Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Bellringer You have 25 minutes to complete your Mythology Poster and Synopsis Objective: SWBAT describe the evolution of

democracy in Athens and anticipate effects of this evolution in todays world BJOTD: Why do bees have sticky hair? Mythology Discussion Questions

Turn your paper into the black bin by Sean Be able to answer these questions:

What is Greek mythology? Who were some of the major gods and what were they the gods/goddesses of? What purpose does Greek mythology serve? Ancient Greece The Rise of the City-State, Athens vs. Sparta

Early City-states Polis: same as city-state (city and surrounding countryside) Polis

had 2 purposes: Promoting civic participation Promoting commercial/business life Agora City-center/business Place

for discussion district Acropolis Fortified area of city Used for defense Place for royalty,

women, children to hide during war Athens vs. Sparta Athens - Geography

Attica (Just north of Peloponnesus) Athens - Economy Extensive Exported wine and olive oil

Athens - Education Boys from wealthy families attended school Reading, writing, music, and poetry Goal excellent public speakers (voice their views about democracy) Military training

Athens - Government Political and Social Change Aristocracy to Tyranny Farmers borrowed money from aristocrats (pledged land as security) Many farmers could not repay loans lost

land and became sharecroppers or day laborers in the cities (some sold themselves into slavery) Foreign artisans, who supported Athens's economy, were denied citizenship by the government. Political and Social Change Aristocracy to Tyranny

Merchants and soldiers resented the power of the nobles Common people had no voice in the government (aristocracy controlled it all) Tyranny - Reformers Draco

Written code of laws (took away power from aristocrats to dictate what was legal and what was not) Tyranny - Reformers Democracy Direct

Democracy speak on your own behalf Citizenship 1. Male 2. Free 3. Athenian 4. Adult

Duties of citizenship participate in government (speak up), military service, taxes Sparta - Geography Peloponnesus (Southern part of

Greece) Sparta - Economy Limited Spartans looked down on trade and wealth Spartans were not allowed to travel might pick up new ideas that could be dangerous to

the stability of the state Foreigners were discouraged from visiting Sparta Sparta - Education Focused on military training and obedience to

authority Boys were taken from their mothers at the age of 7 and put under the control of the state They lived in quasi-military barracks where they were subject to harsh discipline At 20, Spartan males were enrolled in the army for regular military service Sparta - Education

At 30, Spartan males were recognized as mature and allowed to vote in the assembly and live at home While their husbands lived in the barracks, Spartan women lived at home had greater freedom of movement and greater power in the household than other women in Greece

Women encouraged to exercise and remain fit to bear and raise healthy children Sparta - Education Discouraged the study of philosophy, literature, or the arts subjects that might encourage new thoughts

Sparta Government Oligarchy 2 Kings responsible for military affairs and served as the supreme priests within the state religion The kings shared power with the Gerousia, a

council of elders Gerousia consisted of 28 citizens over the age of 60, who were elected for life, and the two kings Sparta Government prepare proposals that would be presented to the apella, an assembly of male citizens (only voted on proposals no

debate) Assembly elected the Gerousia and the Ephors, a group of 5 men who were responsible for supervising the education of youth and the conduct of all citizens Gerousia

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