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Agenda - Student's Friend

Agenda Map Quiz! Gandhi Notes, Videos

Peoples Republic of China Notes, video Discussion

Objectives Understand how China got to be the way it is. Explain who started the Cold War. Map Quiz

LOCATIONS: Eastern Europe, Berlin, Pakistan, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Portugal, Australia, Puerto Rico 163. Peoples Republic of China

What was the last dynasty to rule China? Post Qing? Four decades of turmoil Civil War after WWII

Winners Communists led by Mao Zedong Established Peoples Republic of China 1949

Losers? Fled to Taiwan Set up ANTI-communist government that still exists

Independence Movements? India, led by Gandhi (British trained lawyer) China, a PEASANT revolution

A Model China, a model for other peasant revolutions Vietnam, Cuba Mistakes

Maos government mismanaged food production. Left 30-50 million dead Benefits

Chinese communists improved agriculture and industrial production Post Mao Mao dies in 1976

Economy becomes more capitalist But still authoritarian READ IT

164. The Cold War After WWII, Soviet Union takes over 8 Eastern European

countries. A buffer zone in case Europeans want to invade Russia again in the

future. Responses to Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe 1946: Churchills Iron Curtain speech 1947: Truman Doctrine (Aid to Greece and Turkey)

1948: Marshall Plan -The Marshall Plan, 1947 -Money went to European nations so they Wouldnt turn communist.

Alliances following WWII NATO Alliance (U.S. and Western European democracies) Warsaw Pact (Communist Soviet bloc)

So, who started the Cold War?

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