Albertville High School

Albertville High School

Albertville High School Eleventh Grade Registration Information 2019-2020 Graduation Requirements REQUIREMENTS AREA OF STUDY CREDITS

English Language Arts English 9, 10, 11, and 12 4 Mathematics Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II w/ Trig or Algebra w/ Finance, 1 chosen from approved science classes

4 Science Biology and a Physical Science 3rd &4th chosen from approved science classes 4 Social Studies World History, US History I, US History II, and Government/Economics

4 Physical Education LIFE (personal fitness) or approved equivalent 1 Health Education AL Course of Study: Health Education

Career Preparedness (Career and Academic Planning, Computer Applications, Financial Literacy) CTE/Foreign Language/ Arts Education When choosing these courses, students are encouraged to complete 2 courses in sequence. 0.5 1 3

Electives 2.5 Total Credits Required for Graduation 24 College & Career Ready Benchmarks ACT test: Reading (22), Math (22), English (18), OR Science (23) AP exam: Qualifying score (3+)

Approved transcript college or postsecondary credit while in high school ACT WorkKeys: Silver Approved industry credential (i.e., ServSafe, PQA, BQA, NCCER, CNA, business must pass at least two MOS suites) Military enlistment Senior Abbreviated Day Must be on track with all graduation requirements Must have met at least ONE of the six College/Career Ready indicators Attendance requirements - No more than 14 absences (excused OR unexcused) during your

Junior year Discipline requirements - No Alternative School May be re-examined at end of 1st semester to qualify for 2nd semester. Top 10% and Academic Elite Recognition Top ten percent: cumulative numeric GPA through 1st semester of Senior year this group will choose a speaker from the group to give graduation address Academic Elite:

cumulative standard GPA equal to or higher than a 4.0 Both groups will be recognized at graduation **It is possible students may not qualify for both groups.** Core Classes All students will be placed in core classes based on prerequisites. If you meet the requirements for Pre-AP/AP classes, you will be placed accordingly. Star 360 grades from prior classes

writing screener score 11 Grade Math th Geometry with Statistics

Algebra II with Trig. Pre-AP Algebra II with Trig. Pre-AP PreCalculus AP Calculus AB Algebraic Connections 11th Grade Science

Environmental Science Introduction to Biotechnology Forensic & Criminal Investigation Anatomy & Physiology Pre-AP Chemistry AP Chemistry (prerequisite Chemistry or Pre-AP Chemistry) AP Biology AP Physics I (prerequisite Alg. II with Trig) All students will choose one science course from the Standard and AP paths.

11 Grade English & History th 11 English AP English Language & Composition United States History II Pre-AP United States History II Career Tech Classes Agriscience

Intro to Veterinary Science (prerequisite 2.75 GPA) Veterinary Science Poultry Science Fish & Wildlife Management (1 credit) Introduction to Metal Fabrication Intro to MIG Welding Construction Finishing Landscape Design and Management Greenhouse Production and Management Sr. Career Pathway Project (teacher approval) Business

Advanced BTA Information Technology Fundamentals Multimedia Design Multimedia Publications Business Finance Sports & Entertainment Marketing Fundamentals

Buying and Merchandising (prerequisite: any 1 business/marketing class) Work Based Learning Coop Ed. Seminar 4 periods Coop Ed. Seminar 3 periods Coop Ed. Seminar 2 periods Coop Ed. Seminar 1 period

*Students should see Mrs. Todd for the requirements for this class. Culinary Hospitality & Tourism (prerequisite for all other classes) Event Planning Culinary I (2 period block first semester) Culinary II (2 period block second semester) Culinary Senior Project (2 period block) Event Planning Senior Project (2 period block) Culinary/Event Planning Aides (see instructor; no credit) *Students should pick up an application for Culinary and Senior Project from Mrs. Bolding. For Event Planning Sr. Project applications, see Mrs. Cofield.

Health Science Foundations Of Health Science (prerequisite for all other classes) Human Body Structures Introduction to Pharmacy Senior Internship (2 period block- May be taken only after Fnd. Of Health Science & Human Body Structures) Sports Medicine Foundations Of Health Science (prerequisite) Sports Medicine Intermediate Sports Medicine Advanced

Fine Arts Band Concert Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Percussion Jazz Brass Quintet *Band placement follows Spring evaluations. Choir

Serendipity VocalEase CenSations CenterStage Choir Stage Crew ( credit elective 2nd semester) Choral Assistant (no credit) Music Theory ( credit - 1st semester) *Choir placement follows Spring auditions. Visual Arts

Visual Arts I ( prerequisite to all other classes) Visual Arts II (application-Ms. Frazier) Visual Arts III (application-Ms. Frazier) Visual Art Portfolio Prep (Seniors only) *Applications may be picked up from Ms. Frazier. Additional Electives

Spanish I Spanish II Aggie Advocate (application-Mrs. Aycock) Aggie Vision Photography (application-Mrs. Aycock) Aggie Vision Film (application-Mrs. Aycock) Student aides (library, offices, art, culinary-see appropriate staff) AP Prep

Yearbook Staff (application-Ms. Millwood) Distance Learning Dual Enrollment Snead State Community College (10th - 12th) Parent Session: Jan. 24th @ 11:00am and 6:00pm in the South Hall Application meeting: March 20 from 12:30-3:00 in room D304 Returning students: March 5 from 2:00-3:00 in the Guidance office UA Early College (10th -12th) ACCESS Online courses see offerings in AHS online Registration Information or pick up in guidance office.

Free Dual Enrollment Alabama Aviation (11th - 12th) Cyber Security (11th - 12th) Child Development (11th - 12th) Office Administration (11th-12th) Technical School

Collision Technology Automotive Service Building Construction Robotics/Mechatronics Welding Technology *Applications may be picked up in the guidance office and are due back to the guidance office Feb. 8. Credit Advancement/Recovery Students may take courses to advance their credits through summer school or dual

enrollment. Students may recover courses not successfully completed using a computer based program during summer school. Summer School **Session I: June 3 June 27, 2019 Session II: July 8 July 18, 2019 Hours - 7:45 am - 11:30 am Minimum of a 40 average to be eligible. Cost - $25.00 per course $90.00 per course for Credit Advancement taught through ACCESS

No summer school on Fridays Important Dates June 14: Requests open in INOW Home to viewing. June 17-21: Students and parents may contact guidance office or and administrator to discuss any concerns about requests. (Please note that course changes are not

allowed through the home portal. Conferences must be conducted in person or by phone by a parent.) June 24: Requests in INOW Home will close for viewing and course selections are set. August 2: Schedule pick up

2019-20 Online Registration Information Registration Packet Course Description Guide Course Offerings Prerequisites 11th grade Registration Form Registration Powerpoint Please refer to the AHS website to view these documents. Deadline!

Forms MUST be returned to your English teacher by Friday, February 8th!!!

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