Adullam Homes and Mobile Working - Housing Technology

Adullam Homes and Mobile Working - Housing Technology

Adullam Homes and Mobile Working/ Mobile Working in Rural Areas Phil Gardiner/Anne Hall Adullam Homes and Mobile Working Phil Gardiner

Who we are Adullam Homes Housing Association Limited (Adullam) was founded by Walter Moore MBE in 1972. We support over 1,000 people with multiple complex needs at any one time across the North West and Midland Regions. Our mission is Restoring hope and dignity through quality housing, support and social enterprise. What we do

Working with young single homeless people, young people leaving care, those from offending backgrounds, vulnerable mothers, children, people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, people living with enduring mental health issues and vulnerable families we aim to help people to access safe, comfortable accommodation and support and go on to lead independent lives. Our values are - Valuing the individual; Integrity and Fairness and Striving for Excellence. Our goal is to help vulnerable and often excluded people, regardless of their

background. Why we purchased Pyramid To make life easier for our staff and service users To help us better manage the performance of our services To make it easier to report to our funders To provide us with the information we need internally and externally To provide a mobile working solution which will avoid

duplication of work To ensure we are more competitive when tendering for new business What modules we wanted A support and housing management function/solution to record outcomes and support plans as well as to manage rent accounts etc. The function to record ASB/Complaints, Arrears and Voids recording

An asset management function/solution i.e. to log repairs The ability to communicate with service users by text Mobile working/tablet function for staff What we have achieved

Waiting list Support Rents ASB/Complaints Repairs Outcomes Recording

And ..Mobile working Mobile Workingthe importance of Project Management? Project Manager/Project Working Group & Project Board Importance of an Implementation Plan Importance of involvement of all staff Project Working Group/Project Board Partnership working with Omniledger?? our

relationship Regular meetings and reporting Mobile Working - the main issues we faced The need to pilot and test first: Connectivity - regions Training - regions Costs associated with mob working needs to be built into budgets - Individual licenses costs and 4G

and future costs Type of tablets they change Not implemented straight away 6 months read the contract Was it bespoke?

Was it fit for Adullam Homes? Waiting list option Mirror image of Pyramid? The need to add internal forms used The need to record other operational areas Complaints, ASB, Incidents, Safeguarding What it means to us

Savings - time saved/costs saved 79 users the staff like it Translations apps and general access to internet for information The creation of new posts Monitoring centrally via standard reports and Omniprint reports in place Easy production of monthly statistics Full audit programme every 6 months Regional and service/scheme checks

What weve learnt there is added work The need for a central contact/advice point for Pyramid for general enquiries for all modules to provide admin support for: Updates/Amendments/Queries Setting up new users on Pyramid Dealing with password/access issues for staff Updating and changing user defined lists Adding new schemes and changing permissions for staff

Carry out other amendments to Pyramid i.e. closing of services, costs centre amendments etc. Central contact/advice for other modules e.g. Deeplake text messaging service Added work for the IT Team Next steps Adding other modules to mobile working Safeguarding Incidents Management

Risk Monitoring Entry and exit surveys The need for on-going refresher training and updates Mobile Working in Rural Areas Anne Hall Derbyshire Dales

Familiar Derbyshire Dales Mobile working - My Patch

Ashbourne Bakewell Monyash Hathersage Grindleford

Rowsley Darley Dale Matlock and Matlock Bath Wirksworth and Cromford The Bits you Dont See! Mobile Working - Issues in Rural Areas

Affordable housing

Affordable food Transport Jobs Access to further education Access to the internet Boredom Drugs and Alcohol So how has Mobile Working helped Me and My Clients?

Its changed things From this To this The time saved What about my clients? Bringing the Internet to my clients for:

Jobs search Applying for benefits Searching for accommodation Sign-posting on to other services Looking up bus and train times and working out the cheapest form of travel Applying for grants and loans Scanning and sending documents without having to return to the office The list is endless!

Mobile Working the forms I use Waiting list-to add a new client

Support plan-to agree new objectives Action log-Get things done! Client information look-up Progress report-what have we done so far? Income and Expenditure-Budgeting and affordability My Tablet

It has changed my job I use maps It talks to me My colleagues like it It looks professional Most importantly my clients like it signing it, they think its cool

It works for them And.I wouldnt be without it! Questions??

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