Admissions Counseling Session - UCLA School of Nursing

Admissions Counseling Session - UCLA School of Nursing

WELCOME TO THE UCLA SCHOOL OF NURSING FALL 2020 MSN-MECN Welcome Remarks Mark Covin Director of Recruitment, Outreach & Admissions Purpose: Share specific information regarding the Pre-licensure Masters Entry Clinical Nursing program MECN is the acronym that is used

This is first and foremost, a fast-paced full time MASTERS (MSN) program that will allow students to sit for the Registered Nurse licensing exam upon completion Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) focused Simulation Lab | UCLA School of Nursing Using real-life mannequins in the simulation lab that replicates a hospital setting, nursing students are UCLA are gaining great experience before they start working in a clinical environment seeing patients. Todays Agenda 2:00-2:45 - Introduction & Overview of the MECN Curriculum by Mark Covin 2:45-3:10 - How to Have a Successful Application by Jeimy Gama 3:10-3:30 - Financial Aid by Craig Kusunoki 3:30-3:50 - Former & Current Students 3:50-4:00 - Closing Remarks by Mark Covin Masters Entry Clinical Nurse Designed for students who have a Bachelors

degree who wish to enter the nursing profession. Two-Year Full Time program that is 22 months in length and includes the summer between first and second year (full-time). UCLA classes are quarter system based which is 10 weeks, there are a total of 7 quarters. Total of 70 students per year will be accepted Why UCLA???

Small community within a big city UCLA School of Nursing is ranked among the Top Nursing Schools in the country by US News and World Report UCLA Resources are available to you as a graduate student What Else to Think About Admission Deadline = November 1, 2019

Admission process will be discussed, especially the prerequisites There is a big difference between undergraduate and graduate work You have to be here the days that classes and clinical are scheduled Goals of the Programs Educate and provide a new workforce of RNs

Provide clinical leaders in health care settings, focus is on the CNL model Graduates will be prepared to deal with high acuity/high tech healthcare settings Partnership with other affiliates UCLA Healthcare System Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Childrens Hospital, LA VA Hospital, West LA Good Samaritan, LA Torrance Memorial, Torrance Northridge Medical Center Frequent Q & A

Minimum GPA is 3.0 When will admission decisions be made? Is there a wait list for the program? Do you defer students to the next year? How often do you admit to the program? Is Graduate Student Housing available? What is the retention rate? How do the students do on NCLEX? Curriculum Overview Clinical Experiences First Year Winter & Spring Quarters Med/Surg Summer Session Mental Health/Gero Second Year Fall Quarter Peds & Maternity Winter Quarter Immersion

Spring Quarter Public Health Sample Course Sequence Please refer to %20F19%20Entry.pdf for sample 2019 course sequence Year 1 Fall Winter Spring Monday Monday or Monday or Tuesday

Tuesday or Tuesday or Thursday Wednesday Wednesday (3 days per week) Thursday Thursday Friday Friday

TOTAL: 16 units Summer Varies TOTAL: 13 units (3 days per week) (3 days per week) TOTAL: 17 units TOTAL: 19 units Sample Course Sequence Year 2 Fall Winter

Monday or Varies Spring Monday Tuesday or Tuesday or Wednesday Wednesday or Thursday Thursday Friday

(3 days per week) week) TOTAL: 18 units 15 units (2 days per TOTAL: 12 units TOTAL: Time Commitment Time commitment for students studying at UCLA: For each unit taken, 3 hours of work can be expected (in and out of the classroom). Therefore, 14 units = 42 hours of time devoted to studies in and outside the classroom. Application Process

Graduate Division Apply for Admissions Plans for Graduate Study Application Type New Readmission Renewal Major/Program

Nursing MSN MECN Academic History & Transcripts Chronological order of higher education (only four year Institutions). Upload Unofficial transcript(s) from degree program as well as institutions where you completed prerequisite coursework. If admitted: Need to submit one official

transcript with your degree posted, plus one official transcript from each institution where you completed prerequisites. Official Transcripts must be sealed Can be sent directly to Student Affairs from the college/university What we look for in an Applicant Why do you want to be a Nurse?

Reason for selecting UCLA Self assessment for success (at the University and in Nursing) Your goals for a nursing career Volunteer experience in healthcare setting or other relevant experiences (will help if you indicate the duration of time). Leadership activities and qualities (will help if you indicate the duration of time)

Include any multicultural & diversity experiences. Examples of responding to challenges or adversity (i.e. Economic, social disadvantaged and/or first generation) Bilingual ability (describe your level) Statement of Purpose The statement of purpose is an integral part of your application for graduate admission and consideration for

merit-based financial support. It is used to understand your academic interests, and to evaluate your aptitude and preparation for graduate work, as well as your fit with the proposed program of study. Up to 500 words in length Approximately 1-page, single spaced, using 1-inch margins and 12-point font You do not need to answer every question; focus on the

elements that you feel are most relevant to your candidacy. Please refer to application for SOP questions. What is your purpose in applying for graduate study in your specified degree program? Describe your area(s) of interest, including any subfield(s) or interdisciplinary interests. Statement of Purpose What experiences have prepared you for advanced study or research in this degree program? What relevant skills have you gained from these experiences? Have your experiences led to specific or tangible outcomes that would support your potential to contribute to this field?

What additional information about your past experience may aid the selection committee in evaluating your preparation and aptitude for graduate study at UCLA? Why is the UCLA graduate program to which you are applying is the best place for you to pursue your academic goals? If you are applying for a research masters or doctoral program, we encourage you to indicate specific research interests and potential faculty mentors. What are your plans for your career after earning this degree? Personal Statement

This statement should not duplicate the Statement of Purpose. Describe how your background, accomplishments, and life experiences led to your decision to pursue the graduate degree for which you are applying. Include any educational, personal, cultural, economic, or social experiences, challenges or opportunities relevant to your academic journey. Describe any aspects of your personal background, accomplishments, or achievements that will allow the department to evaluate your contributions.

Contributions to diversity, such as efforts to advance equitable access to education, public service, that addresses the need of a diverse population. Needs to be 1 typewritten page, single spaced. 12inch 12pt font Letter of Recommendations Total of 3 Current employer/supervisor College professor/instructor

Health Related Setting, preferably a nurse No family or personal friends will be accepted Resume/CV Highlights of education including honors received, work experience, volunteer work, professional organizations or associations List in chronological order

This is vital and reviewers look to your resume for accomplishments and experiences, so make sure it is complete and reflects your leadership, employment, community service, volunteer and other creative experiences. School of Nursing Supplemental PrerequisitesSee Approved Lists Nursing Specialization: MSN Masters Entry Clinical Nurse Chemistry Introduction to Inorganic, Organic and Biochemistry

Epidemiology (can be completed at UCLA) Human Anatomy Human Physiology within 5 years (2015 or more recent) Microbiology Statistics (within 5 years preferred) Psychology Written

Introduction Introduction English Need 2 courses Communication or Public Speaking Prerequisites continued All Prerequisites must be completed (other than Epidemiology) by the end of December 2019 for the Fall 2020 entry. NO EXCEPTIONS! If admitted, Epidemiology will be completed in

the summer prior to Fall Quarter All Prerequisites need to have a C or better Approved list for the Pre-licensure Prerequisites MECN can be found at International Applicants TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language (at least 87)

IELTS (7 or higher) Graduated from a foreign university where primary language was not English Institution code = 4837 Intended Graduate Major code = 0610 LAST BUT NOT

LEAST SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION BY NOVEMBER 1, 2019 Submit Accompanying Documentations by January 15, 2020 Questions????? Processing of Applications Mark Covin [email protected] Jeimy Gama [email protected] Stephanie Dominick [email protected] Please send official transcripts to: Student Affairs Office Attn: MECN PROGRAM 2-150 Factor Building

Box 951702 School of Nursing Disclaimer THE POOL OF APPLICANTS IS EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE. WHILE WE CAN DO OUR BEST TO PROVIDE ADVICE, OUR GUIDANCE IS SIMPLY ADVICE AND WILL NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION Financial Aid by Craig Kusunoki How am I going to pay for all of this??? Currently as of today in-state fees

Total of about $25,139/year for fees Pay one fee for the quarter not unit based, approximately per quarter = $8,379.67 Total projected budget = $55,060 Financial Aid Deadlines are Critical November 1, 2019 Fellowship Application Deadline

March 2, 2020 =Free Application for Federal Student Aid called FAFSA, Title IV code is 001315 May 30, 2020 Scholarship deadline in the School of Nursing Financial Aid in the SON Graduate Division deadline is November 1, 2019. Graduate Division at

Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Grad Plus Loans Scholarship Money based on both merit and need Any questions: Contact Craig Kusunoki at [email protected] or 310-825-2583 Typical MECN Student Ages 23-50 Gender 64 Females and 6 Males

UC, CSU, Private no one school has priority over another one. Average Variety GPA 3.47 of different work experiences and healthcare experiences. Summary WE HOPE THIS PROVIDES YOU WITH THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO COMPLETE A SUCCESSFUL APPLICATION GOOD LUCK AND REMEMBER, GO BRUINS!

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