AP Capstone Seminar Information Night September 22, 2016

AP Capstone Seminar Information Night September 22, 2016

AP Capstone Seminar Information Night September 22, 2016 AP Capstone: A Paradigm Shift from Content to Skills AP Seminar Course Description The course is designed to teach the skills necessary to understand and produce evidence-based arguments in a variety of methods. Students investigate real-world issues from multiple perspectives, gathering and analyzing information from various sources in order to develop credible and valid evidencebased arguments. The course uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore complex questions using diverse perspectives and points of view. The skills practiced in the course will be assessed throughout by such things as: College level Individual Team reading and research research writing skills presentations presentations examinations

Question and Explore: Students will examine complex, real world themes such as power, intelligence, and ethics through scientific, political, economic, environmental, historical, ethical, cultural, social and futuristic lenses that reflect interdisciplinary interests. Understand and Analyze: Students will practice understanding and analyzing arguments in a variety of formats including text, art, speech and performance to determine context, logic and purpose. Evaluate Multiple Perspectives: Students will consider different ways of examining complex ideas in order to understand a variety of points of view to develop a better understanding of the subject. Synthesize Ideas: Students will conduct their own research and build their own arguments on complex ideas and themes that are discussed in class using various lenses to practice critical thinking skills, and writing and presentation methods. Team, Transform, and Transmit: Students will work together to build, and communicate arguments. How is a Students College Board AP Score Determined? The College Boards exam fee for AP Seminar is $139 Performance Task 1 December 19 February 7 20% of Final AP Score Performance Task 2 February 8 April 21 35% of final AP score

End-of-Course Exam 2-hour exam on May 4, 2017 45% of Final AP Score Individual Research Report (IRR) and Team Multimedia Presentation and Defense (TMP) Individual Written Argument (IWA) and Individual Multimedia Presentation and Defense (IMP) Part A Students are asked to analyze an argument using evidence 30% of total 45% Individual Research Report (1200 words) 50% of the total 20% Due February 1 Team Multimedia Presentation and Defense

(8 10 minutes, plus oral defense questions) 50% of the total 20% February 2 February 7 Individual Written Argument (2,000 words) 70% of total 35% Due April 5 Individual Multimedia Presentation (6 8 minutes) 20% of the total 35% Presentations will be April 20 21 Two Oral Defense Questions on Individual Multimedia Presentation: 10% of the total 35% Part B Students are asked to build their own arguments using at least two of the four provided sources 70% of total 45% The Role of AP Seminar Teachers

The College Board has clearly defined the role of the teacher in preparing students for their AP Seminar Performance Tasks. Before Performance Tasks 1 and 2 have begun, teachers should: Make students aware of task components, requirements, deadlines, and scoring criteria Provide generic sample questions for research, discussion, and oral defense Conduct class instruction on the skills required for the performance tasks while working on their research and presentations Share rubrics with students Encourage peer review and editing Once Performance Tasks 1 and 2 have begun, teachers may not: Assign, provide, distribute or generate research questions for students Conduct or provide research articles, or evidence for students Write, revise, amend, or correct students work Give specific, directive feedback to individual students Identify specific questions for oral defense that students will be asked during their AP Seminar Classroom Grading Policy Students final course average will be determined by the four quarter averages (22% per quarter) and a January midterm examination (12%).

Assessments: 35% Assessments will reflect the format and rigor of the AP Seminar end-ofcourse exam. These exams will vary in length and structure and will be announced in advance. Projects: 50 % Projects will reflect the skills and practices required for the College Boards Performance Tasks. Both individual and team projects will be assigned throughout the year. Grades on these projects will assess both process and final product. Homework and Preparedness: 15% Various tasks will be

assigned which are a necessary part of the learning process. Student preparedness will be assessed based on completion of all assigned tasks. English 10 Required Texts Kafka, Franz, and Stanley Corngold. The Metamorphosis. Toronto: Bantam, 1986. Print. Shea, Renee H, et al. Advanced Language & Literature: For Honors and Pre-AP English Courses. New York: Bedford Books St Martin's, 2016. Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: Coward-McCann, 1962. Print. Shakespeare, William, John Dover Wilson, and Bruce Rogers. Macbeth. Cambridge: U, 1947. Print. Social Studies 11 / 12 Required Texts Dweck, C. (2006). Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Random House. Goleman, D. (2006). Emotional Intelligence. Bantam. Gladwell, M. (2008). Outliers: The Story of Success. New York. Academic Integrity

According to the College Board, the students individual voice should be clearly evident, and the ideas of others must be acknowledged, attributed, and/or cited using a variety of methods that will be practiced during the course. Please be mindful of the fact that this class demands academic collaboration, however there is a difference between collaboration and plagiarism. PLAGIARISM COLLABORATION Collaboration is the discussion of material and assignments for the purpose of attaining clarification and producing deeper insight. When collaborating, all explanations and answers should reflect ones own thinking and ideas. Plagiarism is the division of the assignment designed to limit how much work one student must do; it is also the acquirement

or providing of ones individual work to be replicated by another. A student who fails to acknowledge the source or author of any and all In AP Seminar, a team of students that information or evidence taken from the fails to properly acknowledge sources or work of someone else through citation, authors on the Team Multimedia attribution or reference in the body of Presentation will receive a group score of the work, or through a bibliographic 0 for that component of the Team Project entry, will receive a score of 0 on that and Presentation. AP Capstone Policy component of the AP Seminar particular on Plagiarism and Performance Task. Falsification or Fabrication of Information In AP Seminar, a team of students that A student who incorporates falsified or

incorporates falsified or fabricated fabricated information (e.g. evidence, information in the Team Multimedia data, sources, and/or authors) will Presentation will receive a group score of receive a score of 0 on that particular 0 for that component of the Team Project component of the AP Seminar and Presentation. Performance Task. Course Expectations Attendance is an essential component of AP Seminar. Students cannot make up class discussions and activities by simply reading the text Effective collaboration is a necessity. Always respect yourself and others. Always act in a way that allows all students an equal opportunity to learn. Always be tolerant of the opinions of your classmates. Strong time management skills are critical. Deadlines are communicated in advance. Plan accordingly in order to complete all assigned tasks. Consider your

other academic obligations, co and extra-curricular activities, as well your commitments outside of school. POBJFK Students Explain What AP Capstone is an influential phenomenon that challenges and stimulates students to think above and beyond their preconceived notions a way to teach your brain to look at the world in a whole new lens a course that will make you step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to your full potential a class where you not only develop research skills and techniques, but you build a

community of curious and persistent students an excellent way to learn vital abilities to assist you not only in college, but for the rest of your life an avenue to question conventional problem solving skills and create solutions to unexplored problems in cooperation with our peers

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