Agenda 2030 and the SIDS: Strengthening Statistical Capacity ...

Agenda 2030 and the SIDS: Strengthening Statistical Capacity ...

TRANSFORMATIVE AGENDA FOR OFFICIAL STATISTICS SESSION 3: Innovation and modernization through standards-based statistical business architecture 7 - 9 September 2016 By Edwin St Catherine, Director of Statistics, SAINT LUCIA 01/31/2020 Transformative Agenda For Official Statistics Innovation and Modernization: Three Areas where most development and modernization is occurring Increasing use of Administrative data The signing of MOUs with critical data providers

National Insurance Corporation (Social Security Agency) Inland Revenue Department (Tax Office) National Registry of Businesses Ministry of Commerce Trade Licenses Department Electoral/Health/Education/Registry Strengthen Statistical Modernization by building strategic relationships with Big Data Providers Dynamic Up-to-date Business Register with specific business rules for updating and maintaining the register from the Tax Office and Social Security Agencies in particular Up-to-date frame for the Conduct of Economic Surveys, Balance of Payments Surveys, Job Openings and Labour Market Turnover Surveys Leverage the use of GIS to be the agency which maintains the electoral boundaries in collaboration with the office of the Speaker of the house and our unique position of ownership of the Census database Ensure rich data sources are available to populate the SUT (Supply and Use Tables) based on SNA 2008 standards General improvement in quarterly business statistics on sales, quarterly GDP and other High Frequency Indicators Other holders of Big Data Telecoms, Global Technology Companies, Credit Card Companies Define tools and data formats at the global level and invest in international agreements which will allow access

and use of this data 01/31/2020 Transformative Agenda Proposed Business Register Data Model 01/31/2020 Transformative Agenda Innovation and Modernization: Sample Survey Data Collection, Processing and Dissemination Use of electronic data capture methods Use of World Bank Survey Solutions Tablet Computer CAPI (V5.11) software Save printing cost, save data capture cost, reduce time to dissemination of sample survey results. Questionnaires synced from tablets to internet are reviewed by the supervisor online and returned to the enumerators tablet for correction. Tablet collection allows more effective management of teams of enumerators over the internet when tablets are synced from any location to the internet based on the structure of the sample, collection of GPS

coordinates of interviews, use of validation checks built and implemented at the time the interview is being done results in a very clean dataset at the outlet. Time to delivery of results no more than a month for labour force statistics Census 2020 ready Allow Internet Data Submission, built in GPS based routing of enumerators Strategy for Implementing LSMS (Living Standards Measurement Surveys) and HBS (Household Budget Surveys) The difficult task of collecting consumption expenditure data overlap in these two surveys, therefore not only should the coding system be the same, that is, use of COICOP but also serious consideration needs to be given to using a strategy of doing one survey to cover the weighing updates required for the CPI and the Supply and Use Table for the national accounts on the one hand and the need to collect data on poverty/inequality and living conditions on the other hand at the same time especially in smaller SIDS Use of Big data to validate consumption expenditure aggregates where possible 01/31/2020 Transformative Agenda Innovation and Modernization: Adapting current data sources to capture SDG Indictors recognizing the higher cost of collecting data in SIDS

LSMS Compute money metric based poverty indicators and Multi-dimensional Poverty Indicators (MPI) Poverty measures based on a national and international poverty line (FGT) Multi-dimensional Poverty based on Alkire-Forster Inequality Measures, Gini, theil, MPI based inequality measures Inclusion of broader measures of progress, example money metric identification and tracking of the lower middle and upper classes in the society Food Security Indicators MICS Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey Consideration for a SIDS friendly version that focuses on collecting a few key indicators on women and children which reduces the cost and complexity of this survey. Adapt continuous Labour Force Surveys/Surveys of population to cover new topics Multi-Dimensional Poverty, perhaps after accumulating several quarters of data into an annual dataset Decent Work Indicators Informal Sector and Informal employment indicators

01/31/2020 Transformative Agenda Innovation and Modernization: Data Dissemination in SIDS In All areas of Statistical Activity SIDS cannot invest a lot in software development and therefore need to rely on statistical software which has been developed by development partners, UNICEF, WorldBank, IMF, EuroStat, Statistics Canada, US Census Bureau etc and customized to meet their needs IMF - PIPS (Price Index Processor) Output of Consumer Price Index Aggregates Move to updated database platform/make more tablet friendly EUROSTAT - EUROTRACE (Trade Data Processing) Implementation of Webcomext for dissemination to the web using open standards WorldBank/PARIS21 - MetaData Editor to document Sample Surveys - The metadata produced by the Editor is compliant with the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) 2.n and the Dublin Core XML metadata standards allows for dissemination of survey documentation over internet is a very powerful method to promote the use of Census and Sample Survey Data

WorldBank ADEPT Modules to improve the dissemination the results of Surveys 01/31/2020 Transformative Agenda Innovation and Modernization: Data Dissemination in SIDS WorldBank R Package on CRAN - Statistical Disclosure Control (SDCMicro) requires continuous and more support for implementation in SIDS since accidental disclosure is especially important in SIDS where disclosue risk are relatively higher given the smaller numbers of records and higher sampling fraction associated with these datasets Statistics Canada (PRASC Project) National Accounts Compilation Tools based on open standards for Supply and Use Tables UNECLAC Redatam allows dynamic website dissemination of Census and Sample Survey Data Open Data Compliant UNICEF DEVINFO Compliance with DDI/SDMX US Census Bureau CSPRO - Compliance with DDI 01/31/2020 Transformative Agenda

Innovation and Modernization: Development of Websites which are based on open standards, Joomla We need our support agencies to recognize the importance of the implementation of standards in software intended to assist especially SIDS with their Statistical Infrastructure particularly in the area of data dissemination Continuous efforts at training staff/Personnel who understand new data formats Importance of Open Data Standards Importance of standards specific to SDMX (Statistical Data and MetaData Exchange), DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) 01/31/2020 Transformative Agenda

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