Analisis Pengaruh Kejelasan Jenjang Karir, Gaji, Fasilitas ...

Analisis Pengaruh Kejelasan Jenjang Karir, Gaji, Fasilitas ...

GOODS INSPECTION A HISTORY OF QUALITY & IMPLEMENTATION POLTEK POS INDONESIA DR.IR DIAR FACHMI R CHAIDAR.,MT,CISCP 1 YEARS MILESTONE OF QUALTY MANAGEMENT CONCEPT 1911 Frederick W. Taylor publishes The Principle of Scientific Management, giving birth to such techniques as time and motion studies. 1931

Walter A. Shewart of Bell Laboratories introduces statistical quality control in his book Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Products. 2 YEARS MILESTONE OF QUALTY MANAGEMENT CONCEPT 1940 W. Edward Deming assists the U.S. Bureau of the Census in applying statistical sampling techniques 1941 W. Edward Deming joins the U.S. War Department to teach quality control techniques1950 W. Edward Deming addresses Japanese scientists, engineers and

corporate executives on the subject of quality 1951 Joseph M. Juran publishes the Quality Control Handbook 3 YEARS MILESTONE OF QUALTY MANAGEMENT CONCEPT 1961 Martin Company (later Martin-Marietta) builds a Pershing missile that has zero deffects 1970 Philip Crosby introduces the concept of zero defect 1979 Philip Crosby publishes Quality is Free

4 YEARS MILESTONE OF QUALTY MANAGEMENT CONCEPT 1980 Television documentary If Japan can... Why Cant We? Airs, giving W. Edwards Deming renewed recognition in the United States 1981 Ford Motor Company invites W. Edward Deming to speak to its top executives, which begins a rocky but productive relationship between the automaker and the quality expert 1982

W. Edward Deming publishes Quality, Productivity and Competitive Position 5 YEARS MILESTONE OF QUALTY MANAGEMENT CONCEPT 1984 Philip Crosby publishes Quality without Tears: The Art of Hassle-Free Management 1987 - U.S. Congress creates the Malcolm Baldrige national Quality Award - Motorola introduces Six Sigma Method 1988

Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci directs the U.S. Department of Defense to adopt total quality - Tom Peters writes in In Search of Excellence 6 YEARS MILESTONE OF QUALTY MANAGEMENT CONCEPT 1989 Florida Flower and Light wins Japans coveted Deming Prize, the first non- Japanese company to do so 1993 The total quality approach is widely taught in U.S. Colleges and universities

2000 The ISO 9000 standard is rewritten to incorporate total quality concepts 2001 E-commerce (information quality) and mass customization are important considerations 7 DIMENSIONS OF QUALITY Fitness for Use Customer s

Perspectiv e 8 DIMENSIONS OF QUALITY Fitness to Specification Specificationbased Perspective 9 DIMENSIONS OF QUALITY

Fitness for Use - Customers Perspective Fitness to Specification - Specification-based Perspective 10 INSPECTION IN HISTORY 1. Sistem Inspeksi (Tahun 1920-an)

Mensortir (shorting) Menyelamatkan (salvage) Tindakan korektif (corrective action) Mengidentifikasi sumber (source) ketidaksesuaian (non-conformance) 11 INSPECTION IN HISTORY 2. Sistem Pengendalian Kualitas (Tahun 1940-an) Mengembangkan manual kualitas (develop quality

manual) Data performa proses (process performance data) Pengetesan produk (testing product) Perencanaan kualitas dasar (basic quality planning) Inspeksi mandiri (self-inspection) Menggunakan statistik dasar (use of basic statistics) 12 STANDARISASI KUALITAS

3. Sistem Penjaminan Kualitas (tahun 1970-an) Perencanaan kualitas lanjut (advanced quality planning) Manual kualitas terpadu (comprehensive quality manual) Menggunakan biaya/ongkos kualitas (use of quality cost) Melibatkan operasi di luar bagian produksi (involvement of non-production operations) Pengendalian proses statistik (statistical process control) Menganalisa penyebab dan akibat (failure mode and

effect analysis) Menerapkan sistem audit 13 STANDARISASI KUALITAS 4. Sistem Manajemen Kualitas Terpadu (Total Quality Management, tahun 1970-an sekarang) Menerapkan sistem perbaikan berkelanjutan (aim for continuous improvement) Keterlibatan semua operasi (involve all operations) Melibatkan pemasok dan konsumen (involve suppliers & customers) Kerjasama tim (teamwork)

Melibatkan pekerja (employee involvement) Pengukuran performa (performance measurement 14 QUOTE OF QUALITY Philip B. Crosby Quality is Free and Zero Defects Quality is conformance to requirements

The system of quality is prevention The performance standard is zero defect The measurement of quality is the price of nonconformance 15

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