Alzheimer Disease: A Resource for Police & Search and Rescue ...

Alzheimer Disease: A Resource for Police & Search and Rescue ...

Search is an Emergency A Pre Plan for the Search and Rescue of Missing People with Alzheimers Disease and other Dementias Janice Hebb Safely Home - Project Coordinator Alzheimer Society of Manitoba 1 What is Alzheimers Disease? Progressive disease of the brain a form

of dementia Brain changes: Plaques and tangles Decline of brain mass 2 Other Dementias Vascular Dementia Lewy Body Dementia Frontal Temporal (Picks Disease)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 3 Who is Affected? Approximately 299,000 Canadians Most people are over the age of 65 1 in 3 over the age of 85 Twice as many women as men Many live in long-term care facilities (Approximately half of LTC residents have

some type of dementia) 4 Symptoms: Getting Lost 1 of 2 Memory loss Changes in Short-Term Memory Changes in Long-Term Memory

5 Symptoms: Getting Lost 2 of 2 Disorientation to time and place

Decreased judgment Lack of sense of lapsed time Difficulties communicating 6 Defining Wandering Behaviour movement by a person with dementia, whether aimless or purposeful, on foot or by other means, which occurs when certain cognitive losses and environmental

circumstances intersect, causing that person to become lost in an unsupervised and potentially unsafe setting Silverstein, Flaherty and Tobin (2002) 7 Wandering and Getting Lost All residents with Alzheimers disease or another dementia should be considered at risk of wandering and getting lost.

8 Wandering Wandering is a normal symptom of dementia 24% of residents wander from LTC settings The challenge: Create balance between personal freedom and personal safety 9

Types of Wandering Passive wandering Purposeful wandering Night-time wandering Industrious wandering

10 Why Might People with Dementia Wander?

Changed Environment Excess Energy Searching for the Past Expressing Boredom Continuing a Habit 11 Pre Plan What can be done in your facility to ensure that you have an effective pre plan if a resident elopes?

12 Pre Plan Review policy and procedure on Search Plan Identify those at risk of wandering in their care plan Complete a resident /client profile Include a head and shoulder picture Photocopy soles of shoes or slippers

Update the pictures and photocopy of soles shoes/slippers every 6 months 13 Pre Plan Encourage registration with Safely Home Wandering Registry Program Encourage wearing of Safely Home bracelet Educate staff

14 Search Plan Unique to each organization Identify in - house search coordinator for each shift Identify the staff roles - 2 searchers per shift Ensure each staff member understands their role in the search 15

When Lost People with Alzheimers Disease or another dementia have a 50% chance of being injured or dying from exposure, hypothermia or drowning if they are not found within the first 12 hours! SEARCH IS AN EMERGENCY! 16

Case Scenario A 75 year old male with insulin dependent diabetes and dementia with expressive aphasia is not present at afternoon shift change. Staff note that he was last seen wearing his pajamas and a bathrobe. They think he was wearing slippers. It is a crisp fall day. 17 For More Information

Contact: Janice Hebb Safely Home Project Coordinator Alzheimer Society of Manitoba 10 120 Donald Street Winnipeg, MB R3C 4G2 (204) 943-6622 Ext. 203 1-800-378-6699 or the regional office nearest you 18

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