An Introduction to Community Inclusion

An Introduction to Community Inclusion

An Introduction to Community Inclusion October 20, 2014 Thank you for joining us Community Inclusion Project Partners October 20, 2014

Mental Health America Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness Temple Universitys Center on Community Inclusion 4 Community Inclusion

Focusing on helping individuals with mental health conditions participate in everyday life in the community By balancing in-house programs that seek to prepare people for community life or provide a substitute for community engagement with the supports that individuals need to move from community

presence to community participation 5 The Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities

- Richard Baron Director, Knowledge Translation 215.204.9664 / [email protected] 6

A Definition (Salzer, 2006) Community Inclusion is: . the opportunity to live in the community and . be valued for ones uniqueness and abilities . like everyone else

7 Or moderating the all-too-warm embrace of MH systems community inclusion is what recovery is for to promote inclusion, we need pathways from segregated service provision into mainstream

services: groups or activities solely for persons with mental health problems may reinforce segregation unless they are part of a supported pathway into mainstream services accessed by everyone ( 8 Why Is This Important?

Housing 90% of mental health sponsored housing clusters people in poor communities Employment 75% to 85% of those with mental illnesses are unemployed at any point Socialization people with mental illnesses report 50% fewer people in their social networks Parenting mothers with mental illnesses are 3

times more likely to lose child custody cases Civic Life a majority of states restrict the right to vote, to serve on juries, or hold public office Education college students with psychiatric disabilities are less involved with faculty or student life 9 The Evidence Base

for Inclusion Should Participate - research overwhelming reports symptom benefits of productivity, parenting, playing, and praying Would Participate - research surveys of consumers repeatedly report three core goals: a decent home, a good job, and a few friends Could Participate - research results from

supported approaches to employment, education, and socialization 10 Domains /Examples

Housing housing first initiatives ,community development agencies, home ownership programs

Employment workforce development training programs, supported employment Friends community mentors from agencies knitting classes and sports teams and civic groups Education - community and career colleges, supported education Heath and Wellness community health clinics, gym memberships Religion participation in the full life of the congregation - bible

study groups, trips, food drives Family re-establishing normalized roles within existing family settings child, parent, sibling, uncle/aunt Intimacy romantic relationships, sexual relationships, marriage and child rearing 11 Measuring Community

Inclusion The Temple University Community Participation Measure 12 13

14 15 16 Six Principles of Community Inclusion

- 1. Rights . Shifting from least restrictive to most inclusive is a growing federal mandate - 2. Roles . Rights and responsibilities must be viewed across a wide range of life domains - 3. Responsibilities

. Community inclusion implies the consumers assumption of varied responsibilities 17 Choice / Barriers 4. Choice - responding to each individuals set of community inclusion priorities and concerns about the pace of

change 5. Barriers . Attitudes (consumers, counselors, communities) . Funding ( shifting resources / defining community inclusion as a medically necessary service) 18 Support

6. Providing Support for Community Inclusion . Treatment and case management . Rehabilitation programming . Natural supports family, friends, neighbors . Peer support . Community groups 19

Four Evidence Based Strategies to Avoid Change 1. We already do this - a program audit for fidelity 2. Consumers are already satisfied - the community participation scale 3. We have no resources to expand supports

- staff roles/responsibilities are shifted to new work 4. The community is unwilling to work with us - rebuilding public attitudes via broader connections 20 Key Questions Practices - how can we shift the roles of staff to

a focus on facilitating community engagement Programs - how can programs begin to deemphasize in-house group activity and strengthen individual connections to community organizations and activities Policies - what policies in county and state behavioral health contracts, in managed care expectations of community based mental health providers can support outcomes that focus on community inclusion

21 The Challenge We are in danger of losing another generation of individuals with psychiatric disabilities to a lifetime outside of the mainstream of community activities unless we act now

in all of our practices, programs, and policies to promote pathways to community inclusion. 22 Community Inclusion Survey What organization do you represent?

Could you share with us some examples you have seen of the way in which your organization or your community is currently promoting community inclusion? Could you share with us some examples of barriers your organization or your

community faces in promoting community inclusion? What do you see as a next step to helping your organization or your community promote community inclusion? Is there a question we should be asking that we have not, or something that we

have left out of the conversation? Do not hesitate to contact me: Nathaniel Counts, J.D. Policy Associate 703.797.2583 [email protected] 02/25/20

29 Thank you!

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