Agriculture Science 1 At the completion of this unit ...

Agriculture Science 1 At the completion of this unit ...

Agriculture Science 1 At the completion of this unit, students will be able to: A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H.

I. J. K. L. Explain the interrelationship of classroom and laboratory instruction, supervised agricultural experience, and FFA. Describe how, when, and why FFA was organized Identify key FFA historical events Identify the mission and strategies, colors, motto, emblem and parts o the

emblem, and organizational structure of FFA. Recite and explain the meaning of the FFA Creed Discuss the meaning and purpose of a program of activities and its committee structure List FFA chapter officers, and discuss the role of each Describe FFA opportunities that develop leadership skills, personal growth, and career success Summarize major state and national activities available to FFA members List and explain the FFA degree areas Identify FFA proficiency awards

List an discuss various team and individual CDEs. FFA Around the Clock Welcome to your first Agriculture class! One of the most important things youll learn about in this class is the National FFA Organization. How it works: Well go through each hour of a clock, learning something new and exciting about the FFA for

each hour. 1:00-1 st FFA Day of

1928 33 Farm Boys from18 States Kansas City, Missouri American Royal Livestock Show 2:00-2 Dudes Smith & Hughes Vocational Education act of 1917 provided federal funding for agricultural education

Government $ Vocation Schools 2:00-2 Colors The 2 official colors for the National FFA Organization are

National Blue and Corn Gold 3:00-3 Circles Classroom FFA SAE (Supervised Agricultural

Experience) Agricultural Education 3:00-The Mission FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for: Premier Leadership

Personal Growth and Career Success Through agricultural education (PiLes of PiGs in CarS) 4:00-The Motto Learning to Do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve

5:00-5 Degrees American Degree State Degree Chapter Degree Greenhand Degree Discovery Degree 5:00-5 Degrees

Discovery An Introductory Degree for FFA members in 7th-8th grade Not available in all schools Pin is Bonze and Blue 5:00-5 Degrees Greenhand Earned 1st year of membership Pin is bronze

5:00-5 Degrees Chapter Earned during 2nd year of membership Pin is Silver 5:00-5 Degrees State Earned during 3rd year of membership

Pin is Gold and hangs from a chain 5:00-5 Degrees American Earned during 4th or 5th year of membership Pin is Gold and hangs from a chain Only <.05% of FFA members receive this annually 5:00-5 Paragraph Creed Written by E.M. Tiffany 3 Versions Available in Spanish 6:00- The Emblem 6:00- The Emblem

Cross Section of ear of corn: Unity-Corn is grown in all 50 states 6:00- The Emblem Rising Sun:

Progress & a new day 6:00- The Emblem Plow: Labor & Tillage of the soil 6:00- The Emblem

Owl: Knowledge & Wisdom 6:00- The Emblem Eagle: Our National symbol, FFA is National organization

6:00- The Emblem Words: FFA is an INTEGRAL part of an agricultural education program

7:00- 7 Offices 7:00- 7 Offices President- Rising Sun Preside over meetings Represent the chapter Vice President- Plow Help the President Coordinate all committees

Develop Program of Activity (POA) 7:00- 7 Offices Secretary- Take notes at chapter meetings Maintain member attendance and activity records

Treasurer- Helps manage chapter finances 7:00- 7 Offices Reporter- Flag Inform the public about FFA accomplishments through school and local newspapers

Sentinel- Door/Handclasp Welcome guests and visitors Keep meeting room comfortable 7:00- 7 Offices Historian-Scrapbook Take pictures at chapter activities Compile a scrapbook of chapter accomplishments each year

Advisor-Owl Supervise FFA chapter activities Teach Agriculture classes 8:00- FFA is Gr-8! Be involved in something in school Travel Opportunities Make New Friends Leadership

Build your Resume Wins $$$ and Awards Scholarship Opportunities Lifelong Memories 9:00- Awards are Fine! Proficiency Awards 49 National Proficiency Award Areas!

Place Picture of one of your chapter members receiving a Proficiency Award if available 9:00- Awards are Fine! Career Development Events 25 National CDEs!

Place Picture of one of your chapter members receiving a Proficiency Award if available 10:00- FFA Timeline 1917- Smith-Hughes Act Passed 1928- Future Farmers of America organized

1930- Official FFA Creed & Colors were adopted 1944- FFA Foundation was formed 1950- Public Law 740 10:00- FFA Timeline

1965- New Farmers of America & FFA merged 1969- Girls joined FFA 1971- Alumni Formed 19??- Add when YOUR chapter was chartered (place in chronological order) 1988- Name changed to National FFA Organization

11:00- Code of Ethics We will conduct ourselves at all times in order to be a credit to our organization, chapter, school and community by: 1. Dressing neatly and appropriately for the occasion. 2. Showing respect for the rights of others and being

courteous at all times. 3. Being honest and not taking unfair advantage of others 4. Respecting the property of others. 5. Refraining from loud, boisterous talk, swearing and other unbecoming conduct. 6. Demonstrating sportsmanship in the show ring, judging contests and meetings, and being modest in winning and generous in defeat. 11:00-

Code of Ethics 7. Attending meetings promptly and respecting the opinion of others in discussion. 8. Taking pride in our organization, activities, supervised experience programs, exhibits and the occupation of agriculture. 9. Sharing with others experiences and knowledge gained by attending national and state meetings.

10. Strive to establish and enhance my skills through agricultural education in order to enter a successful career. 11. Appreciate and promote diversity in our organization. Adopted by the Delegates at the 1952 National FFA Convention. 12:00Girls: White

Collared Shirt Official Jacket FFA Scarf Black Skirt (knee length or longer) Black Nylons Black Shoes

Official Dress Boys: White Collared Shirt Official Jacket FFA Tie Black Slacks Black Shoes

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