And of clay are we created

And of clay are we created

McDougal Littell : LITERATURE UNIT 5. Why Write? Authors Purpose Authors Purpose The writers reason for crafting a particular work (can be

known by the phrases the author uses) to inform, to entertain, to persuade, to express thoughts or feelings, to teach the reader Ex) To alarm the reader use statistics to describe a disaster Authors ThePerspective unique combination of ideas, values, and beliefs that influences the way a writer looks at a topic (can be known by the words and phrases the author use, or is

shown in direct sentences) Journals and reports do not intentionally broadcast their values (Journalists: ONLY report FACTS) Essays and speeches: express their beliefs in a subtle ELEMENTS OF LITERATURE Tone: expression of the writers at titude toward a subject Diction=Syntax: word choice and the arrangement of those words

Classification: sort ideas or object s into groups that share common characteristics ELEMENTS OF LITERATURE Monitoring: check your understan ding as you read and adjusting th e reading strategies to improve co mprehension Imagery: words or phrases that re create sensory experiences

Poetry Fiction Media Nonfiction Minju ng Dohy un EunS


Author: Russell Baker Inanimate Objects The Ultimate Goal: To RESIST man and to defeat human Those Those Those that break down

Those that get lost Those that dont work Those that

break down Break down at the moment when it is most needed Ex) automobile breaks down in the street intersection during the rush hour / when fully loaded with luggage on a family trip Creates maximum misery, inconvenience, frustration and irritability (washing machines, lawn mowers, tape recorders etc.) Those that get lost

Objects have developed a secret method of locomotion able to hide away from the sight of a human Raises the owners blood pressure Ex) Womens wallet get lost and then found under a couch six or seven rooms away (wallets, keys, pliers etc.) Those that dont work Work once, usually for the first few hours after being brought home, and then never work again

Defeated man by making man never to expect anything of them Ex) We do not expect the toy train to work after it has stopped working Things that dont work defeated man by making them give up, whereas things that break down and get lost has made (barometers, toy trains, flashlights, lighters etc.)

Humorous Essay? Complicated words and sentence structure (suitable for a scientific paper) subject matter is related to our everyday lives. contrast between his eleva tyle and the everyday topic creates a humorous tone

MS30213 EunSeo Lee MEDIAAAAAAAAH News Reports Reliability and usefulness bout Twister Tendencie News Reports

Credibility the believability and trustworthiness of s ource and report Which URL? The webmaster

Purpose and detail Date, time, source, facts, links News outlet, anchor, field Purpose, fact, statistics Sources, experts Web Report News Report

Questions to ask about News Report Comprehension Summarize and clarify Media Literacy Analyze credibility Make judgements Compare types of sources

Compare credibility MS30206 Dohyun Park FICTIONNNNNNN AND OF CLAY ARE AUTHOR: Isabel Allende Writes about PASSIONATE LIVES Born in a Chilean family w/ politica l ties

1970s Exile into U.S. "Allende can spin a funny, sensual yarn, but she can also use her narrative skills to remind us that para llel to our placid and comfortable existence is anot her, invisible universe, one where poverty, misery and torture are all too real." -Patricia Hart, The Nation PLOT Narrator is Rolf Carles lover and com panion, telling her & Rolfs own exper

ience of saving the girl Geologists, aware of the coming volc anic eruption, set up seismological e quipment Inhabitants under the volcanic area d id not believe the geologists and did not want to change their lives. PLOT ERUPTION Rolf tried to rescue Azucena, meanin

g Lily. Azucena could not breathe or move i n the mud. Rolfs lover, the narrator, in vain aske d high officials for help. PLOT As Rolf sang an Austrian song, he re membered his sore experience of bei ng led by the Russians and his brutal father.

He suddenly remembered his sister K atherena whom he had abandoned a nd felt love for Azucena. PLOT President of Republic promises Rolf t hat Azucena will be saved; indeed, sh e is. As her life fades away, Rolf feels prim al love for Azucena, more than for his own family or even the narrator.

Rolf and the narrator often goes to pl ace where they found Azucena and f eels the footage. Dramatic finding of Azucena Rolfs remembrance of his past Rolf&Narrators Praying for

endless efforts to Azucenas save Azucena peaceful death ERUPTION Geologists predict the volcanic eruption Rolf&Narrators normal life

AUTHORS PURPOSE Allende was inspired by a TV ne ws about Omaira Sanchez. I was communicate finally able to decipher the message in y and the

meanin those intense black eyes: patience, courag ofe,Azucena's life and resignation, dignity in the face death of death (Quote by Allende, when her daughter died)

we are all forced to confront our own suffering and the way that we have repressed it in our MS30202 MinJung Kim POETRYYYYYYY Peruvian child By Pat Mora

Pat Mora Pat Mora A Chicana author kn own primarily for her poetry and children s books. Cultural preservation ist She whispered to the doll with no face, Smoothed the red and blue scraps

Of cloth on the path, ironed them with her h and, Wrapped and re-wrapped the doll, hair Mud-tangled as the childs, and the dogs And the llamas that followed the childs Small bare feet after she bundled the doll In the striped manta on her back Descriptive language Peruvian Child

Still in the middle of my path is the Child With no smile who stared at us. Her eyes Even then the eyes of women who sell chick ens And onions in outdoor markets. The women Who stare at us as if we are guards. Mood : fear Figurative language The matted group stood by the edge of the spr

ing Watching us drink clear, holy water of the Inca , A fountain of youth, our guide said. We wanted, as usual, to hold a picture Of the child in a white border, not to hold her Mud-crusted hands or feet or face, irony Not to hold her, the child in our arms. Analysis


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