An Introduction To Metabolism

An Introduction To Metabolism

Chapter 8 An Introduction To Metabolism


Catabolic Pathways Anabolic Pathways


Kinetic Energy Potential Energy

Activation Energy

Activation Energy Potential Energy

Energy Transformation


1st Law of Thermodynamics

2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Entropy Summary

The quantity of energy in the

universe is constant, but its quality is not.

Free Energy Free Energy

G = H - TS G = free energy of a system H = total energy of a system

T = temperature in oK S = entropy of a system

Free Energy of a System

Free Energy Changes Spontaneous Process

Chemical Reactions

Reaction Types



Exergonic/Endergonic Biological Examples


Endergonic - Cell - Types of Work

Energy Coupling

ATP Adenine


Ribose Key to ATP


ATP vs Food



ATP Cycles ATP Cycle

ATP in Cells A cell's ATP content is

recycled every minute. Humans use close to their body weight in ATP daily.

No ATP production equals quick death.


Chemical Reaction AB + CD

AC + BD Enzymes

Enzyme Terms


- ase Enzyme Name

Active Site

Models of How Enzymes Work 1.

2. Lock and Key Model

Induced Fit Model

Substrate Active Site


Factors that Affect Enzymes

Environment Cofactors


Enzyme Inhibitors


Noncompetitive - Allosteric Regulation

Allosteric Regulation

Control of Metabolism Types of Control

Feedback Inhibition


Structural Order Summary

Recognize that Life must follow the Laws of Thermodynamics.

The role of ATP in cell energy. How enzymes work.

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