Animal Science/Dairy Science 434 - University of Wisconsin

Animal Science/Dairy Science 434 Reproductive Physiology Introduction and Course Structure Fall 2019 Dr. John J Parrish Bachelor of Science

Animal Science Species Swine Cattle Campus Activities Milk processing Swine farm Alpha Gamma Rho

Cornell University State of New York Ph.D. Animal Science Male Fertility Species

Cattle, Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Dogs, Humans Post Doc. Animal Science In Vitro Fertilization

Faculty Animal Science Species Cattle, Swine, Horses, Water Buffalo, Humans, Chickens, Turkeys

Male Reproduction (40+ years) Semen evaluation Fertility Prediction In vitro fertilization Sperm capacitation

Quantitative image analysis of sperm Species of Males Large Animal Bull, stallion, ram, boar, water buffalo, human

Small Animal Dog, rabbit, mouse, hamster, guinnea pig Avian Rooster, turkey Special 2019 Information

Lectures Podcast only Recorded in 2017, 2018 or 2019. Dr. Parrish is available in person during lab or via email. Information comes via lecture,

email and Canvas. Instructors John J. Parrish (Professor) Responsible for entire course Jodi Berndtson (Lab TA, Course

coordinator) Contact information in Course Website Laboratories Labs (sections 301 and 303) Planned for 2 hr may last 2.5 hr so plan ahead

Lab involves work with tissue and animals. Bring appropriate cloths Will be covered more in lab. Text (Required) Pathways to Pregnancy and

Parturition Third Edition P.L. Senger UW Bookstore, Amazon E-book ($100) from publisher Library (not on reserve) Read assigned chapters

before viewing lecture Specific edition guaranteed OK for exams! Canvas Course Management Software All material and submissions can be accessed via canvas Some material is in a Animal

Science Website or Kaltura but seamless access is via canvas. 434 Web Site Modifications Both Canvas and Course Content Website Updates may occur multiple times/day. Lecture Material

Lecture in course content website Nav Bar Chapters in Text Outlines Powerpoint ppt or pptx file PDF slide handout (6 slides/page) Video/animations Kaltura/Podcast - Streaming video, UW

service Effort and Difficulty Credit hours are met by 135 hours of interaction with course material over the semester Includes lecture, lab, projects, outside of class animal time, lab write-ups, study time. Average is 9 hours/week.

Intermediate course and so is involved. Dairy and Animal Science Students One of the most difficult in your majors Grading See Syllabus!

Overall Philosophy Course is organized to educate you. Learning objectives and outcomes are specified Lecture and Lab are linked. A variety of learning approaches are used.

The course is intended to challenge you and you must work to succeed. Overall Philosophy (cont.) Get your moneys worth; extrapolate and integrate. This is how you succeed!

Memorization does not lead to success in life! Must engage with course material Overall Philosophy (cont.)

What soft skills did you gain in this course? These are what employers are looking for!!!!

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