AP European History Class Procedures

AP European History Class Procedures

AP European History Class Procedures Daniel W. Blackmon Coral Gables Senior High Revised 2012-2013

AP European History is designed to: prepare students for the AP examination in May provide students with a solid foundation for the two year IB History program foster the research, writing, and analytical skills required for successful collegiate work encourage students to examine their world,

past and present, critically, constructively, and intelligently AP European History Tests, papers, assignments, and grading will, to the greatest extent possible, imitate the AP examinations themselves.

AP European History While in class, students will work on European history, and only European history. Work from other classes will be confiscated and destroyed! And, of course, a daily/quiz grade of "F" will be assigned. Sleeping or general

inattentiveness will be penalized by a daily grade "F". There will never be any "free" time or "free" days! AP European History Students are expected to complete each and every assignment given during a grading

period! All assignments given in this course are purposeful; AP European History I abhor "busy work" and I evaluate every assignment by whether or not it contributes to preparing students for the examinations

AP European History : Students are expected to complete each and every assignment given during a grading period! AP European History :

Failure to complete an assignment will adversely affect the weekly participation grade. Uniform Policy I intend to enforce the school uniform policy I intend to enforce the school ID policy

Attendance All school policies pertaining to excused or unsatisfactory absences will be strictly enforced! Attendance

.Students are reminded that a total of 10 unsatisfactory absences over the course of the entire school year may result in a final grade of "No Credit", as per School Board policy. Attendance Please recall that, when a student is marked

Absent, the default Attendance Code is U2Unexcused Block Class That means two unexcused absences. Attendance I have to manually change the U2 to A2 (Excused Block Class) and that means that it is

important for you to give me your note from the office. Attendance Poor attendance is the fastest way to fail this course!

Attendance It is the student's responsibility to keep track of how many absences, satisfactory or otherwise, which he or she has. Attendance Any assignment due or written on a day when

a student is unsatisfactorily absent will be counted as an "Z." No make up will be permitted. Tardies "Tardy" is defined as not being in one's own seat and ready to begin work when the tardy

bell begins to ring. Each and every unexcused tardy will result in: a letter grade cut in conduct a weekly participation quiz grade of "F" Make Up Work

Make-up work is ENTIRELY the student's responsibility! Make Up Work Class notes which are not already on the class website should be obtained from another student. Assignments should be obtained from another

student or from me upon the student's return to class or from the class website. This is especially important in the case of take-home essays. Make Up Work If the absence is satisfactory, and when the assignment is made up, then the Z will be

changed to whatever grade is earned. Assignments due the day of an absence are due upon the student's return to class. Make Up Work If a student is in school at any time during the day when an assignment is due, the

student is expected to bring the assignment by before leaving school.\ Make Up Work Tests must be made up on the next make up day following a student's return to class, unless specific arrangements with me have

been made in advance. Make Up Work A job or extra-curricular activities are not legitimate reasons to miss a make-up day. Typically, one day per week will be designated for make-up tests after school. If you can't

attend my make-up day, you must make prior special arrangements with me. Make Up Work Failure to make up an assignment will adversely affect the weekly participation grade.

Preparation Each student must keep a three ring binder with at least three sub-divisions: Class Notes, Handouts and Homework. Preparation

The Class Notes section will contain each days class notes. Using the Cornell Notes System is strongly recommended!! The section should always have a sufficiency of loose leaf paper for in-class assignments. \ Preparation

Each days notes shall be dated. Class notes are subject to teacher review and may be graded. Preparation The Handouts section will contain any and all hard copy handouts that I distribute. This

would include a print out of a hand out from my class website Preparation Owing to shortages of paper in the building, many if not most hand-outs will be available to students only from the website. Students

may choose to access them in class via an electronic device. Preparation Regardless of which method used, students must be able to access any relevant class handout in class.

Preparation It is, of course, remotely possible that a student might be accessing an electronic device (such as an iPhone) but is not using my website. (Gasp! No, Mr. Blackmon! Not OUR students!)\

Preparation Should I discover that a student is wasting class time and attention on some other site than the school site, I shall regard that as both an academic and a disciplinary offense.

Preparation The Homework Section will contain all reading comprehension and other homework assignments. Preparation Students are expected to have read all

assignments in a timely fashion Preparation All assignments written in class and handed in must be in blue or black ink. All assignments written at home must be typed and must follow MLA style.

Preparation Work completed in pencil will not be graded at all! This is not a whim. Pencil is extremely difficult for me to read. Preparation

Assignments not in MLA style will not be read at all! No excuses, and no second chances. If you cant remember MLA, create a template for yourself. Classroom Rules I generally allow students to sit where they

wish prior to making my seating chart. But in the end, the seating chart belongs to me. Classroom Rules Courteous language is to be used at all times. Vulgar, obscene, profane, insulting, or provocative language is not to be used

Classroom Rules Cards are strictly forbidden. Classroom Rules Generally speaking, I will tolerate food and / or drink so long as students clean up after

themselves Academic Grades The Dade County grading scale is: .4.00-3.50=A .3.49-2.50=B .2.49-1.50=C

.1.49-1.00=D . .99-0.00=F Academic Grades Grades will be calculated using summation percentage taken out to two significant digits.

Academic Grades Essays will be graded using the 9 point rubrics employed by the College Board for AP European History Examiners. Academic Grades Document based questions will be marked

according to the 9 point Core Marking rubric used by the College Board for AP European History document questions. Academic Grades Both scale swill translate into letter grades as follows:

9-8 A 7-6 B

5-4 C 3-2 D 1-0

F Academic Grades Objective tests and quizzes are marked on the scale given below: 100-90=A

89-80=B 79-70=C 69-60=D

59=F Academic Grades Assignments will be weighted to reflect their importance or the skill level required. Typically, a quiz is weighted at (W=1), weekly participation grades are (W=1). Essay

examinations are typically (W=3) and DBQs are typically (W=6) Academic Grades Spelling, grammar and other mechanical errors are generally ignored by Readers on the examination unless those errors interfere with

understanding what is written. Academic Grades This will be true for the method by which I read in-class assignments. An in-class assignment is, in effect, a rough draft.

Academic Grades However, any assignment written or completed at home should be checked for grammar and spelling. Papers that appear to have been written by an illiterate will be penalized.

Academic Grades Work that is handed in late will be penalized one letter grade for each day late. Work that is more than four days late will not be accepted. Participation Grade

There will be a weekly participation grade weighted as 1 (W=1) given on the last day of each week. Participation Grade My default participation grade is A. A Z in the grade book for any assignment will

result in an F in participation until and unless the work is made up An unexcused absence will result in an F Participation Grade An unexcused tardy may result in an F Chronic unexcused tardies will result in an F.

A disciplinary issue, as indicated by a note in the grade book, will result in an F. Over-riding a Grade Sustained, consistent improvement over the course of the year is the basis for all decisions on teacher over-ride of a grade.

I have a strong preference for making such decisions only at the end of the year. Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism I take malpractice of any kind on any assignment of any magnitude whatsoever very seriously. Malpractice is the most serious

offense a student can commit in IB History Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism Society cannot continue to function if there is not some basis of trust among those who live within that society.

Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism Academic integrity is the foundation for the search for truth. Without it, scholarship is unreliable and our confidence in what is true is profoundly undermined. Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism

Ultimately, academic integrity must arise within the individual scholar; admonitions for right behavior, and punishments and threats for bad behavior are of limited use Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism No society can be held together indefinitely

purely by threats of force. Without a shared value system, a society will collapse Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism Students who take this course have already demonstrated, by that choice, that they are intelligent, and ambitious.

I assume that they are also responsible and mature young men and women, who are fully capable of making their own ethical decisions and of standing by the consequences of those decisions. Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism

To the extent that the laws of the State of Florida and the rules of the Dade County School Board and of Coral Gables High permit me, I intend to treat my students as responsible young men and women. I believe that my students are capable of practicing a form of the honor code.

Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism At the end of each test, exam, essay, document based question, or other written assignment, students will write, "On my honor, I have neither given nor received assistance on this paper," and they will sign

their name Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism What IB calls "malpractice" that is, any form of cheating, which includes plagiarism (which includes submitting work that is not your own either in

direct or indirect quotation, or false or incorrect citations, or work copied from another student) will result in an automatic "F" on all components of a grade. Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism Please refer to the handout Definitions of

Malpractice which will be posted on my page on the school website.. I expect each student to familiarize himself or herself with the definition and examples given therein. Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism Ignorance is not an excuse, nor is lack of

intent to deceive Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism Malpractice on an assignment that forms a component of the final IB mark (such as an Internal Assessment, a Prescribed Essay or Extended Essay) is grounds for being exited

from the program. Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism Malpractice will be penalized by an "F" on the assignment. and a "D" in conduct for the term for the first offense.

Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism For a second offense (regardless of the marking period), the student will receive a failing grade for the term in both academics and conduct. Malpractice, cheating and plagiarism

All instances of Malpractice will automatically be referred to the IB Coordinator Conduct Grades IB students do not misbehave in class. I expect very good conduct grades.

Conduct Grades The usual reason for conduct grades lower than "A" are unsatisfactory absences or tardies to class Two unsatisfactory tardies will lower the conduct grade by one letter

Each unsatisfactory absence will lower the conduct grade by one letter. Substitutes Substitutes will be supported 100% They will never be second-guessed. A substitute's word is law.

Roll will be taken from the seating chart. Students not in their proper seats will be marked absent The End

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