An Introduction to the B&W Global Energy Module

An Introduction to the B&W Global Energy Module

New Jersey Clean Air Council Public Hearing April 1, 2009 Jeff Halfinger Babcock & Wilcox Proprietary and Confidential 1 A Shifting Landscape Increasing construction cost and schedule Skilled field craft labor NSSS component supply chain Tightening capital markets Government loan-guarantees Capital cost and funding access Changing geo-political environment Carbon-constrained regulatory framework

Fossil-fueled power generation costs Energy independence and security Proprietary and Confidential 2 Modular reactors are NOT: Modular Reactors are NOT: .4 The Drivers Behind a Modular Reactor NSSS supply chain Improved Construction Schedule Project

Financing 1000 125 Cost Efficiency Design & Licensing Risk Base Load Impact 10 MWe Real-world issues are shaping the optimal size. Proprietary and Confidential

5 Solution: B&Ws mPower Reactor Modular Approach TM Flexible and scalable to customer requirements Integrated reactor modules 100 percent shop manufactured Multi-unit (1-10+) plant Rail-shippable Reduced licensing risk, construction cost, & schedule Evolved PWR-type concepts No on-site NSSS construction

Passive safety Three years to start-up Integrated and simplified NSSS with fewer components Internal helical coil SG No external pressurizer No need for safety-grade backup power Conventional core and standard fuel Simplified operations and maintenance Four plus-year core design Standardized BOP Sequential

partial-plant outages Lower risk and cost solution Proprietary and Confidential 6 B&Ws mPower Reactor Steam Outlet Steam Generator Internal CRDM Feedwater Inlet Reactor Primary Circulation Circulators 125 Mwe integral reactor Internal steam generator Standard PWR fuel Large primary coolant inventory

SA508 RPV with SS clad Small penetrations into Primary Coolant System at TOP of RPV Nuclear Core Diverse, redundant internal CRDMs No boron in primary coolant Proprietary and Confidential 7 B&Ws mPower Reactor Features Decay heat removal heat sink Underground containment Used fuel stored in spent fuel pool for life Module

Natural circulation decay heat removal system for emergency/refueling cooling Spent fuel pool Primary coolant treatment system within containment Pressure Suppression Steam generator inspection within containment Independent, self contained modules Proprietary and Confidential 8

The B&W mPower Plant Design Features Prefabricated components, Streamlined construction NSSS Steam turbine Control room containment Limited Module Interaction Independent controls Local responses minimizes interaction Underground reactor building, Enhanced safety Missile penetrations Seismic advantages Non-proliferation support Reliable Sequential outages Minimize options, Cost effective Condenser cooling (air or water) Seismic design (2 zones?) Number of modules Proprietary and Confidential 9 500 MWe Plant Using 125 MWe Modules

Compact footprint Self-contained Location flexibility 1550 Ft 1900 Ft 10 Adaptability to Government Installations Small compact standardized design Passively safe Scalable Long refueling cycle 5+ years at <5% enriched U ~10 years at <10% enriched U Built in the USA Heavy forgings from Lehigh Heavy Forge Component fabrication at B&Ws Mt. Vernon,

Indiana facility Fuel fabrication at B&Ws Lynchburg, VA facility Modular construction techniques Transportable size 235 235 Adaptability to Government Installations Potential for Co-Generation Steam Desalination Electrolysis for hydrogen and oxygen production Fischer-Tropsch? Sell Excess Electricity to Secondary Market .12 Public-Private Partnerships

To be Successful Program Must: Select appropriate sites for reactor deployments Critical missions Strategic offensive and defensive capabilities High energy costs and usage Production tax credits and loan guarantees could make nuclear power more competitive at more sites Develop a long-term land lease agreement (EUL?) Win-Win arrangement for Air Force and commercial developer Develop a long-term power purchase agreement Mechanism for third-party financing Minimizes market risks for initial units .13 B&W Supply Chain of Proven Technology Domestic Forgings or Rolled Plate Component fabrication B&Ws Mt. Vernon, Indiana facility

Fuel fabrication B&Ws Lynchburg, VA facility Control rod drive fabrication B&Ws Euclid facility Mt. Vernon, IN Lynchburg, VA Modular construction capabilities McDermotts Morgan City Vertical Integration within B&W Mt. Vernon, IN Proprietary and Confidential 14 First Plant Deployment Concept Definition Define Functional Requirements

NRC review paces project implementation Preliminary Design Latest submittal Prepare DCD NRC Review Final Design Prepare COL Application NRC Review Long-Lead Procurement Construction ITAAC 2008 Proprietary and Confidential 2009

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 15 B&W mPower Benefits Sized to customer requirements Competitive cost

Reduced risk minimum site work and supply chain Shorter schedule three-year construction Proven approach evolved PWR technology Optimized O&M four plus-year refuel cycle with partial outages Improved safety, safeguards, and security Proprietary and Confidential 16

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