of each year. Budget (continued) Preparation should involve: Compilation of a prioritized list of planned activities, along with proposed dates. Compilation of items required for Cadet activities.

Assign costs to each activity or items to be acquired. Define fund-raising ideas and estimate revenue potential.

Estimate amounts of DND grants. Budget (continued) Budget Study Chairperson - Commanding Officer Committee Who should conduct budget cuts ? Adjust proposed activities and acquisitions to reflect revenue potential, as required. Fund Raising Campaigns

Think about them Organize them Manage them Fund Raising with Cadets

A maximum of two per year Provincial campaign One other This campaign must be a paying one. Communicate the objectives of the campaign to the cadets set goals for cadets. Reward cadets achieving or surpassing these

goals. Other Fund Raising Possibilities Donors Industries Banks Organizations Companies Government Provincial MLAs

Federal MP's Municipal Community Support School Boards Facilities Services Sponsorship Municipal Recreational Services

Insurance Publicity Facilities Transportation Secretarial Services Sponsorship Service Clubs Sponsorship Be Grateful CERTIFICATES


Provide suitable facilities Office Classrooms Storage

Gym Prepare FOR the following year. Publicity/Public Relations Goal: To promote the organization in order to facilitate acceptance, fund raising and recruiting. Represent the squadron at community activities. Publicity/Public Relations

(continued) Communicate to the media Cadet achievements and activities: Awards; Summer camps; Competitions. The organization is sometimes not well known! Recruiting

By the cadets. Information campaigns. Promote enrolment and retention.

Material and solicitation. Promote the program. Schools. The squadron training program must be of quality. Official Representation

Establish and favour links with dignitaries. Welcome dignitaries on special occasions. Thank the benefactors. Represent the squadron in the community. Inventory Negotiation and purchase of non-military items. Keep inventory of these items. Identify the material. Control the utilization. Ensure owned items are insured. Personnel

Military personnel transactions Contracts Identify new members Endorsement Application/Registration Form Registration includes the screening of all volunteers working with cadets.

A welcomed procedure, required by Provincial and Federal legislation to protect our cadets. Must be completed or insurance coverage is in jeopardy. Training Program

Ensure that the program given meets the Goals. Organize recreational activities for the cadets. Organize social activities for both the Military and Civilian personnel together. Evaluation Process ENSURE THE SQUADRON UTILIZES A FAIR AND CORRECT WAY OF EVALUATING THE CADETS.

Evaluation Results Promotion of Cadets Summer Training Centre Courses Fair Fair Equitable Equitable Reward Activities

Make your comments & recommendations to the CO. Discipline Support the Commanding Officer. Bring up to the CO incidents worth mentioning. Use the right channels of communication. Channels of Communication Chairperson Chairperson

Commanding CommandingOfficer Officer Committee CommitteeMembers Members Squadron SquadronOfficers Officers

Cadets Cadets Conflict Resolution Conflicts do occur. Conflict that disrupts MUST be dealt with. Issues not addressed fester into BIG PROBLEMS. Avoid conflict by communicating clearly policies and procedures. Talk through issues and agree on how to move on. You may need another League Member to mediate the issue to resolution.

Steps to Conflict Resolution: Identify the parties involved and arrange a meeting to deal with the issue. Identify the problem. Deal in a Professional Manner Treat equally, all have their say. Decide upon the best way to resolve the problem. All parties agree to abide by the decision. There is to be no complaining after the meeting. Committee Meetings

Agenda. Attendance of the Commanding Officer. Commanding Officer report. Copies of minutes. Financial Statements. Annual Ceremonial Review Preparation. Invitations. Welcoming. Reception. Recognition.

Management of Activities Look after the day to day management of the squadron. What does this mean ? Management Continuum PLAN 1 ORGANIZE 2 CONTROL

5 STAFF 3 DIRECT 4 Plan / Forecast Establish and promote goals. Adopt the budget. Establish the strategy. Ensure continuity.

Organize / Ensure Success Establish the structure and organizational chart. Ensure the required tools. Marketing. Inventory. Purchasing. Accounting. Staff / Synchronize Efforts Relationships Collaboration Team Spirit

Committee Direct / Manage Actions Inspire Motivate Command Delegate Recognize Control / Verify Effectiveness Analyze the performance.

Readjust. Summing Up Introduction Philosophy). (Aims, Motto, Vision, Values, Mission, Organization

Responsibilities (League, Canadian Forces). The Partnership (the military, the civilian).

The Squadron Manage Activities (National, Provincial & Local). (Responsibilities-CO & Sponsoring Committee). (Plan, Organize, Staff, Direct, Control).

More information at Squadron Sponsoring Committee Members and Sponsors Sponsoring an Air Cadet squadron allows you to make a real difference in the lives of young people. Without an effective squadron sponsoring committee, an Air Cadet squadron cannot exist. While funding is necessary, you must also oversee the operation of your squadron for the Air Cadet League of Canada. Working together, the Air Cadet League and the Canadian Forces provide the cadet experience.

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