Ancient China -

Ancient China -

Start here A new A new dynasty dynasty comes to power. comes to power. The emperor The emperor reforms the govt. reforms the govt. & makes it more & makes it more

efficient. efficient. Emperor is Emperor is defeated !! defeated !! Rebel bands find Rebel bands find strong leader who strong leader who unites them. unites them. Attack the emperor. Attack the emperor.

The Dynastic Cycle Poor lose Poor lose respect for govt. respect for govt. They join rebels They join rebels & attack landlords. & attack landlords. Droughts, Droughts, floods,

floods, famines occur. famines occur. Lives of common Lives of common people improved; people improved; taxes reduced; taxes reduced; farming encouraged. farming encouraged. Problems begin Problems begin (extensive wars,

(extensive wars, invasions, etc.) invasions, etc.) Taxes increase; Taxes increase; men forced to men forced to work for army. work for army. Farming neglected. Farming neglected. Govt. increases Govt. increases spending; spending;

corruption. corruption. The Evolution of Chinese Writing during the Shang Pictograp hs SemanticPhonetics Chinese Dynasties Longest continuous history of any culture. DYNASTIES: Shang: 1700s-1100s BCE

Irrigation Systems, Calendar (fairly accurate) Qin (Chin): 200s BCE 1st Imperial dynasty, expanded into E China, ordered Great Wall built as protection. Han: 202 BC AD 220 strengthened military power Mongols overthrew the Sung around 1200, ruled until 1279 when the Chinese rebelled. Mongol expansion map After China drove the Mongols out, China limited outside influence , forbade foreign trade. Struggle for China Mao Zedong: communist

Chang Kai-Shek fought unsuccessfully to stop the communists. 5 Taiwan Chiang Kai-shek, moved govt to Taiwan (Chinese territory). Claim: Taiwan is separate from China. Conflict between these two groups (PRC & ROC) still exists today.

6 Communism in China 1st challenge: feed the peopleso govt organized land into larger farms. Man no longer dominant family member Women worked the fields. To slow the growth of population: 1 child policy. Great Leap Forward: disaster for Mao (pg 623) Cultural Revolution: chaos, closed schools, (pg 623) Intellects killed or sent to work in the countryside Tibet & The Dalai Lama (14th) Tibet: Himalayan plateau

DLs ruled Tibet 1640s 1950s. 13th DL proclaimed independence : 913. China did not accept independence. (subordinate) DL (14th) exiled, living in India. Tibetans: human rights violations by Chinese. Hong Kong & Macao One Country Two Systems Hong Kong & Macao : Special Administrative Region of China Autonomous

HONG KONG: UK territory from 1842-1997. Cosmopolitan & Highly Developed. One of most densely pop regions in world. MACAO: Former Portuguese territory Returned to China: 1999 Feudal system similar to medieval Europe. Lords fought each other. 1274-1281: united together to fight off the

Mongols Drove European invaders out in the 1600s Ja pa n Isolationist Japan Japan was closed to trade, isolated. The US wanted to open up Tokyo for: Trade Coal/refueling US ships

Impact of the 1854 Treaty Signed between Japan & US: Inflation Overthrow of Shogun & Meji restoration: restoring imperial rule, & modernizing Japan Pearl Harbor Japan: allies with Germany & Italy Dec 7, 1941: Japanese attack US Naval Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. RESULT: Brings US into WWII Atomic Bomb of

Hiroshima & Nagasaki US dropped atomic bombs on Japan: Aug 1945. Japan surrendered & was occupied & assisted in rebuilding by US forces. Japan banned nuclear armament. Korean War 1950: N. Korea, invaded S. Korea 1953: Threat of a nuclear world war ended the war at a stalemate. RESULT: Demilitarized Zone: 2.5 mile buffer zone at the 38th parallel where troops from neither side are allowed. Unique area: Endangered animals &

species thrive. Vietnam Conflict 1946-1973 Vietnam independent from France 1954 Split into North: Communist & South: pro-Western govt. US Supported the South.

China, Russia Supported the North 1973 Last of the US troops pulled out of Vietnam. North and South Vietnam reunified as a communist state 1975. Pol Pot & The Killing Fields: 1975-1979 Killing Fields: mass graves in Cambodia where people were killed/starved & buried by the Khmer Rouge regime during its rule from 19751979. Leader was Pol Pot.

Goal: form a Communist peasant farming society. Foreigners expelled, & Cambodia was sealed off from the outside world.

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