Additional slides - Emory University

Additional slides - Emory University

Emory Research Laboratory Information Management System ( LIMS) Background An enterprise-wide LIMS was needed to support research bio-banking across the University. Emory University and the Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute (ACTSI) selected the Nautilus system in 2008 after a nine-month evaluation that included many stakeholders across

Emory and the ACTSI. The initial license purchase and implementation are supported by ACTSI and Emory University funds and the system is currently utilized by 30 laboratories across Emory and the ACTSI. What is Nautilus LIMS? Nautilus Laboratory Information Management System is a Thermo Fisher Scientific product that is well suited for workflow automation and information tracking related to biospecimen sample management and processing.

Features include: Study management including the Study Design Module (SDM) which provides an easy to use graphical user interface for study design including visits, time points and draws. Participant management Sample management throughout the sample lifecycle Location management used to track sample box and freezer locations Instrument Integration Reagent tracking Tests and Results Shipments

Reports and label creation Why choose Nautilus LIMS over Excel, Access or paper? Ability to automate procedures

Reduction of human error Improved quality of data Access is authenticated Secure hosting and regular data backups by LITS with full disaster recovery and business continuity plans Allows multi-site access through the web Group level and user level roles & rights security Why choose Nautilus LIMS over Excel,

Access or paper? (Cont.) System auditing Who logged in to the application Who changed the data HIPAA Compliant Integration with other enterprise applications such as Emory Research Subject Registry and REDCap On-site application support by LITS LIMS team Who can use Emorys Nautilus LIMS?

All Emory University and Emory Healthcare Principal Investigators (PI), research teams, staff, and their external collaborators. Note: users must have an Emory NetId and password to access LIMS. Current LIMS Statistics at Emory (as of 1/1/2017) ACTSI Clinical Research Network Sites using LIMS (as of 1/1/2017)

Emory University Hospital Emory University Hospital Midtown Emory University HOPE Clinic

Grady Memorial Hospital Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta Morehouse School of Medicine University of Georgia Athens (UGA) CTRU Funded By: Some Areas of Research:

Transplant Immunology Genetics Malaria Breast cancer Traumatic Wound Injury

Neurology Collaborators Include: LIMS Integration Emory Research Subject Registry (ERSR) CR-Assist

REDCap LIMS Protocol/Study Management Specimen Management Clinical Data Management

LIMS Interface LIMS Interface cont. EMORY LITS LIMS Team Sharon Mason - Manager, Information Technology

Rachelle Jones - Research Informatics Analyst Circe Tsui - Assistant Director, Research Solutions Monica Crubezy - Director, Research Solutions Software Engineering How the LIMS team can help Provide a demo of the system Perform an initial assessment of your requirements to see if Nautilus is the right solution for you Provide a quote of the implementation and the

licensing fees Perform the implementation and the on-going training and support Interested in learning more? Please send your inquiry to [email protected]

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