Akimel A-al 6th Grade Orientation - Kyrene School District

Akimel A-al 6th Grade Orientation March 15, 2016 High Standards; High Achievement; High Expectations for All Rattler Introductions 6th Grade Student Advisor Chris Kaluzny

7th Grade Student Advisor Ashley Schutkowski AP/8th Grade Admin/AD Deb Wilkinson School Psychologist Marci Schutrum Admin. Assistant Ashley Ott Exploratory Teachers 6th Grade Teachers

Our Rattler Creed for our Staff We promote academic excellence by providing a quality environment which fosters relevant, lifelong learning for our community. We honor Trust

Growth Accountability Professionalism Enthusiasm Respect Communication Diversity Pride in our Name

Akimel A-al (pronounced Ahkey mahl) Means Children of the River Our Mascot and School Colors

Mascot The Rattlers School Colors Turquoise and Black Chosen by the schools first student body in 1992

Middle School Philosophy Teaming Model (Teams or Pods) Core academic teachers (math, social studies, science, language arts) share essentially the same kids on a team each day. Rooms are generally located in close proximity to

each other. Teaming model promotes stronger relationships with adults and amongst students *This is how we take a big school and make it much smaller Character Counts at AMSTeaching Kids to be Good People

Six Pillars of Character that we promote Trustworthiness Responsibility Respect Caring Fairness Citizenship *these are promoted in a variety of ways across our campus *prominently displayed on the overhead beams in our

courtyard as a daily reminder *used as criteria for our Student of the Week and Student of the Month awards on each team Rattler PRIDE Teaching Kids about our Behavioral Expectations at AMS Rattler PRIDE is a positive behavior support program

that identifies, teaches, and rewards positive behaviors by awarding Snake Bite tickets to be entered into weekly drawings for prizes Possibilities Respect Integrity

Dedication Environment

We have expectations delineated under these categories for various areas in our school classroom, hallways, lunchroom, etc. Classroom Voice Levels

Core Content Everyday Language Arts (advanced or grade level) Math (advanced or grade level) Science Social studies

iClass (6th period 4 days/week) Will be used as intervention for struggling learners Can be used as enrichment or team determined focus for others Exploratory Classes 1/day A/B Rotating Schedule

Year Long Choices Band Chorus Orchestra Semester Long Choices Art Computer media Drama

Culinary Arts PE (year long or semester) Spanish Rattler Scenes Math Class Rattler Scenes Science Class

Rattler Scenes Outdoor Science Rattler Scenes Computer Lab Rattler Scenes Outdoor Lunch Rattler Scenes Lunchtime

Recess Rattler Scenes Lunchtime Recess Rattler Scenes Lunchtime Recess Rattler Scenes Dodgeball for KFRC

Rattler Scenes Snakebites Rattler Scenes Theme Days Rattler Scenes Fundraisers

Rattler Scenes - SOTW Rattler Scenes Physical Ed. Athletic Opportunities We have cut sports for a JV and Varsity team soccer, basketball, volleyball, cheer, softball,

baseball We have non-cut sports cross country, wrestling, track and field *prior to participation, we require sports physical from doctor and health insurance. This is part of sports paperwork obtained from Student Services desk. Rattler Scenes - Athletics

Rattler Scenes - Athletics Rattler Scenes - Athletics Rattler Scenes - Athletics Rattler Scenes - Athletics

Clubs and Activities

Battle of the Books TACO (recycling) Drama Student Council Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Friends Across the Border

Lego Robotics Math Club and many others *check our website and listen to announcements for more info on how to get involved! Community Events Evening Under the Stars A Celebration of our Fine Arts and Multicultural Cuisine in fall

Astronomy Night during the winter Patriotic Day in the spring Plan to attend!! Communication at AMS

Student Agendas ParentVue (grades, attendance, assignments) School website

Team webpages Communicating with the staff: There is one identified team leader for general inquiries Email and phone calls addressed within 24 hours Regularly scheduled conferences in fall and spring *weekly AMS eBlast - Sign up for our list serve on the Kyrene School District website. Parent Involvement is


Be active in our PTSO (link off our website) Talk to your kids regularly about school Require your child to do his/her homework every night Ask to see his/her agenda Pay attention to ParentVue to stay on top of academic progress (visit Parent tab on KSD website) Help us stomp out harassment and bullying-we do our job and you do

yours Monitor your childs internet/social media activity-we do our job and you do yours Personal Electronic Devices at AMS

Be proactive reach out to teachers if you have a question or concern Attend events at school with your child Encourage your childs participation in activities sports, clubs, events, etc. Other Things that Make AMS Great!

We are an A rated school by ADE Represents academic excellence on the AIMS test We are an A+ School of Excellence by AEF Represents excellence in the overall school experience

We have Community Education opportunities: After Hours Program, teen activities outside of the school day, parent education sessions Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD) Desert Vista and Mountain Point 2016/17 Kickoff Day TBD

Schedule pick up in gym and general information in MPR (times TBD) *can also log onto ParentVue on that day to see schedule (save yourself a trip to the gym) Meet the Teachers at Curriculum Night TBD (times TBD) *Opportunity to meet the teachers (core team and exploratory), learn about the curriculum, expectations, and other pertinent

information to get the year started successfully. *This night is intended for parents/guardians and students. If possible, please leave siblings at home this night. Crowded!! Akimel A-al Middle School High Standards; High Achievement;

High Expectations for All

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