antithesis -

antithesis -

1. antithesis: a direct opposite, a contrast Synonym: different Sentence: Lord Voldemort is the antithesis of Harry Potter. 2. ascend (uh SEND): to move upward, to rise from a lower station Synonym: climb, rise

Sentence: After hours of studying, the student ascended to the top 10% of the sophomore class. 3. austere (aw STEER): strict, stern; unadorned, Synonym ascetic:

severe Sentence: Ms. Brauneis austere expectations helped her students prepare for their junior year. 4. autonomous (aw TON uh muhs): independent, selfcontained

Synonym: independent Sentence: The autonomous college student paid for his books for class through hard work instead of with money from his parents. 5. Banal

: (BANE ul,) common, ordinary, lacking freshness, Synonyms: inane, hackneyed insipid, jejune, vapid

Sentence: The banal house was given last place in the neighborhoods Halloween decorating contest. 6. benign (buh NINE) : not causing harm,

of gentle disposition, beneficial Synonym: innocent; safe Sentence: The minister was loved because of his benign attitude toward all types of people. 7. capricious (kuh PRISH us) :

changing suddenly, fickle Synonyms: inconstant, mercurial, unstable Sentence: Her capricious moods are difficult to anticipate. 8. dawdle (DOD ul): to waste time, to spend time idly, to move in a

lackadaisical manner Sentence: Since we have a deadline, do not dawdle over your work. Synonyms: linger dillydally 9. defamation (def uh MAY shun):

act of harming or ruining another's reputation Sentence: The defamation of another's character is a horrible thing. Synonyms: insult slur smear

10. esoteric (es uh TER ik): understood only by a small group or a select few Synonym: obscure, mysterious Sentence: The English teachers were having an esoteric discussion about the correct usage of Oxford commas.

11. exacerbate (ig ZAS ur bate): to aggravate, to irritate, to vex Synonym: bitter Sentence: The teacher was exacerbated by the students lack of effort in their work.

12. extol glorify (ik STOLE): to praise, to Sentence: The teacher would always extol the students who did their best.

Synonym: Praise, exalt, commend 13. fastidious (fa STID ee us): reflecting a meticulous or demanding attitude, critical to an extreme Synonym: finicky Sentence: He considered her fastidious because she was offended by

insignificant mistakes or errors. New Cat Food! 14. furtive (FUR tiv): secret in an underhanded way, stealthy Synonym: covert, stealthy, underhanded Sentence: Gru plans to steal the moon in a furtive manner.

15. gregarious (greh GAR ee us): sociable and outgoing Synonym: extroverted Sentence: He became much more gregarious after he developed an

interest in football. 16. hypocrite (HIP uh krit): one who is insincere or deceitful Sentence: Saying one thing and then doing the other is the mark of a hypocrite. Synonym: fraud, phony

17. innate (eh NATE): existing from birth, inborn Synonym: natural, built-in Sentence: Wolverines

inability to die is an innate quality that he holds. 18. lethargic (luh THAR jik): sluggish, languid Synonym: lackluster, torpid Sentence: Malfoy was lethargic after too many glasses of pumpkin juice.

19. melancholy un kol ee): (MEL depression of spirits Synonym: sadness Sentence: Harry Potter fell into a

state of melancholy after Cedric Diggory died. 20. opaque (oh PAKE): not allowing the passage of light, not transparent; hard to understand Synonyms: cloudy, muddy Sentence: The opaque tights hid the girls scars.

21. Prolific (pro LIF ik): abundantly fruitful, marked by great productivity Synonym: fertile Sentence: His prolific career resulted in an abundant supply of money. 22. Reprove (reh PROOV): to scold or to rebuke for a misdeed usually with

kindly intent Synonym: admonish, rebuke, reproach Sentence: The Doctor reproved the patient for not taking better care of himself. 23. Symmetry: balanced proportions Synonym: eveness, proportion

Sentence: The symmetry of the gardens of Versailles creates a beautiful and balanced atmosphere. 24. Tranquil (trang kwul): peaceful, calm Synonym: placid, serene Sentence: I noticed the lake was very tranquil as I watched the sunrise.

25. Venerate (VEN uh rate): to honor, to revere Synonym: adore, worship Sentence: The King was venerated by his subjects, as they always bowed in praise of him.

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